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01-05-21 -- Robert Anderson - Hal Scoggins - Phranq Tamburri (#MarchForTrump) - Draeth Kata (MP3s)

Ernest and Bob go over the Freedom's Phoenix Headline News; Recap the sign-making party with local activists - Hal Scoggins on the End the Great American Myth: Secession, Not Revolution - Draeth Kata (PirateChain) on 'pirate crypto and communications
Media Type: Audio • Time: 243 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Hal Scoggins, ,
Media Type: Audio • Time: 103 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Hal Scoggins, ,
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Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 243 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Hal Scoggins, ,

Hour 1 - Hal Scoggins on the End the Great American Myth: Secession, Not Revolution Phranq Tamburri (Info on #MarchForTrump)

Hour 2 - Phranq Tamburri (Info on #MarchForTrump) (first half hour) - Hal Scoggins on the End the Great American Myth: Secession, Not Revolution

Hour 3+ - Draeth Kata (PirateChain) on 'pirate crypto and communications - ARRR!


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Hour 1

Hal Scoggins

End the Great American Myth: Secession, Not Revolution (

End the Great American Myth: Secession, Not Revolution

Date: December 22, 2020Author: Tom Luongo56 Comments

I remember the 1970's driving around New York City with my family during the holidays like they were yesterday.

Back then the talk in the front seat of the car between my parents was New York City's bankruptcy. My dad, NYPD at the time, was as much a part of this as anyone since the Police pension fund helped bail out the city government back then.

The West Side Highway fell down and because of that I grew up with a fear of heights and, especially bridges. I really hated taking the back way (New Jersey) into Staten Island. The mere mention of the Outer Bridge crossing would nearly put me into a panic attack.

I remember thinking then, "If these people can't pay the bills now, what's it going to be in ten or twenty years?" Sure, I was a naive ten or eleven at the time and had no idea about capital flight, but the sentiment was sound.

Even then the Emperor was naked to this child's eyes. This was Rome near the end and the Sword of Damocles hung over the heads of my generation in ways we could barely articulate.

So, for me, the idea of the U.S. breaking up into its component parts has been a constant companion most of my adult life. And, as a libertarian, I always think in terms of secession first, rather than revolution. It sits on my shoulder whispering in my ear the truth of what's in front of us.

We've reached a very important moment in world history. It is that moment where the promises of classical liberalism are failing in the face of a creeping totalitarian nightmare.

America as mythology has always stood as the 'shining house on the hill' for this enlightened idea that the wishes of the individual pursuing his bliss creates the community and culture which lifts the world out of a Hobbesian State of Nature.

The war of all against all, (bellum omnium contra omnes).

But America as Mythology and America as Reality are two vastly different rough beasts. And it is that difference between them that is being exploited today by The Davos Crowd to set the process in motion for their next victory.

Brandon Smith at Alt-Market brought up the trap conservatives are being led into today in his recent article. He argues, quite persuasively, that the 'right' is being radicalized into thinking about an armed civil war to fight the corporatist left-wing useful idiots in an orgy of violence.

To be clear, what I believe is happening is that conservatives are being prodded and provoked, not to separate and organize but to centralize. I think they want us to support actions like martial law which would be considered totalitarian. Conservatives, the only stalwart defenders of civil liberties, using military suppression and abandoning the Bill of Rights to maintain political power? That is a dream come true for the globalists in the long term. And despite people's faith in Trump, there are far too many banking elites and globalists within his cabinet to ensure that such power will not be abused or used against us later.

Nothing would give Klaus Schwab and The Davos Crowd more pleasure than turning us into them — willing to use indiscriminate violence to push otherwise humble and decent people into crazed killers and repudiate their inherent meekness, their inherent desire to pursue their bliss, allowing everyone else that same courtesy.

But, leftism as practiced today, is aggressive. It is rapacious and rests on the idea that no one can exist outside their preferred outcome lest anyone see their world for the nightmare it truly is.

Secession is not only not an option, it is expressly verboten.

I've made the argument that violence, not secession, is one very possible outcome of where the current political divide is taking us. Brandon uses the situation in Germany in the 1920s/30s as his historical guide. In short, Fascism rose to meet the violence of the Communists with the old monied elite providing the means for the conflict.

The parallels to today are striking. In November's issue of Gold Goats 'n Guns I likened the rising frustration of the American right to that of the Fremen Jihad of Frank Herbert's classic Dune.

