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05-24-19 -- Jacob Hornberger - Derrick Broze - Sarara Corva (MP3s & VIDEO's)

Jacob Hornberger (Founder & President of the Future of Freedom Foundation) on the economy, civil liberties, Trump - Derrick Broze (Founder The Conscious Resistance) on his campaign for Houston Mayor - Sarara Corva (Medical Marijuana Education Expert
Media Type: Audio • Time: 168 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Jacob Hornberger, ,
Media Type: Audio • Time: 55 Minutes and 58 Secs
Guests: Derrick Broze, ,
Media Type: Audio • Time: 53 Minutes and 54 Secs
Guests: Sarara Corva, ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 168 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Jacob Hornberger, ,

Broadcast Date: May 24th, 2019

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Hour 1 - Jacob Hornberger (Founder & President of the Future of Freedom Foundation) on the economy, civil liberties, Trump

Hour 2 - Derrick Broze (Founder The Conscious Resistance) on his campaign for Houston Mayor

Hour 3 - Sarara Corva (Medical Marijuana Education Expert) updates UNDOO


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Letters of Marque Paperback


Letters of Marque Paperback – September 25, 2018

by Marque dePlume (Author)

"The Crown calls it 'piracy' to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come to define the conduct among pirates." Captain Marque

Join us 'Above the Grid'




Hour 1

Jacob Hornberger

Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. He was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, and received his B.A. in economics from Virginia Military Institute and his law degree from the University of Texas. He was a trial attorney for twelve years in Texas. He also was an adjunct professor at the University of Dallas, where he taught law and economics. In 1987, Mr. Hornberger left the practice of law to become director of programs at the Foundation for Economic Education. He has advanced freedom and free markets on talk-radio stations all across the country as well as on Fox News' Neil Cavuto and Greta van Susteren shows and he appeared as a regular commentator on Judge Andrew Napolitano's show Freedom Watch. View these interviews at and from Full Context. Send him email.



Student Debt Cancellation: Charity or Force?

May 22, 2019

During commencement exercises at Morehouse College, a historically black college or university (HBCU) located in Atlanta, billionaire Robert F. Smith announced that he was paying off all student debt for graduating seniors. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the ...

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Donald Trump, Immigration Central Planner

May 21, 2019

Republicans are celebrating President Trump for his immigration proposal, which includes, among other things, admitting into the United State more highly skilled and educated foreigners. Wow! Why hasn't anyone thought of that before now? Just think: America's decades-long, ongoing ...

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Impeach Trump But Only for the Right Reason

May 20, 2019

Notwithstanding the fact that their Special Counsel Robert Mueller, after a long detailed investigation, found no evidence that President Trump illegally conspired with Russian officials in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, Democrats are still hell ...

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Is Pearl Harbor the Model for a Trump-Bolton War with Iran?

May 17, 2019

Yesterday, the news media reported that President Trump told the acting U.S. "Defense" Secretary that he does not want war with Iran, which has caused some people to breathe a sigh of relief that the United States ...

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Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea's Nukes

May 16, 2019

From the start of the brouhaha that President Trump initiated against North Korea for refusing to destroy its nuclear weapons, I have consistently maintained that the communist regime would never rid itself of its nukes. Even when ...

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Iraq-Iran Deja Vu: An Interview with Jacob Hornberger (audio)

May 16, 2019

FFF president Jacob G. Hornberger was a guest on A Neighbor's Choice radio show with host David Gornoski to discuss U.S. foreign policy concerning Iran.

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Let's Think at a Higher Level

May 15, 2019

One of the distinguishing characteristics between libertarians and non-libertarians is with respect to the welfare-warfare state way of life. Libertarians are committed to dismantling, repealing, abolishing, or ending it, while conservatives and progressives are committed to maintaining its existence ...

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Immigration Tyranny and Cruelty Come Home

May 14, 2019

I can't help but wonder if what has happened to Theresa Todd will cause conservative-leaning libertarians to abandon their support of immigration controls, the system of immigration central planning, cruelty, and tyranny that both conservatives and progressives have unfortunately ...

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Iraq Déjà Vu with Iran

May 13, 2019

Given U.S. National-Security Advisor John Bolton's war-provoking antics with Iran, I'm getting that déjà vu feeling with how President George W. Bush and his team of interventionists took the U.S. to war with Iraq. Of ...

