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'They sold out the world for an F-16 sale'

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Onetime CIA analyst alleges Cheney, Libby lied to Congress about Pakistani nukes

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So what?
American`s are too ignorant,weak,greedy,cowardly and stupid to do anything about it.
bush is one of the most dishonest and horrible person to live on earth.He lies every time he opens his mouth.He has never done anything on his own.He has been fired from every job Poppy bush got for him.He lied to and stole millions from the people of Arlington TX.He lied about the war.He covers up for cheany and Roe and anyone else that is part of his plan to destroy America.
He lies about the boarder.He lies about the NAU/SPP.
He lies about everything and he is killing our country,and what are Americans doing about it....Not a dam thing.Americans are cowards and Americans parents DO NOT LOVE THEIR CHILDREN.America is doomed and Americans do not have brains nor the guts to save it.
Did you see "American Idol" tonight?