When you marginalize the tens of millions of people who produce the goods which sustain their false reality, when you remove their ability to speak their mind and make their voices heard, when you insult them, berate them, hector them and beat them then you will bear the consequences when the sleeper awakens, in Herbert's words.

This isn't a threat or an open letter of defiance. This is an observation of what always comes next. These people know that they have been lied to, their children spiritually separated from them. The election was a cruel joke meant to rub our noses in their complete power over us. You can
see it every day on Twitter.

What comes next will benothing short of a Fremenesque jihad by the 70+ million people who voted for Donald Trump. If his allies prove the systematic thievery of the election it will fuel a simmering anger to boiling over into a near-religious frenzy.

Because these are people who still believe in the Mythology of America, they are very susceptible to this programming. That mythology is worth fighting for in their minds.

Brandon Smith, however, is making a finer point which I tend to agree with. And that is that secession, not revolution, is always the better option rather than the pre-packaged violent one which the oligarchs always seem to prepare for us.

To broaden Brandon's point, I want to challenge the precepts of that American mythology in the hope we can avoid the kind of religious war that is brewing.

There are two wars which bear most of the weight of that mythology — The American Revolution and the U.S. Civil War.

The first one is the good war. It is the foundation of the mythology. We know the narrative: brave colonials fought a war of independence, a war of secession, from the evil English. It brought forth the Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence and all the symbology of our shared American identity.

That mythology, while simplistic, held a core truth, that there are some things worth fighting for, when pushed to an extreme.

However, was 1770's America that extreme a place? Was war the only practical outcome? Or was it the dream of those men whose tolerance for tyranny shallower than the norm. In other words, could America have seceded more peacefully in ten or twenty years' time?

Viewed that way, this was a war of secession that the English and the Colonies didn't have to fight. There may have been an equitable way out of conflict. But the colonies chose war just as much as the Crown did if we're being honest with ourselves.

The Civil War, on the other hand, is supposed to be the shameful one. And from the Mythology side it truly is. Lincoln's war can only be characterized as a war to prevent secession in the same way that Crown fought to prevent the colonies from seceding.

The mythology states this was the war we had to fight to prevent slavery's survival into the 20th century. But, was it that? Slavery may have been a dividing line to stoke the passions but it wasn't the big factor driving the states apart, the Tariff of Abomination was.

Again, if we're being honest with ourselves wasn't Lincoln's war where the ideals of the American Revolution – a compact between the sovereign states – were finally betrayed?

Aren't we reaping the whirlwind of that war today with a Supreme Court who believes it has the power to ignore interstate grievances because none of the justices, even Thomas and Alito, believe in the compact of equals today?

Remember, the South was more than willing to leave in peace. And any reasons Lincoln had for fighting the war over the seizure of Federal property, i.e. the proximate cause for the events at Fort Sumter, could have been worked out, again, equitably as gentlemen, rather than through the butchering of 600,000 Americans over four years.

From the Mythology Lincoln is the Great Uniter and Buchanan, his predecessor, the Worst President in History simply because he refused to either bail out the railroad banks in 1857 or prevent the South's secession in 1860.

What if the mythology of America today has these two wars backwards? What if all the conservatives mourning the Constitution today thanks to a feckless Supreme Court and treasonous Congress have it all wrong? What if the America they mourn the death of today died in 1865 not 2020?

Would that America still be worth finally fighting a bloody civil war for? Because that's what The Davos Crowd is daring Donald Trump to do.

What if the better response is to do what the South tried to do and failed.

Simply walk away and say, "No more."

Because fighting the bloody war of all against all, becoming raving fascists rising up to stop the rapacious (and economically backwards) communists in the process is always the wrong option.

Secession is always an option. Opting out of the hyper-collectivizing impulses of in-group/out-group bias is always the right choice. They want us to throw the first punch, to lash out, fire first out of fear, c.f. Fort Sumter, to justify their brutality afterwards.

But, as I said in the quote above, the states with the grievances today are the ones that produce the wealth of this fiction known as the U.S. It's where the food is grown, the electricity generated, the goods produced and people aren't shitting in the streets.

The food lines may be long in Texas but there's still food to distribute.

The balance of power in the U.S. today in real terms is reverse of what existed in 1860. Post-Trump America looks a lot different than pre-Lincoln.