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FROM JACOB'S BLOG - JacobForLiberty.Com

The Bill Weld Phenomenon, Part 1: A

The Bill Weld Phenomenon, Part 1: A "Libertarian-Leaning" Conservative Disses the Libertarian Party

May 27, 2019

Written by Date: 05-28-2019 Subject: Philosophy: Libertarianism

 Bill Weld's experience with the Libertarian Party is one of the most fascinating phenomena in the 48-year history of the party, one that raises critically important questions for every member of the Libertarian Party and, to a larger extent, everyone in the libertarian movement.

A lifelong conservative who had served as Republican governor of Massachusetts, Weld was persuaded to leave the Republican Party to serve as Gary Johnson's running mate in the 2016 presidential race. After securing the LP presidential nomination for a second time, Johnson, himself a former Republican governor of New Mexico, insisted on having Weld as his running mate even though Weld was a conservative and had only recently joined the LP at Johnson's urging in order to serve as his LP running mate.

The argument was that with two former Republican governors running as the LP's presidential and vice-presidential nominees, the LP would finally have the dream presidential ticket for which some LP members had long yearned. Political experience. National name recognition. Massive fund-raising capability, especially within the Republican Party. Credibility by the mainstream press. And two "libertarian-leaning" conservatives who, some believed, could possibly even win the presidential election, especially given that they would be running against two of the most unpopular and unattractive candidates that the two major parties had ever nominated.

To assure skeptics of his libertarian credentials, Weld told the delegates at the 2016 national nominating convention that he had actually been a philosophical libertarian for a long time, albeit as a member of the Republican Party. He emphasized that he was a big advocate of the libertarian Nobel Prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek, who authored a book that was renowned in both conservative and libertarian circles, The Road to Serfdom. Weld assured LP delegates that he had left the Republican Party for good and would remain with the Libertarian Party for the rest of his life.

Johnson and Weld did not end up winning the election but they did garner 6 percent of the vote, which set the record for LP presidential candidates.

After the election and for the next two years, Weld signaled that he was going to seek the 2020 LP presidential nomination. He began traveling to state conventions and endorsing LP candidates. He helped with LP fundraising efforts, including signing his name to at least one national LP fundraising letter. He would respond coyly whenever LP members asked him if he was, in fact, seeking the LP presidential nomination in 2020, but most everyone within the LP had no doubts that Weld would be seeking the nomination in 2020.

Equally important, there were LP members who were obviously actively wooing Weld to be the 2020 LP presidential candidate. While not formally and openly endorsing his likely candidacy, they were doing everything they could to highlight him and his credentials, his background, his positions, and his newly prominent role in the party. Bill Weld was being feted, interviewed, honored, celebrated, and glorified by certain members of the LP. With his national name recognition and his storied fundraising capability, he would stand a good chance, his LP supporters felt, of carrying the LP to the next level in the 2020 presidential race, perhaps even winning the presidency as a LP candidate. Sometimes the adulation was so gushing that it almost became embarrassing,

And then one day, suddenly, without saying a word to the LP, Bill Weld quietly packed his bags and returned home, abandoning the Libertarian Party and rejoining the Republican Party in order to run against President Trump as a Republican.

The experience had the feel of a elderly man who leaves his wife for a vivacious, dynamic, attractive young woman, who he showers with attention, a nice apartment, a new car, jewelry, and fine restaurants, promising her that he is going to divorce his wife and spend the rest of his life with his new partner. After the glow of the affair has ended, however, the man, without saying anything to his mistress, packs his bags, abandons her, and returns to his wife.

Interesting enough, the reaction of some of Weld's supporters within the LP was exactly that of a spurned mistress. Feeling betrayed, they lashed out at Weld in anger over being dissed by the lifelong "libertarian-leaning" conservative who had promised to stay with the LP forever and never return home to the Republican Party and who, in the process, had clearly raised hopes among some LP members that he would be the 2020 LP presidential nominee.

When Weld quietly did return home, some of his Republican Party supporters who had followed him into the LP returned with him. At the time, I wondered whether those LP members who were courting him and wooing him to seek the 2020 LP presidential nomination would also follow him home and join up with his Republican effort to unseat Trump. After all, it was obvious that they passionately shared his overall "libertarian-leaning" conservative philosophy and ideas, which was why they were so excited about his potential 2020 LP presidential candidacy.

