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2024-01-26 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Trent Larson (MP3&4)

Trent Larson (software engineer) on Building a Gifting Society (Lives of Giving), and documenting land rights using blockchain
Media Type: Audio • Time: 139 Minutes and 2 Secs
Guests: Trent Larson, ,
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Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 139 Minutes and 2 Secs
Guests: Trent Larson, ,
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Hour 1 - 3 Video


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1 - Trent Larson (software engineer) on Building a Gifting Society (Lives of Giving), and documenting land rights using blockchain



Trent Larson

Trent Larson earned his computer science PhD in 2002, then went to write software for industry. In 2014 he helped establish Medici Ventures, creating a cryptocurrency-based stock exchange. Now he documents land rights with blockchain and secures identities with cryptography. Six years ago, he founded the Bountiful Voluntaryist Community with weekly meetings and other liberty-oriented activities, and he is working for the future with Lives of Giving

Webpages: - recording gratitude and building community - the umbrella project

5 years of confirmed attendance by dozens of people at the Bountiful Voluntaryist Community -


1. Lives of Giving -

Building a Gifting Society, in Ways that Fulfill Us

To begin with our tools immediately, recognize regularly the gifts you're already given.

Then, to get involved in deeper development:


PhilosophyIt starts with vision.

Picture a world of cooperation and loving-kindness... a place where we are able to achieve our highest potential. Seriously: close your eyes, pause for just 3 breaths, and imagine that world.

Now that you've seen it in your mind: do you believe we can get there?

If so, you're already working on it, so let's recognize and celebrate that! Everyone already gives what that can to their favorite people or causes. We honor every bit that is given freely. Whereas many people interact by carefully guarding their time and money with measurements and trade, let's give unconditionally to people in that future world.

The plan is straightforward.

First, keep that future in mind. We'll only get there if it's in our sights.

• That cannot be emphasized enough! It's easy to lose sight of our ideals as we deal with everyday needs and with the people immediately around us. Part of our work is focused on the focus, keeping our highest goals in our sights. You might call it a spiritual creation since it's only in our minds... today.

Now we invest our extra time and energy and money by giving them away, freely, until that dominates money.

• Life's grandest rewards come from gifts without conditions, and without any expectation of return. We emphasize those rewards... and we aim to replace today's today's scarcity mindsets with systems that encourage even more giving, starving out extractive institutions. Let's build a gifting economy.


We start now, wherever we are in life and in the world.

In terms of action:

• Raise awareness of what is already being given: expand the "want" questions above to get started.

• One goal is to supply someone's basic needs entirely with gifts, so if you're interested in the mechanics of that long-term project then reach out to us.

• Find what will give you the most satisfaction: we suggest below some places to reach out even further if you are still looking for that project that excites you. (Plus, future app features will help advertise projects and interests.)

Is it even possible?

This isn't merely philosophy or fun ideas: communities have lived this way before, and simple bad social leadership has pushed us into a world where we live with high levels of indebtedness and uncertainty. We will refocus. We will practice this wherever we live, whether in the most cooperative community or in the staunchest totalitarian or capitalist societies... in any situation, we will increase joy in the world and invest in our future. Hearts are the only way to change the world permanently; no outside-in or system-oriented approach can.

There is a future where we humans live such that our struggles are for achievement, self-mastery, and love... there are no more fear-based reactions, there is no more violence, even in the face of natural catastrophes. This is one ingredient to attaining that future. This is an essential part of any religious or political or economic approach that leads to a fulfilling life and enlightened society. And it works well with all the other great initiatives pushing along this path.


What are the gifts you're offering?

Let's celebrate & expand them!

2. More about Trent...

My most active projects:

• Lives of Giving

• Community-based credentials and verification,
privately or publicly: for everyone,
and a mobile app and site for selectively sharing credentials.

• Sharing histories and genealogies, privately or publicly:,
and an app to browse selectively-shared
genealogies and histories

• Distributed projects: an app to browse projects
from anywhere

• Bountiful Voluntaryist Community

Follow what I'm doing:

• join programming projects

• lurk on Facebook

• read thoughts meaningful, social, or tech &c

• view what books I want

• scan tweets

Help with Patch Adams' hospital.

Email or connect at LinkedIn.


Letters of Marque Paperback


Letters of Marque Paperback – September 25, 2018

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"The Crown calls it 'piracy' to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come to define the conduct among pirates." Captain Marque

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