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11-06-20 -- Headline News - Eric Shine (MP3s/Video Loaded)

Freedom's Phoenix Headline News - Eric Shine (former Lieutenant and merchant marine officer) comes back on the show to talk about DHS, TSA, USCG and information about [un-Constitutional] "Adminstrative State"
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Hour 1 - Freedom's Phoenix Headline News - Update on the LOVE Bus Liberty Tour, news, sign campaign, prepping, activism, election, etc...

Hour 2-3 - Eric Shine (former Lieutenant and merchant marine officer) comes on the show to talk about DHS, TSA, USCG and information about [un-Constitutional]


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Ernest Hancock

Freedom's Phoenix Headline News

Finally back in The Love Bus, Ernest updates us on the LOVE Bus Liberty Tour, news, sign campaign, prepping, activism, etc...

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Tucker: It's vital that Americans have faith in the electoral system

Nov. 06, 2020 - 6:55 - Tucker Carlson weighs in on the state of the 2020 election as ballot counts continue across the country.

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Guests: Eric Shine, ,
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Hour 2 - Eric Shine (former Lieutenant and merchant marine officer) comes on the show to talk about DHS, TSA, USCG and information about [un-Constitutional]


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Eric Shine

Eric Shine was Congressionally nominated and Presidentially appointed to the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point in New York where he graduated in 1991 as initially as an Ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve serving on Special Duty in the United States Merchant Marine, and a Federal Maritime Engineering Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine.  Kings Point is a fellow Academy to West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy.  All four are Federal Military Service Academies.  The Coast Guard Academy is a Federal Maritime Police Academy, not a Military Academy, and the Coast Guard is not a Branch of Military.  

However, the Coast Guard is now claiming to be a Branch of Military [] that exists outside of the Department of Defense somehow, and instead within the Department of Homeland Security. 

This is just one of the extremely important things that Eric continues to speak out about and warn the American people about who is doing this, and why, and what is headed our way if we do not band together and stop it.

Eric has worked for numerous American flagged Shipping Companies like Matson, American President Lines, Keystone, Lykes Brothers, and many more.  Eric has also worked for General Electric as a Lead Field Engineer and Project Manager on Navy Aegis Class Missile Frigate/ Destroyers, he has worked as a Port Engineer at Pearl Harbor on DDG's and worked as a Naval Officer on Nuclear Submarines at Pearl Harbor as well, and worked as a Port Engineer for Military Sealift Command and Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force down in San Diego at the Navy Submarine Base in Point Loma, and so much more.  Eric has worked and been all over the world.

Eric sued a number of Military Federal Contractors in Federal Court in the form of a number of Shipping Companies and the Federal Officers Association Eric was a member of, which all began in the year 2000, in the lead up to 9-11.  In response, one of the Shipping Company's named APL/ ASM/ Patriot Holdings/ NOL's afloat Personnel Manager named Archie Morgan, IV [heir apparent to JP Morgan] wrote a letter to the Coast Guard to have Eric prosecuted within what turned out to only eventually be revealed in 2008 as a military tribunal brought against Eric, not as a Naval Officer, which would still be inappropriate, but instead as a civilian. So this "Special" Branch of Military that Posse Comitatus does not apply to somehow like it does to all of the "Regular" Branche sof the Military - is targeting, charging, and prosecuting civilians in its own drumhead military tribunals using JAG Corps Military Officers to do so.  This is un-Constitutional and stands against so many laws and Supreme Court case precedence as to be truly very disturbing.  Military Law has been taken out of the Department of Defense and moved into the Department of Homeland Security.

People like Archie Morgan, IV who is the heir apparent to JP Morgan who gave us our Civil War, and to JP Morgan, Jr. who gave us the Federal Reserve ACt of 1913, and other people like Ted Olsen who was the Solicitor General from 2001 to 2004 under the George W. Bush administration and head of the law firm that Eric came up against named Gibson, Dunne and Crutcher a 1,200 attorney law firm that was founded in 1890.  Plus, others like U.S. Attorney Carol C. Lam who was instrumental in blocking Eric's access to Federal Courts to gain relief from the military tribunal that was intentionally torturing him through one unlawful practice and procedure after another.  Carol C. Lam was one of the 8 U.S. Attorneys who was faux fired by Georg W. Bush to give Lam cover as she exited the Federal Government and went to work for Qualcomm as inside House Counsel.  The list goes on.  The so called "Judge" or ALJ, who is a member of the Executive Branch and not a "real" Article III Judge, more of a Police Commissioner, in Lieutenant Commander Walter J. Brudzinski has been caught up in, but not actually caught in one scandal after another and is tied to Kenneth Feinberg and Ted Olsen and others who sat on the 9-11 Families Trust Fund and helped take money from the Trust.