Because of that and the reality that the people pulling off this great coup against sanity are some of the most unimpressive leaders in history, the potential for a successful secession is far higher than it was for the Confederacy.

Brandon Smith is right that they invoke the Confederacy to shame conservatives as racists, conflating issues separated by more than 150 years of history. This is why the all-out assault on the history of the war, whitewashing it of any nuance.

Theirs is a mind-virus that grows beyond the ability of the oligarchy to control. And it is truly best to not just walk but run away from such people. Better to let them sink into their own cesspit of ideological rabbit holes while keeping the lines of trade open, if they have anything worth selling, of course.

They will turn on themselves soon enough.

Having grown up a Yankee and matured as a Southerner I've seen this descent of the American mythology from both perspectives. The eleven year-old me knew this day would come.

The Mythology of America is just that, mythology, worth using as the basis for the new story rather than a shackle keeping us chained down, staring at the Abyss and despairing at what was lost.

New York was a dream not a fixture in the night sky. God didn't put his finger on the Empire State Building and spin the world.

Because Texas was too big for it to ever stay in balance, even if he did. And California is one bad day away from Big One which washes it from our memory.

Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 103 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Hal Scoggins, ,

Hour 2 - Phranq Tamburri (Info on #MarchForTrump) (first half hour) - Hal Scoggins on the End the Great American Myth: Secession, Not Revolution


Hour 2

Phranq Tamburri (Trump Report) joins the show in the first half hour to provide information on #MarchForTrump

Two local activists from the Phoenix area (Todd and Ed) have made the trek back to Washington, D.C. to take part in this historic gathering. If you would like to help support their efforts, please use PayPal (with email

See these links for more info:

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Hal Scoggins (Cont'd)...

Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 140 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Draeth Kata, ,

Hour 3+ - Draeth Kata (PirateChain) on 'pirate crypto and communications - ARRR!


Hour 3

Draeth Kata

Draeth is an engineer by day, as well as a Captain of Pirate Chain, Founder of the BPSAA and owns the store Physical Crypto Coins. He is a big privacy advocate, which is why he joined Pirate Chain, since it is one of, if not the most, anonymous cryptocurrency in the space, as well as founding the Blockchain Privacy, Security and Adoption alliance, which aims to educate others on the importance of privacy and security in crypto, as well as in people's personal lives. Draeth has been in the cryptocurrency space since 2016, mining Litecoin and various other altcoins until he found Pirate Chain in late August of 2018, 2 months after it's genesis block. From that point, he dedicated the vast majority of his time to help the project and worked his way up to become a Captain.


The most anonymous cryptocurrency,
a truly private, decentralized blockchain.


A true privacy coin that takes financial privacy seriously

Pirate Chain (ARRR) is a 100% private send cryptocurrency. It uses a privacy protocol that cannot be compromised by other users activity on the network. Most privacy coins are riddled with holes created by optional privacy. Pirate Chain uses ZK-Snarks to shield 100% of the peer to peer transactions on the blockchain making for highly anonymous and private transactions.

For Developers



Pirate Chain is the most private and secure cryptocurrency to date.

The developers who created Pirate Chain believe the best use of the protocol is a chain that requires private sends only. Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) protects Pirate's blockchain from damage against double spends and 51% attacks by attaching a backup of the ARRR chain to the Bitcoin Blockchain. In order to 51% attack Pirate, you would have to first 51% attack Bitcoin. This makes security against double spends and hostile takeovers nearly impossible if not impossible altogether.

Show Notes:

Getting Your First PirateChain (ARRR)

Wallet Setup

The mobile wallet, Skull Island, is probably the best to setup for ease and functionality. You'll find instructions and downloading at https://Pirate.Black/wallets/ . I suggest doing this after you have a stable internet connection because it will likely take a few hours for the first synchronization with status shown in the upper left corner of the wallet screen. Of course, during the setup, be sure to write down and safely store your recovery information and password, in case your phone is lost or destroyed. After your wallet is setup, you can access the wallet passphrase from the small menu icon in the upper left corner. You should find this wallet to be easier to use than most.

Other wallets are shared below.

Exchanging Crypto For ARRR

To exchange for ARRR without KYC, I recommend https://Polarity.Exchange to avoid the Authy 2FA hassle of which is also non-KYC. The latter is a direct exchange without the Tether (USDT) intermediate exchange, but having less liquidity and higher cost with many crypto trading pairs. You will be setting up a Local Account on Polarity, not the other type. Again, be sure to write down and safely store your password and seed phrase in case you need to recover the account.

