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10-24-17 -- Vin Suprynowicz and Ernest Hancock discuss Las Vegas (LOADED)

Vin Suprinowicz (Libertarian Author) on why you should wait 3 weeks for the truth to start to come out after a tradegy/massacre/'false flag event''; So what's the real story about what happened in Las Vegas? One thing for sure is that they are defini
Media Type: Audio • Time: 193 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Vin Suprynowicz

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 193 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Vin Suprynowicz

Hour 1-3 - Vin Suprinowicz (Libertarian Author) on what's the real story about what happened in Las Vegas? Ernest and Vin go over the unfolding accounts that have seeped thru the cracks of the controlled media to get to what really happened that night. The 'what' we can piece together. The 'why' may be harder to discern. One thing for sure is that they are definitely trying to control the narrative...

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October 24th, 2017

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

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Hour 1

Vin Suprynowicz 
Libertarian Author comes on the show to discuss the narrative that is fake news and why waiting 3 weeks after a tragedy will provide you with more truth than all the initial spin...


Deep in the Nevada desert, in a hidden mansion full of old books and vintage clothes, guarded by five anthropomorphic cats and a family of Attack Roadrunners, Vin Suprynowicz went cold turkey from a 40-year newspaper career. They said he'd never write anything over a thousand words, again. But with the help and encouragement of the Brunette and a few close friends, he came back. With "The Testament of James" — about the modern-day search for a lost book revealing the long-suppressed secret of Jesus and the manna — he proved them wrong.

Now comes the second adventure of Matthew Hunter and Chantal Stevens. "The Miskatonic Manuscript" asks the question that victims of the Drug War have been waiting a hundred years to hear: "What if they fought a War on Drugs . . . and someone fought back?


The bibliomysteries of Matthew Hunter and Chantal Stevens are based in the used bookstore "Books on Benefit," in H.P. Lovecraft's Providence, Rhode Island. Vin edited and published the weekly Providence Eagle from 1980-1985.

He began his writing career with the alternative weekly Hartford Advocate (writing part-time and driving the delivery truck at night), eventually giving up honest work entirely to become an award-winning reporter for the daily Willimantic Chronicle, news editor of the daily Norwich Bulletin, and managing editor of the daily Northern Virginia Sun.

Vin worked on the Las Vegas Review Journal Opinion section, winning numerous industry awards, through the great Las Vegas boom. He rode it a bit further into the ground than Tom Mitchell, finally exiting in 2013. For the past six years, he has sold vintage and collectible books online at (newest arrivals ) as "Cat's Curiosities."

In an earlier life, Vin published two collections of his daily Libertarian newspaper columns, "Send in the Waco Killers" and "The Ballad of Carl Drega," and the freedom novel "The Black Arrow." He continues to write his monthly column on the politics of gun control for Firearms News (previously Shotgun News.)

The latest lengthy interview with Vin about his writing was posted by Claire Wolfe at her blog at Backwoods Home magazine on Sunday Jan. 4 and Monday, Jan. 5, 2015. Unfortunately, it appears the publishers have now deleted all such material.

To subscribe to Vin's articles, you must have an RSS reader. You can subscribe to his articles with this link, and/or the comments with this link.


Webpage: VinSuprynowicz.Com


A version of this column will appear in the Nov. 10 edition of 'Firearms News


'Blood on their hands'?

The bodies from the Oct. 1 mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas weren't even cold before the usual gang of jackals started braying for more "gun control."

Mind you, simpler, more effective remedies were quickly suggested.

It appears millionaire mass murderer Stephen Paddock (more about whose motivations will doubtless come to light) spent days setting up his shooting gallery -- complete with closed-circuit TV cameras -- in a pricey 32nd-floor hotel suite. Steve Wynn, owner of the competing Mirage Resorts hotels, says no guest at any of HIS properties would have been allowed to hide behind a "Do Not Disturb" sign for days -- someone from security would have been knocking after 12 hours, checking the room to make sure everything was OK.