In the end, however, Weld's LP acolytes, feeling angry and betrayed, decided to remain with the LP, perhaps hoping to find another "libertarian-leaning" conservative who was disgruntled with the Republican Party and who would be willing to come over to the LP and take Weld's place as their 2020 presidential nominee.

Of course, the question obviously arises: If Trump defeats Weld for the GOP presidential nomination, which appears likely, will he then return to the LP to seek the party's presidential nomination in order to continue running against Trump? While Weld has disavowed an intent to do so, the possibility cannot be eliminated, especially given his penchant for breaking vows. If he does rejoin the LP, he could argue that he now has even more national name recognition than before and an even bigger fundraising capability and that his taking on Trump, who he has converted into a personal nemesis, was clearly an act of great bravery. In fact, one cannot eliminate the possibility that this has been Weld's political strategy the entire time.

The more interesting question, however, is whether his former supporters and acolytes within the LP — those who were wooing and feting him before he abandoned them — would rejoin his renewed effort to become the 2020 LP presidential nominee. After a period of profuse apology and remorse and a renewed vow to remain faithful to the LP on the part of Weld, my hunch is that his LP supporters would return to the Weld fold. Why? Because they still passionately believe in what "libertarian-leaning" conservative Bill Weld stands for.

The Bill Weld phenomenon, however, is about much more than the battle for the 2020 LP presidential nomination. Much more important, the Weld phenomenon reflects a war for the soul of the Libertarian Party and, more generally, the libertarian movement. It is a war in which every member of the libertarian movement and every member of the Libertarian Party who yearns to be free has a critically important stake.

One year ago, the Washington Post published a column by its conservative columnist George Will entitled "Can This Libertarian Restore Conservatism?" In his column, Will endorsed Weld's obvious bid to be the 2020 LP presidential candidate. Dismissing Gary Johnson as someone who was "too interested in marijuana" and unable to state what Aleppo was, Will wrote that ex-Republican Governor Weld, on the other hand, "is ready for prime time."

Weld explained his reasoning: Like Margaret Thatcher, the former leader of the conservative movement in England, Weld believes in Friedrich Hayek's book The Constitution of Liberty, which, Will stated, "is why he aspires to be the Libertarian Party's 2020 presidential candidate." Weld also, he said, stands for "limited government, fiscal responsibility, free trade, the rule of law, [and] entitlement realism." Weld took philosophy classes from Robert Nozick, the author of Anarchy, State, and Utopia, which, Will emphasized, is "a canonical text of libertarianism."

Will also burnished Weld's credentials for the LP presidential nomination by pointing out that Weld had served in the Reagan administration as a U.S. attorney, even though, for some reason, Will decided to omit Weld's criminal prosecutions in the drug war, a long-favorite program of conservatives. He quoted Weld as saying that throughout the 2016 presidential race, he carried a copy of the 10th Amendment with him and reminded people that as president, he would be an "anti-Federalist." He told Will that when he was governor of Massachusetts, he cut taxes 21 times and favored "capitalist acts between consenting adults." He also refused to grant automatic increases in funding for governmental agencies. Weld's most gratifying achievement, he told Will, was "cutting the 6 percent tax on long-term capital gains by 1 percent for each year that the asset is held." Like Johnson, Weld often informed people that libertarian means being "socially liberal and economically conservative."

Do you see why George Will, a lifelong conservative, would be excited about having Weld become the LP presidential nominee? What's not to like, at least from the standpoint of a conservative?

Equally important, can you see why some LP members were as excited about Bill Weld as George Will was? What's not to like? Weld was a "libertarian-leaning" conservative, one who had received high freedom-oriented ratings as governor from the Cato Institute, one who quoted Hayek, one who cut taxes and spending, and one who embraced the old, standard conservative mantra "free enterprise, private property, and limited government."

As far as I know, there was never any pushback to George Will's column within the circle of LP members who were supporting Weld's obvious pursuit of the 2020 LP presidential nomination, and there certainly was no pushback from Weld himself. That's because both Weld and his LP supporters considered Will's piece to be a glorious compliment, one that shed a positive light in the mainstream press on both Weld and the Libertarian Party, one that raised the national profiles of both Weld and the LP, not only in conservative circles but also among progressives who read the Washington Post.

