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2023-04-05 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Dr. Melanie R Icard and Rev. Nathan Kohlerman - MP3&4

Dr. Melanie R Icard and Rev. Nathan Kohlerman come on the show to talk about Ketamine and how it is proven to be one of the three most effective treatment of PTSD (Ceremonial Ketamine Therapy/Butterfly Holistic Center; Phoenix, AZ)
Media Type: Audio • Time: 95 Minutes and 22 Secs

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 95 Minutes and 22 Secs


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1 - Dr. Melanie R Icard and Rev. Nathan Kohlerman come on the show to talk about Ketamine and how it is proven to be one of the three most effective treatment of PTSD (Ceremonial Ketamine Therapy/Butterfly Holistic Center; Phoenix, AZ). 480-599-8370



Dr. Melanie Icard and Rev Nathan Kohlerman

Ceremonial Ketamine Therapy/Butterfly Holistic Center; Phoenix, AZ


BIO - Dr. Melanie R Icard is a visionary leader in the field of psychedelic medicine. Her passion for healing and her dedication to the well-being of her patients has led her to create a groundbreaking new therapy called Ceremonial Ketamine Therapy. This therapy combines the use of ketamine with transpersonal therapies to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, and alcoholism.

Dr. Icard believes that true healing requires a holistic approach that includes not only natural medicine but also psychedelics and meditation. She understands that the mind and the body are interconnected, and that healing must address both aspects of a person's being. With her decades of experience in meditation, shamanism, sound healing, energy healing, and bodywork, Dr. Icard has created a unique and powerful approach to healing that is sure to benefit many people.

One of Dr. Icard's main focuses is supporting veterans and first responders, as well as people with addiction. She understands the unique challenges that these populations face and is committed to helping them find the healing and transformation they need. Through her work with Ceremonial Ketamine Therapy, Dr. Icard is changing lives and making a real difference in the world.

If you are looking for a caring and compassionate doctor who is on the cutting edge of psychedelic medicine, look no further than Dr. Melanie R Icard. Her dedication to her patients and her commitment to holistic healing make her one of the most impressive and groundbreaking doctors in the field today.

BIO - Rev Nathan Kohlerman: After being introduced to gang culture and battling multiple addictions at a young age, I was surely on a path of self-destruction that would only lead to death.

One winter morning, my mother and sister sat me down one day and said, "If you keep going down this road, you're going to wind up dead or in prison," and in that moment, my heart dropped, my palms started sweating, and I felt the harsh truth deep in my heart. I knew my life was about to drastically change as I walked up the path in my final year of high school and saw 2 men in camouflage uniforms standing at the front door. Upon seeing them, chills shot down my spine.

It was that moment alone that shifted the trajectory of my entire life...and I had no clue of how powerful that moment was and the path it would pave for my future.

I served honorably in the US military for 5 1/2 years and during this time, my passion for health, wellness, and fitness was ignited that started my wellness journey in 2011. After training vigorously for years in hopes that I would one day wear a green beret and serve in the Special Forces, I was unexpectedly medically discharged for bilateral compartment syndrome and sent back home as a disabled Veteran without a clue of what I was going to do. Feeling lost in life once again with 2 children to provide for, I felt a calling to explore my passion for fitness as a professional career. Upon returning home, I applied for a personal training position in a large corporate gym and I quickly climbed the ladder of "success."

On March 21, 2017, I suffered a traumatic injury to my dominant hand after a granite counter had snapped while leaning on it. The broken edge ripped my hand wide open and when I had looked down, blood was everywhere. Without the ability to use my dominant hand, I knew it would change my life forever. I went from being a professional bodybuilder and one of the most talented in the fitness industry, to feeling crippled and helpless - in an instant.

After $200,000 in medical expenses, 7 months of rehabilitation to regain function of hand, a lawsuit, being fired by my employer, and feeling lost in life once more, I thought of taking my own life. In that moment of weakness, I received a call from one of my clients inviting me to a transformational training - Landmark to be exact. After accepting the invitation and hanging up the phone, I felt God move through my body and knew deeply that a Divine intervention had just taken place.

Since that surge of energy moved through his body in 2017, I have relentlessly dedicated myself to the path of healing, wellness, self-actualization, and transformation. After overcoming my adversities in life and healing myself using a wide range of clinical, spiritual, holistic, shamanic, and experiential methods, my life-long mission with NeuIntention is to educate, empower, and inspire others who feel lost to break free from life's limitations, reclaim the birthright of our sovereign nature, and become the purpose-driven humans and heart-led leaders who wish to leave legacies for our families and communities.

Rev. Nathan Kohlerman of NeuIntention, who works with veterans, executives, and purpose-driven leaders who are seeking a holistic and integrative approach to align and optimize the Mind, Body, and Soul using somatic and psycho-spiritual methods to turn their darkness into their shining, Butterfly Holistic Center is offering a special ketamine group on a sliding scale pricing based on income, this means anyone who wants to explore this well-documented,  cutting-edge therapy and makes it affordable to do so. 

Veterans Ketamine Therapy Group Session at Butterfly holistic Center April 15th Phoenix Arizona

Press Release

On April 15, 2023, Butterfly Holistic Center located at 1430 E. Missouri #B127, Phoenix, Arizona 85014 is hosting a Veterans ketamine therapy group session, that includes First Responders, Police, Firemen, Armed service members, and government workers, even those people with addictions can apply. The therapy session is being led by world-renowned Dr. Melanie Icard NMD. This therapy relieves anxiety, depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Other benefits include increased happiness and mind-body connection, and it has been proven to aid in overcoming trauma.


Pricing is as follows:

+$70k income -> $333

$50 - 30k Income -> $250

$50 - 30k income -> $200

<30K Income -> scholarships available

Ceremonial Ketamine therapy created by Dr. Icard is a multisensory experience with breathwork, sound, scent, energy work, and optional touch developed from her extensive training and personal experience. Ketamine is proven to have remarkable effects on mental health, providing quick and long-lasting relief from a range of conditions including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The ceremonial aspect of this therapy is designed to create a supportive and calming environment for participants, allowing them to focus on their mental and emotional well-being.

Dr. Melanie Icard is highly trained and experienced in the administration of ketamine therapy and provides a safe and supportive environment in a ceremonial setting for participants to heal and grow.

"It has long been known of the stress, and trauma our veterans and first responders experience, this therapy goes right to the heart of the matter to alleviate their suffering. We are eager to offer this innovative therapy to our veterans, and make it affordable to everyone," said Dr. Melanie Icard. "The benefits of ketamine therapy have been well documented, and this session will help participants on their journey towards greater happiness, mental clarity, and emotional healing." "For patient comfort, the Ketamine is administered to the patient in a lozenge, without IV or needles." 

Butterfly Holistic Center provides cutting-edge holistic therapies to its clients and is committed to improving the mental and emotional well-being of those who participate in its programs. For more information about this ceremonial ketamine therapy session, please contact Butterfly Holistic Center at 480-599-8370.


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