But of course, recommending such mundane procedural changes doesn't get you the satisfaction of cynically shrieking that your political opponents have "blood on their hands." 

On "Face the Nation" Oct. 8, champion gun-grabbing Sen. Dianne Feinstein admitted no gun law, current or proposed, would have stopped shooter Paddock from killing 58 and wounding 500.

"Could there have been any law passed that would've stopped him?" asked John Dickerson.

Though she couldn't resist incorrectly adding "Possession of machine guns is not legal under the Second Amendment" (Does that mean the BATF is going to refund all those decades worth of $200 "Class Three" tax payments, Senator?) Feinstein's direct answer was "No. He passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions. I'm not sure there is any set of laws that could have prevented it."

But that didn't stop DiFi from proceeding within days to call for a new ban on "bump stocks," trigger cranks, etc. Nor did it stop dyed-blonde "techno-pop" chanteuse Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, who prefers to go by "Lady Gaga," from declaring "blood is on the hands of" Congress and President Trump if they don't immediately sign into law more gun control legislation -- any kind will do, presumably.

Even has-been warbler Nancy Sinatra stomped out in her white vinyl boots to join the fray, declaring on Twitter Oct. 3 that President Donald Trump was "complicit" in the mass killing, and that "murderous" members of the National Rifle Association should face a "firing squad" for their support of firearm rights.

(A "firing squad" using what, Nancy – spitballs?)

The legislators who had "blood on their hands," Ms. Gaga, were those who disarmed the Soviet, German and Chinese citizenry BEFORE Hitler, Stalin and Mao came to power, thus allowing those mass murderers to round up and massacre not mere dozens, but tens of millions of unarmed opponents and minority scapegoats.

And of course Hillary Clinton couldn't keep her mouth shut (be polite, now), declaring "The crowd (in Las Vegas) fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer. . . . "

Politifact correctly rules that statement "false." Those on the scene say they did NOT start to run at the sound of distant shots, which they initially thought were "firecrackers going off."

A rifle "produces two sounds," Politifact notes. "One is the crack of the bullet, which can be heard on most video recordings of the shooting and is produced by the bullet traveling faster than the speed of sound. This is unaffected by suppressors. Suppressors instead work on the muzzle blast. . . .

"A typical gunshot is around 150-160 decibels, a level that can cause hearing damage," Politifact continues. Suppressors can reduce that sound by around 20-30 decibels . . . just below the threshold for instant hearing damage. Experts compared the suppressed sound levels to a jackhammer and a jumbo jet on the tarmac 100 yards away. That's still fairly loud."

Not only that, rapid fire can quickly "blow out" a suppressor's internal baffles, heating up both a suppressor and the muzzle to which it's attached till it'll burn your skin, as many a novice shooter has learned. There's a reason many military machine guns are issued with asbestos mitts so red-hot barrels can be changed when they "fail."


Why on earth we should expect any useful input about firearm and suppressor technologies from has-been canaries and failed First Ladies who presumably wouldn't know how to rack a slide to save their lives, but who nearly all live in gated communities protected by, um . . . armed guards . . . is not clear to me. 

But OK, if they want to talk gun control: Let's go.

"The first new law we want . . ." they begin.

"No, wait, hold on there" all those congresscritters (including plenty of Democrats) who ran for office insisting "I support the Second Amendment" should say at that point.

"You have an idea for a new 'gun control' bill? Great. But how many hundreds of separate laws can a police officer enforce? If we're looking to make sure they can focus on 'gun control' laws that actually prevent or at least reduce the number of deaths from these lunatic attacks, we need to start by evaluating how much good our CURRENT gun control laws did on October the First.

"Just to reassure the electorate your goal isn't merely to layer on so many bureaucratic enactments that you eventually ban our gun rights de facto, by making it impossibly inconvenient and expensive to exercise those God-given rights, let's start by repealing ALL THOSE EARLIER GUN CONTROL LAWS THAT DIDN'T DO ANY GOOD on October First, OK? Then we'll be happy to debate the likely effectiveness of your new proposal concerning, what, 'bump stocks'?"