As for me, when I read George Will's piece, I considered it to be an enormous insult. As far as I was concerned, any self-respecting Libertarian (or libertarian) would have responded to Will by saying, "George, let's get something straight. I am a libertarian, not a conservative. Contrary to your suggestion, I am not interested in restoring conservatism. I'm interested in burying conservatism because it is a morally bankrupt philosophy, as morally bankrupt as progressivism is."

But it didn't surprise me that other libertarians would not feel that same way. For the past 29 years that I have been running The Future of Freedom Foundation, whose mission has always been to present the principled, uncompromising case for libertarianism, there has been an ever-growing number of people both in the libertarian movement and in the Libertarian Party who have been firmly committed to conflating conservatism and libertarianism, to the point where the libertarian brand has, over time, been severely damaged, in some ways almost beyond recognition.

As a result of that conflation of conservatism and libertarianism, there are many people today who view libertarianism as nothing more than a subset of conservatism. There are also people who view the Libertarian Party as essentially a wing of the Republican Party, especially given the ease by which Republicans cross back and forth between the two parties and feel totally comfortable in doing so. The damage has been so severe that the mainstream press even now refers to some libertarian think tanks as "right wing" or "libertarian-leaning" conservative.

The situation has been especially aggravated within the LP by many LP candidates running for office based on a Republican-lite platform, one that essentially mirrors the one that Weld ran in 2016 and that he would run again if he returns to the LP and succeeds in securing the 2020 LP presidential nomination.

There is one overarching feature of these Republican-lite Libertarian Party campaigns: their calls for reforming the welfare-warfare state way of life under which we live. That is the distinguishing characteristic of conservatism, a philosophy that seeks to conserve and reform the status quo, albeit in a "free-enterprise" fashion. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise anyone that "libertarian-leaning" conservative candidates in the LP, like Bill Weld, would make reform the central feature in their LP political campaigns.

But there is one important thing that every libertarian and every member of the Libertarian Party needs to recognize: Reform of the welfare-warfare state is not freedom, not when it's advocated by conservatives and not when it's advocated by libertarians. Reform is nothing more than an effort to improve the the welfare-warfare-state way of life under which modern-day Americans live.

Every member of the Libertarian Party needs to ask himself some critically important questions. Why am I in the LP? Why am I devoting my time, energy, and hard-earned money to the party? Why do I attend party conventions? Why do I participate in the many hours of business sessions within the party?

In a larger sense, similar questions should be addressed by every member of the libertarian movement.

If your answer is because you want to be free, then two follow-up questions naturally arise: Can I achieve freedom by running and supporting political campaigns, proposals, and programs based on conservatism,  or "libertarian-leaning" conservatism, or Republican, or Republican-lite? Or in order to achieve freedom, is it necessary for us libertarians to fight as libertarians?

These two questions — and the answers to them — go to the heart of the battle for the very soul of both the Libertarian Party and the libertarian movement and, to a larger extent, to the battle for liberty in America.

COMING SOON: The Bill Weld Phenomenon, Part 2: The Battle for the Soul of the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Movement


Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 55 Minutes and 58 Secs
Guests: Derrick Broze, ,

Hour 2 - Derrick Broze (Founder The Conscious Resistance) on his campaign for Houston Mayor


Letters of Marque Paperback


Letters of Marque Paperback – September 25, 2018

by Marque dePlume (Author)

"The Crown calls it 'piracy' to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come to define the conduct among pirates." Captain Marque

Join us 'Above the Grid'



Hour 2

Derrick Broze 

"Derrick is a freelance investigative journalist, activist, author, and public speaker from Houston, Texas. Broze is the founder of The Houston Free Thinkers community alliance, as well as The Conscious Resistance Network. His journalism has appeared on The Anti Media, Truth in Media (formerly Ben, Mint Press News, RT, Al-Jazeera, Activist Post and many more publications. Derrick's message brings spiritual and philosophical principles together in a call for self-governance, and building counter-institutions to the state via Agorism. He is currently finishing a book titled, "Counter-Economics: How To Opt Out of The Coming Social Credit State". 




Derrick's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:


Image may contain: text

Here's Why I am Running for Mayor

Derrick Broze for Mayor of Houston·Wednesday, May 15, 2019

My name is Derrick Broze and I am running for Mayor of Houston. I am 34 years old, I have never served in a political office, and I have only voted once in my life. In fact, I have spent the better part of the last decade encouraging people not to spend their time and energy playing the political game. I often talk about the value of getting involved in your community on the local level, taking time to get to know your friends and neighbors, instead of paying attention to the latest political drama.