Once you're logged in, select Exchange from the main menu across the top and see what is actively trading. Some less popular coins, like DigiByte, don't trade much, if at all and spreads may be very wide. You can count on more popular coins like BTC, ETH, LTC and XMR to be trading with reasonable spreads. BCH currently isn't an option, probably because of the damn continuing hard fork controversy.

Select Add Funds from the main menu, and then the crypto type you want to deposit. Only deposit enough for the complete transaction you want, because storing a significant amount on exchanges is always more risky than in your own device wallet. Copy or scan the 1-time wallet address for the deposit from your sending wallet. BTC will be the slowest and highest transaction fee, by far.

When you login to Polarity, select the small Local Wallet button, under the Polarity Wallet, and you'll be taken to the page where you only enter your password.

After the transaction processes, select Wallet from the Polarity main menu. Then, select Portfolio. You should find your wallet with the funds listed there.

This exchange uses USDT (Tether) as an intermediate trade. So, you'll first SELL all your crypto for USDT, assuming you don't plan to leave anything on the exchange. Select Exchange in the main menu then the crypto type your selling in the list on the left side of the PC screen, or from the drop-down list on your mobile device. Select SELL in the trading box at the lower right of the PC screen, or at the bottom of the mobile screen. Enter your sale limit price, if different than the autofill amount based on the last sale. Select your wallet holding amount and it will autofill the full amount to be sold. Verify everything is ok and push the sell button below. Depending on volume and the direction the price is moving, the trading time will vary. Sometimes, if the price is going higher, you may need to select Cancel for the transaction and adjust the limit price to get it to complete.

Next, on the Exchange page, you will select ARRR from the list. Then select BUY, instead of sell.  The process is now the same as when you bought your USDT. Verify ARRR is being bought.

After buying your ARRR, verify the trade in the Wallet page after next selecting Portfolio. On the right side of the listing for your ARRR holdings on the PC screen, select the three stacked dots and then Send (I don't yet know what this mobile screen looks like at this step). Here you will enter your ARRR receiving wallet address copied from the Skull Island mobile wallet, into the Recipient field. Enter the ARRR amount to send (there is a Max button available after selecting the box). The next field is where you can enter a private message encrypted end to end which can be sent as a means of Pirate communication (normally with a fee of only 0.0001 ARRR for direct transactions). There is a Polarity trading gateway fee of 4 ARRR, plus the transaction fee. In the last box, select whether you want the small transaction fee to be in ARRR or any remaining USDT. Select continue and follow the prompts to make the transfer. You will see the status of your transfer on the landing page. It takes 8 confirmations to complete with blocks processed each minute.

Return to your Skull Island wallet and you'll find your shiny new ARRR :-)

Other Wallets

Note, ARRR does have a hardware wallet using a lite Linux bootable USB stick with the lite wallet on it with info at . It uses both TOR and a VPN for security of your wallet, plus the fact that the rest of the PC is isolated from the USB stick. The only significant weakness is no password requirement when you boot from the USN and open the wallet, so don't lose it. A major update is expected soon, called Gallion, which will require a password and also include Polarity exchange access along with the lite wallet. Wallet setup instructions with the ISO image download and Rufus bootable USB burning is at the link.

You can load the lite wallet on a PC, but I haven't tried that yet to provide any guidance. It connects through the ARRR server, introducing some risk of losing access from the wallet to the blockchain.

The best full node wallet to put on a PC is Pirate Ocean which has a new version just released. Be sure to use the bootstrap installation to save a LOT of time downloading the entire blockchain of almost 8Gb. Experience with full node wallets is probably good to have, but it can be accomplished by others with careful attentions to the instructions linked from https://Pirate.Black/wallets/

Regardless of which wallet you use, only make a very small transaction the first time to verify it's working correctly. Transaction fees are only 0.0001 ARRR when sending from one wallet directly to another. So, you can literally send 0.0002 ARRR with half that arriving, plus send a fully encrypted P2P message in the memo field.

Spending Your ARRR

If you want to try buying something with ARRR, visit using the only crypto on the page with Instant Payment which is actually anonymous.

You'll find other options to buy with ARRR at where you'll also find ppmSilver listed under Body Care.

@ppmSilver on Telegram – 5 January 2021


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