Start with the granddaddy of them all, the 1934 National Firearms Act, which was disguised as a tax measure to pass constitutional muster, but which was really designed – and is enforced – to make it expensive, cumbersome, nearly impossible for the average American to (legally) purchase and own and shoot a full-automatic machine gun or machine pistol.

(If the BATF was really trying to ease the deficit by collecting as much revenue as possible from this $200 "firearms tax," Americans would be allowed to pay their $200 in cash – no ID required -- and drive away with a machine gun off the shelf at 24-hour drive-through ATF windows all over the country. Instead, the BATF has come up with an insanely onerous and time-consuming process involving fingerprinting, getting their permission if you want to transport your legally-acquired firearm to a machine-gun shoot, all kinds of hoops and obstacles to acquire and enjoy a machine gun or machine pistol – or suppressor or short-barreled rifle or rifle grenade – and then topped it off with the clincher: they've banned "for civilian use" the manufacture or re-importation of real automatic weapons like the heavy, clunky, 1918-vintage Browning Automatic Rifle, creating an artificial shortage which has driven the price of weapons of interest only to collectors -- not the kind of piece anyone today would be likely to choose to stick up a liquor store – above $40,000.)

(At least they got rid of the absurd "police-chief-signoff" requirement, effective July, 2016.)

All kinds of Americans who have never shot anyone with a machine gun (never tried to, never intended to) have been deprived of their gun rights – even gone to prison – for technical violations of the absurd and complicated paperwork and inspection and "reporting" requirements of the 1934 NFA. But at least all this rigmarole cut way down on casualties in Las Vegas on October the First, right?

Well . . . no. We'll have to rate the effectiveness of that 1934 law at "zero." The shooter was able to sidestep ALL those requirements and fire his legally acquired semi-automatic weapons at rates of fire mimicking those of fully automatic machine guns through the simple expedient of using a rifle with a couple of springs in its stock – a technology no one had thought of in 1934, when rifles were much heavier.


So of course the gun-grabbing blood-lickers now insist that Congress ban "bump-stocks" -- which means what they'll really be banning is a couple of springs. Make no mistake, based on the way the BATF has enforced other such laws, gun owners in the future would likely be jailed not just for owning rifle stocks with a couple of springs in them, but also for possessing a couple of spare springs which COULD have been installed in their rifle stock to turn it INTO a "bump stock."

Springs! Congress is talking about banning a couple of SPRINGS!

Furthermore, since I presume even the Democrats aren't ready to call for house-to-house searches, all such laws get enforced selectively. You think when they "ban" something it goes away? How did that work out with marijuana?

But we've gotten off the track. The question was how much good the 1934 National Firearms Act – which was LARGELY INTENDED TO STOP BAD GUYS FROM USING RAPID-FIRE FIREARMS as in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre -- did in saving a single life at that outdoor country music concert in Las Vegas on October First. And the answer is "zero." So if we're going to review our gun control laws, we should start by repealing the onerous, cumbersome, worthless, vastly expensive, unconstitutional National Firearms Act of 1934. Right? Why not?

(Yes, "unconstitutional." In U.S. vs. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 – 1939 -- the high court merely remanded the case to the trial court for an evidentiary hearing – never held -- TO DETERMINE WHETHER possession or use of a "shotgun having a barrel of less than eighteen inches" had any reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well-practiced citizen militia -- a question which of course must be answered in the affirmative about actual machine guns.)

How about "waiting periods"? Did they do any good in slowing down the Las Vegas shooter? Of course not. So before we enact any new laws, we should repeal these useless "cooling-off periods." Right? Why not?

How about "background checks"? Do any good in Las Vegas? Of course not. As is nearly always the case in such crime sprees (and as Sen. Feinstein confirms), this strange, millionaire shooter had no criminal record and passed his "background checks" with flying colors.

But the gun control gang insisted "background checks" would do LOTS of good in reducing crime and violence -- though by the same logic, since I can burn down a house and kill a whole family with a couple gallons of gasoline, I should have to pass a "background check" each time I buy gasoline, right?