So then, why would I choose to run for Mayor of Houston?

I have spent the last ten years working as an activist and a journalist in and around the Houston area. I have questioned and interviewed Houston's former Mayor Annise Parker and former Chief of the Houston Police Department Charles McClelland regarding the city's homeless feeding ordinance, water fluoridation, police shootings, and cell phone surveillance. I have visited Houston City Council to talk about these topics dozens of times. Overwhelmingly, the experience has been one of disappointment as I learned the cold, hard truth: The Mayor and much of City Council are either bought off or turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the concerns of Houstonians. Time after time, I attended council with other activists and concerned Houstonians only to find that our concerns were being ignored.

The reality is that even on the local level, the political game is corrupted and rigged. The City of Houston does not need another politician to help bring prosperity and liberty to the city. The people of Houston are capable of organizing their own communities and neighborhoods. The only way to make that happen is to elect someone who will strip the Mayoral position of its power and amplify the voice and power of the people. This is exactly what I plan to do.

As Mayor I will amend the City Charter to take away the power of the Mayor and decentralize the entire City Council process. From there I will ask the people of Houston to decide whether they want to decriminalize Cannabis, put a halt on the 5g cellular roll out, and end the growing surveillance programs. With the money saved from ending these programs, we will rehire the firefighters who were recently fired by Mayor Sylvester Turner.

So while the Mayor claims he cannot implement Houston's Proposition B without laying off hundreds of firefighters, he has not put forth a single position on how to carry out the will of the voters AND keep Houston's firefighters on the payroll. If I am elected we will change that. Find out more about my campaign and my plans right here.

One final note of importance: This campaign for Mayor should not be confused with an endorsement of the City of Houston, the Office of the Mayor, or the actions taken by any government official. I do not believe politicians, government officials, or government itself has the authority to rule over Houstonians, or any other free human beings on this planet. As far as I am concerned, the institution is one of violence responsible for destruction all over the planet. My campaign for Mayor should not be confused with an attempt to tell the people of Houston (or anyone, anywhere) how to live their life and organize their own affairs. If anything, this campaign is designed to educate, empower, and awaken the sovereign spirit of all Houstonians. I want to help people recognize their innate power, beauty, and self-ownership.

All people deserve the freedom to live their life free of force, coercion, and violence. All people deserve to live free of government and corporate interference. I encourage everyone who comes across my campaign to look at the core philosophies that guide my actions and campaign. Specifically, I encourage everyone to research Agorism, Counter-Economics, and Freedom Cells. I will be sharing more about these ideas in the coming weeks and months. I hope my efforts over the coming months help ignite the spirit of individual empowerment, healing, and community in Houston. Only when we come together as free individuals can we hope to create solutions that help the collective of humanity.

Derrick Broze's 2019 Speaking Engagements:

February 14-17 – Anarchapulco (Acapulco, Mexico) Topic: The 7 Fold Path of The Holistic Anarchist

February 28-March 3 – Envision Fest (Costa Rica) Topics: The Path to Decentralization and Community Healing

April 12-14Lucidity Festival (Santa Barbara, California) 1 talk and 2 panels

April 26-28PaleoFX (Austin, Texas) Topics: The Path to Decentralized Communities and Healing

August 1-5Jackalope Freedom Fest (Arizona)

September 13-15 Anarchadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Derrick Broze's Recent Interviews:

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Derrick Broze: The Path to Decentralized Communities & Healing (PaleoFX2019)

Derrick Broze speaks at PaleoFX 2019 in Austin, Texas. --- Support our work AND get a free ounce of Kratom to help with fatigue, stress, addiction, and pain: Please help us advance... Read More...

Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 53 Minutes and 54 Secs
Guests: Sarara Corva, ,

Hour 3 - Sarara Corva (Medical Marijuana Education Expert) provides an update for UNDOO


Letters of Marque Paperback


Letters of Marque Paperback – September 25, 2018

by Marque dePlume (Author)

"The Crown calls it 'piracy' to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come to define the conduct among pirates." Captain Marque

Join us 'Above the Grid'



Hour 3

Sarara Corva



A consultant, caregiver, and patient, Sarara Corva educates individuals and groups on Marijuana as Medicine.  Medical Professionals, patients and industry leaders seek her out for her diverse knowledge on the applications of the medicine and the industry in general. Sarara was the conference coordinator and a speaker for the Marijuana for Medical Professionals 2014 conferencea highly acclaimed, academic success in Denver, and again for this MJforMD's 2016 conference.