Eric has a very strong grasp of what is really going on in the so-called bigger picture and who is behind it and why, and this is why these "Powers That Be" targeted Eric as a civilian within a Military Tribunal and did so in Room 5150.

Please watch this YOU TUBE video of a recorded presentation Eric Shine gave at Freedom Law School back in 2008, touching on Military Tribunals and a number of other "bigger picture" issues tied into all of this.  Keep in mind this was 2008.

Read about what Eric was walking into in May of 2008 when this Article was written by Janet Phelan titled "ROOM 5150". This is the room in the Federal Fusion Center in Long beach, Ca., where the Department of Homeland Security using a Coast Guard Military Tribunal to prosecute Eric Shine for "being depressed" about the death of his father and how he was being treated in attempting to report large holes in our Civil Defense and National Security systems, along with Federal contracting and labor racketeering schemes being run in the maritime industry.  Solicitor General Ted Olsen [the husband of Barbara Olsen who was allegedly killed on 9-11] is just one of close to 50 or over 100 or more attorneys who have surrounded Eric over the course of the past 20 years.  The Charging Officer in the Coast Guard was sent away to Law School at Hastings to get his Law Degree, be trained as a JAG Officer Prosecutor, and then to come back in 5 years later after bringing the charges in 2003, while his "buddies" in the Coast Guard held on to Eric and denied him any sort of proper due process hearing for over 5 years.  This was one reason language was placed in the NDAA 2012 to make this sort of behavior "legal", but in an ex post facto manner, which is also illegal and un-Constitutional.  This attorney, named Christopher Tribolet is a Coast Guard Academy graduate and is sponsored by the whole criminal political network run out of San Francisco, including others like former 9th Circuit Chief Justice Alex Kosinski, along with Senators, Congresspersons, Judges, and many more.  Federal Labor Unions that date back to the 1870's are involved, Shipping Companies that date back to the 1840's, Law Firms like Gibson, Dunne and Crutcher that date back to the 1890's and a seemingly endless line of State and Federal Civilian and Military Officers and personnel who do not believe in Due Process, or the Separation of Powers or any of the more fundamental concepts in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.  They are Royalists and Tyrants.

The National Mariner's Association wrote a number of reports and expose's about what has been going on with Eric, here is just one of them, but even with all that is covered it is a fraction of what has gone on and what Eric has learned:

Eric has more recently set up a GO FUND ME PAGE and could really use some serious help so please go here and donate a lot and quickly so he can find proper"defense" counsel.  There are a lot of documents up on the site, but Eric needs help with this too:

What has gone on with Eric goes way beyond what was done to General Flynn, and although General Flynn was Director of National Intelligence an extremely important position, what was done to Eric was more extreme and you need to discover why.

Any Radio Show Hosts, or TV Program Hosts can get ahold of Eric by contacting Ernest Hancock or his wife Donna and leave their information with them and they will contact Eric for you.

It's time to start circling the wagons people - and if you consider yourself a Patriot and want to do all you can to save the Republic - support Eric - and people like Ernst and Donna as what is going on is gravely serious. 

Once in a lifetime series of events.

9-11 was the seminal event and signal to all Royalists to take down and crash the Republic and seize and sell off all of its Public Trusts and start over with the creation of a new National ATM in the form of a Corporate State.

This is a practice that has been carried on countless times before throughout civilizations and is tied to the wall coming down in Berlin, Germany, and re-unification of Germany, driven by the Royal British German Crown families of England and Europe.

The Habsbergs.  Or Hapsbergs. Or Bush's, and Windors and many more.  All related back to the Crown.


Eric's previous interview on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:

Hour 3

Guests: Eric Shine, ,

Hour 3 - Eric Shine (former Lieutenant and merchant marine officer) comes on the show to talk about DHS, TSA, USCG and information about [un-Constitutional] (Cont'd)...


Hour 3

Eric Shine (Cont'd)...


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