So the nation now spends millions and millions of dollars on the time-consuming, frustrating task of checking the "background" of everyone who buys a firearm from a federally licensed dealer – each TIME he or she buys a firearm (sort of like having to get a new driver's license every time you go to drive your car) -- and it . . . does no good. So before we enact any new laws, we should surely repeal these cumbersome "background checks" -- right? Why not?

The answer to all these questions, of course, is that gun grabbers don't care whether any of their thousands of existing "gun control" laws do any good. They just want to pass more laws so they can preen before their gun-dumb urban constituents, meantime shrieking that anyone who stands up for our Constitutional rights has "blood on his hands."

Their real goal is, indeed, to make it so onerous, so expensive, so inconvenient to buy and own and practice with a firearm that there will be no more guns in America – except in the hands of the government police, and the armed guards that guard the gated communities where most of these leftist celebrities and media elites hide out, of course.

What do terrorists do when they find it inconvenient to use a gun? As the radical Islamic extremists have shown us in Europe, they steal a truck and run it into a crowd and kill dozens of people that way. Or as they've shown us right here at home, they hijack airplanes and fly them into tall buildings. So: Do lawmakers who have failed to outlaw trucks and commercial aircraft have "blood on their hands," Ms. Germanotta?

Vin Suprynowicz was for 20 years a columnist and editorial writer at the daily Las Vegas Review-Journal. He blogs occasionally at .


Articles covered during show:

Las Vegas casinos are in bed with the police

By · October 20, 2017 ·

LAS VEGAS: While the LVMPD and the FBI are jointly involved in the investigation of Stephen Paddock, delving into every aspect of his personal life to find out why he committed the worst mass shooting in United States history, there is another group of investigators also working feverishly but not for the same reasons as the police or the FBI.

They are the corporate investigators, whose numbers are many in Las Vegas and who are employed by the gaming industry to protect corporate interests and assets, specifically when it comes to possible civil litigation.

Throughout the city, employed by the corporations who run Las Vegas gambling and hotel establishments are many retired law enforcement officers from the ranks of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies.

Grant Ashley, who led the FBI's Las Vegas office for several years was vice president in charge of security for Harrah's Entertainment from 2006 thru 2008.

The relationship between the LVMPD and the hotel and casino industry in Las Vegas is extremely tight. Not one day goes by in Las Vegas where police are not interacting with the private security forces employed by the hotels and casinos. Las Vegas has every type of tourist crime imaginable from pickpockets to room burglars to armed robberies and murder.

Many of the crimes that occur on casino properties never make it to the public's attention. Casinos go to great lengths to keep the crime that occurs on their property tight-lipped.

Some high-ranking officials of the LVMPD once their careers are over, obtain very lucrative positions in the gaming industry making incomes far more exceeding their police retirement pension, which isn't too shabby.

The LVMPD is one of the highest paid police departments in the nation.

The sheriff of Clark County, Nevada is an elected official, a politician, who runs the LVMPD.   These sheriffs are elected in no small part by the influence and money of the casino owners, backed up by endorsement from the outgoing sheriff.

An outsider has little to no chance of getting elected sheriff in Clark County, Nevada and neither does any other LVMPD official without the backing and support of the incumbent sheriff.

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours; politics and law enforcement make a terrible combination, not only in Las Vegas but across the nation.

When former Clark County Sheriff Jerry Keller decided not to run for another term in 2003, he supported Bill Young who was elected sheriff. When Young decided he wasn't running for another term in 2007, he supported Doug Gillespie who was elected. When Gillespie decided he wasn't going to run for another term in 2014 he supported Joe Lombardo, who was elected.

When Jerry Keller called it quits in 2003 he later became head of security at Wynn Resorts. Bill Young when he left office, became corporate vice president of security for Station Casinos.

Tom Lozich, a retired deputy chief of the LVMPD was the executive director of security and surveillance for MGM Grand Resorts International for several years.