She regularly teaches "Cannabis 101" and "Overcoming Cannabis Stigmas" to new patients and their families. While her main focus is teaching Senior citizens, She also teaches classes on Cannabis as medicine to budtenders in the dispensaries.

As a cancer survivor, she is also a consultant to cancer patients choosing to use Cannabis and other alternative treatments for healing from cancer.  

Sarara is the co-host of Jimmy's Joints, a common sense approach to cannabis.  

Sarara is President of UNDOO LLC, marketing a new patent pending formula that alleviates the discomfort of THC overconsumption, experienced by some users.



Undoo-heroABOUT UNDOO...

Unhaze The Blaze®

The Greened Out Antidote™

Formulated to ease the side effects of THC over consumption

Who Are UNDOO® softgels for?

-Called into an unplanned meeting?

-Keeping up with the grandchildren?

-Surprised by a pop quiz tomorrow?

-Learning to titrate responsibly?

-Need an overnight tolerance reset?

Directions for Use

The Greened Out Antidote™

1. Stop Cannabis Consumption
2. Drink Plenty of Water
3. Don't Panic
4. Take One or Two UNDOO Softgels as Needed
5. Relax



An EMERGENCY softgel capsule intended to ease the side effects of cannabis over-consumption.


Always take with PLENTY of water (at least 12oz). You must take the softgels with water for maximum results. You can take 1 or 2 softgels, depending upon your need (for swifter relief, take both softgels at once). For Edibles see comments below.


You can expect that you will achieve a sense of clarity yet still feel the benefits of the THC. You will be left clear headed but calm, cool, and comfortable.


UNDOO® is an emergency supplement intended to clear your head and ease the intensity of the buzz in a short period of time. It does not eliminate the feeling of well being often experienced with THC.


The amount of time will vary, depending upon the individual, the type and amount of Cannabis consumed and the ingestion method. UNDOO® softgel eases the intensity, and shortens the duration of the effects, bringing swift relief typically within 5-20 minutes. However, with strong edibles and concentrates it could take up to an hour for significant clarity.


UNDOO® softgel is a supplement that works with the body's natural ability to metabolize THC promoting clarity. UNDOO® is PATENTED for this use specifically.

WHAT IS IN UNDOO® softgel?

The Patented ( U.S. Pat. No. 9,918,947) UNDOO® softgel contains a formulated mix of Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Olivetol. ? Each packet contains two softgels.


Yes, UNDOO® softgels have been designed to work with all types of Cannabis products. For Edibles: take 1 or 2 UNDOO® softgels with water. While 1 will usually help reverse many edible situations, you may want to take 2 if you are dealing with something extra strong or you are extra sensitive. If you take 1 and your edible "repeats" on you, then take the 2nd softgel. The 2nd UNDOO® softgel will help with the remaining fogginess.


Yes, UNDOO® softgels work very well with dabs helping ease the over-concentrated feeling. If you need fast clarity… if you suddenly have to deal with life…. UNDOO® will help you to feel clear headed rapidly.


Yes, take 2 softgels at night before sleep with 8-12 oz of water for an overnight "tolerance reset".


Yes! UNDOO® is formulated to promote clarity, so if you are dealing with leftover consumption issues (still high or foggy when you wake up), take 1 UNDOO® softgel in the morning with water!


UNDOO® softgels have NO CBD or other Cannabinoids in them. Our formula is a scientific breakthrough that works the same way as our body's natural chemistry to produce clarity. (Research shows that that CBD are useful for anti-anxiety and insomnia but they tend to put you to sleep)


The UNDOO® emergency supplement is NOT intended for use with alcohol. It is formulated for use with cannabis only. It will not make you any less drunk!

IS UNDOO® SOFTGEL A DETOX FORMULA? (Will it help me pass a drug test?)

NO, UNDOO® softgels are intended to clear you head, not your urine!

Where Can I get UNDOO® Softgels?

See our local locator on our website for shops near you – or order online at It's available in all 50 states!

Yes! It works on pets too!

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