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"Dr. No" Doesn’t Say No To Spending In His District

The physician and GOP presidential candidate has requested earmarks for about 50 items, largely for water projects. Aide Tom Lizardo says Paul always asked for spending for his district in response to local government requests. Paul feels it's up

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Comment by Josh Mallman
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Sorry for being off topic, but has anyone heard from Philly Dave, aka, Dave Gallagher lately? He has an excellent blog,, which he updated and posted on daily. But just out of the blue it has no updates and has just been collecting cobwebs for over a week now. I've emailed him twice, and no response. I can't imagine him just going awol and not saying something--this is really weird. Does anyone know anything?

Comment by Fascist Nation
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See how evil this man is?

First it was revealed he flew back from the second debate "first class" using his frequent flier miles. That elitist pig!

Then it was revealed he had his sister on paid staff to his campaign. The nepotist despot!!

Now we see him fulfilling federal funding requests from local government agencies in his district to maintain clean water. That porking tool!!!!

Thank god I have clean, honest, and good candidates to choose from over this corrupt abomination.

Oh, wait....