Former LVMPD detectives are on the payroll as corporate investigators for MGMRI and are involved in the investigation of the Mandalay Bay shooting.

Two former LVMPD officials and one retired FBI agent also ran corporate security for MGM over the years. In the late 1990's the MGM hired former legendary Las Vegas Sheriff, Ralph Lamb as a temporary special consultant.

Kirk Kerkorian, the owner of MGM before he passed away, employed former LVMPD officers as his personal bodyguards.

Greg McCurdy, who was an assistant sheriff under then Gillespie retired in 2013 and became vice president of corporate security for the SLS Las Vegas, the luxury hotel and casino that replaced the Sahara Hotel.

McGurdy was the third assistant sheriff to retire at the LVMPD in 2013. Assistant sheriff, Ray Flynn who oversaw the 911 communications center and the records bureau abruptly resigned in the summer of 2013, as did assistant sheriff Ted Moody

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story


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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio


10-24-17 -- Vin Suprynowicz and Ernest Hancock discuss Las Vegas -- LISTEN LIVE on LRN.FM

Program Date: 10-24-2017

Vin Suprinowicz (Libertarian Author) on why you should wait 3 weeks for the truth to start to come out after a tradegy/massacre/'false flag event''; So what's the real story about what happened in Las Vegas? One thing for sure is that they are defini


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FALSE FLAG TERROR: FBI Used SWAT Team To Confiscate Key Surveillance Video...

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As bullets continued to rain down on the crowd of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, a seven man SWAT team, led by the FBI, was sent to the Tropicana Hotel to confiscate key video surveillance footage that recorded an unobstructed v


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Body Language: Las Vegas (Antifa?) Shooting

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Natural disasters like Hurricanes Maria and Irma and the recent wildfires in California have led to a spate of warnings from countries that want to caution their citizens about the risk of traveling to the United States, but the advisories are also n


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COMMENTARY: Guards paint an eye-opening picture of MGM security policies

10-21-2017 • by Wayne Allyn Root

Since the Strip shooting, I have had many MGM employees come out of the woodwork to talk to me. Days ago, I met in-person with members of MGM's security personnel. They called me and requested a meeting.


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10-21-2017 •, ALEX THOMAS



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COMMENTARY: More questions surrounding the Las Vegas Strip shooting

10-21-2017 • by Wayne Allyn Root

The readers of my column are well aware I'm not a fan of MGM CEO Jim Murren.


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Mandalay Bay, MGM Resorts Ordered To Preserve Evidence In Vegas Massacre

10-20-2017 • by Tyler Durden

Just hours after rumors that MGM Resorts had pressured Jesus Campos to appear on a 'soft' talkshow, rather than a hard-hitting news show, local Laws Vegas NBC affiliate News3LV reports that Mandalay Bay and its corporate owner MGM Resorts have been o


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Coverup Questions Emerge Over Vegas Security Guard's 'Ellen' Appearance

10-20-2017 • by Tyler Durden

Following his sudden re-appearance on The Ellen Show after vanishing for 6 days, numerous questions remain unanswered about Mandalay Bay shooting hero Jesus Campos' timeline and perhaps more concerning stil is that ....


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Las Vegas coroner's office on lockdown -- but why?

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Why would the coroner's office in Las Vegas be on lockdown? Why would the coroner need protection if Paddock is dead and was the only shooter?


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Witness to Oct. 1 Planet Hollywood gunfire event comes forth with key details...

10-19-2017 •, by Shepard Ambellas

"I just want everyone to know that a whole lot of stuff went down that day and none of it is being reported on the mainstream news"


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Food For Thought

They Are Coming For Our Guns


Predictably, in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings (which I am convinced was another government false flag involving multiple shooters) the U.S. Congress is taking aim at our guns. Specifically, at least 16 gun control bills have been filed in


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Mass Shootings

The Way Things Work in Vegas . . . Part One

Vin Suprynowicz

Our friend Ernie Hancock, who runs the Freedom's Phoenix radio show and Web site down in Phoenix ( ) claims I originated the dictum that -– if you want the straight dope on any big, controversial news


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The Way Things Work in Vegas . . . Part Two

Vin Suprynowicz

Mr. Conley's analysis can hardly have been music to the ears of casino executives still waiting for the process servers to start showing up with "negligence and liability" filings following the infamous October First massacre of concert-goers b


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Eyewitness account of rapid gunfire, muzzle flash, people shot at Tropicana...

10-19-2017 •, Shepard Ambellas

A young man and his girlfriend who got caught up in the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting describe how people were shot and shots were fired at the Tropicana that night


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Wounded casino security guard vanishes from Las Vegas -- and surfaces on the set of 'Ellen'

10-19-2017 •, Matt Pearce

The mystery is over: Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos has been found. On the set of "Ellen."


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Special Action to the Arizona Supreme Court

Written by Date: 12-19-2005 Subject: Gun Rights

(The following is the research done for a Gun Rights event here in Arizona. The whole goal was to paper the record with this research as a reference for Civil and Criminal cases in the future. Did it work?... gun owners can carry concealed or open without fear of arrest in Arizona - Oh... and this is important to us... they keep changing State Constitutions and not letting  future generations know it

(Publisher: This lawsuit against the State of Arizona is what prompted the following article to be published in the Arizona Republic Newspaper and the New York Times coverage of the issue)

Arizona Republic June 2002

Why trust the politicians who take your guns? by Ernest Hancock

New York Times
Gun Owners Take Their Concerns to Court


5739 N. 11TH WAY

PHOENIX, AZ. 85014







MARK KILLIAN ?" Director, CASE NO. CV-02-0161-SA

Arizona Department of Revenue


ELLIOT HIBBS ?" Director,

Arizona Department of Administration

JANE HULL ?" Governor of

The State of Arizona


Petitioner alleges:

1. That, as provided in Rule 3 of the Rules of Procedure for Special Actions and Article 5 Section 5 Clause 1 of the Arizona State Constitution. The Respondents have blatantly and severely violated the Enabling Act of June 20th 1910, the clear language of the Arizona State Constitution and its original intent and the United States Constitution and will continue to do so without direct intervention of this court.

2. On Wednesday May 8th, 2002 at 12:30pm the petitioner entered the Arizona State Department of Revenue, a public building, to conduct required business (see attached declaration of Ernest Hancock appendix page 1.

3. The petitioner was refused access to this public building because he was in possession of his firearm. (Hancock Declaration app. pg. 1)

4. Petitioner had right to access to the Arizona State Department of Revenue, a public building to conduct business therein. Respondent had a duty to permit petitioner's access without discretion.

5. Not withstanding Petitioner's right to access to the public building and the respondent's duty to grant access the respondent did knowingly, willfully and unlawfully refuse petitioner's access to said building solely because he was in possession of his firearm.

6. That said refusal to allow Petitioner access to said building, knowingly impaired the Petitioner's right to bear arms in defense of himself. This violated the Enabling Act of June 20th, 1910 Article II Sections 1, 2, 3, 26 & 32 of the Arizona State Constitution and the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution as cited below.

7. This court should take jurisdiction as it involves an issue of statewide concern. It will ultimately require this Court to resolve the inconsistencies that have occurred with many agencies at the state, county and local level in implementing the provisions of the Arizona State Constitution with respect to the carrying and possession of firearms in the State of Arizona. Prompt resolution of the issue at this stage would better serve the interests of the citizens of this state.

8. As a condition of statehood the Arizona Constitution was required to be constructed in a manner that would prevent the Arizona government from infringing on the individual right of people in the State of Arizona to bear arms in defense of themselves. And for the government of Arizona to be the defender of that individual right, and certainly not destructive of it. The Enabling Act requires that in the new state of Arizona, "The constitution shall be republican in form and make no distinction in civil or political rights on account of race or color, and shall not be repugnant to the Constitution of the united States and the principles of the Declaration of Independence." (ENABLING ACT June 20th, 1910, c. 310, 36 U.S. Stat. 557, 568-579 Section 20, paragraph 1)

9. The Enabling Act that allowed the creation of the State of Arizona made it very clear that the Arizona State Constitution was not to be inconsistent with the words of the Declaration of Independence. The conditions and justification of the existence of an Arizona State government is based on Arizona's Constitution not being repugnant to the Declaration of Independence's claim that the only justification for the existence of a government is to secure the individual rights of a free people, not take them away.

10. The Enabling Act required the Arizona State Constitution not be repugnant to the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence holds that the purpose of government is to secure our rights. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

11. Arizona's Constitution meets the conditions set forth by the Enabling Act very well. Arizona's Declaration of Rights makes it very clear that the foundation upon which the government in Arizona is built is the preservation of individual rights. To abandon this function is to abandon the justification of the existence of the government in the State of Arizona, since it would no longer serve the function for which it was created.

Arizona State Constitutional citations:

Article II ?" Declaration of Rights

1. Fundamental principles; recurrence to

Section 1. A frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is essential to the security of individual rights and the perpetuity of free government.

2. Political power; purpose of government

Section 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

3. Supreme law of the land

Section 3. The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land.

26 Bearing arms

Section 26. The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain, or employ an armed body of men.

32 Constitutional provisions mandatory

Section 32. The provisions of this Constitution are mandatory, unless by express words they are declared to be otherwise.

12. United States Constitution 2nd Amendment: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

WHEREFORE: Petitioner respectfully request that this court:

A) Accept jurisdiction of this Special Action.

B) Order all agencies of the State Government to cease all attempts to disarm the Petitioner as a condition for entering state owned public buildings.

C) Award Petitioner cou

Hour 2

Guests: Vin Suprynowicz

Hour 2 - Vin Suprinowicz (Libertarian Author) (Cont'd) on what's the real story about what happened in Las Vegas? Ernest and Vin go over the unfolding accounts that have seeped thru the cracks of the controlled media to get to what really happened that night. The 'what' we can piece together. The 'why' may be harder to discern. One thing for sure is that they are definitely trying to control the narrative...

Hour 2

Vin Suprynowicz (Cont'd)


Vin's articles on Las Vegas Shooting....


The Way Things Work in Vegas . . . Part One

Written by Vin Suprynowicz Date: 10-19-2017 Subject: Mass Shootings

Our friend Ernie Hancock, who runs the Freedom's Phoenix radio show and Web site down in Phoenix ( ) claims I originated the dictum that -– if you want the straight dope on any big, controversial news event -– you just need to "wait three weeks" for the official "massaged for the masses" narrative to start to unravel.


I don't know that 21 days is a truly magic number, but it is interesting that two-and-a-half weeks have now elapsed since depraved killer Stephen Paddock -– motive still not clear – opened fire out his hotel window on the crowd at a country music festival in Las Vegas on the night of October First, killing at least 58 (deaths of the wounded unfortunately continue) and wounding about 500 more . . . all innocents presumably unknown to him.

LAS VEGAS, NV – OCTOBER 01: People run from the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

And sure enough, at this point efforts by an increasingly nervous and flustered Clark County Sheriff Joe "No Questions" Lombardo to "revise the timeline" of what happened that night, especially as regards when hotel staff at the Mandalay Bay knew they had an "active shooter," when they called police, why police (some of whom were already in the building) failed to arrive on the 32nd floor until AFTER THE SHOOTING HAD STOPPED and were surprised to find a wounded security guard there, and why it took nearly an hour before anyone busted in killer Paddock's hotel room door, have mainly succeeded only in getting more and more people to ask "What the heck is going on?"

Having been in the news business in Las Vegas for some 20 years, I believe I can help clear up a few possible sources of confusion.

First, a few disclaimers. I have no "inside source" in the investigation. I don't know -– I fear we now may never know -– whether there was a "six-minute gap" between the time hotel employees knew they had an "active shooter" on the 32nd floor, when police were called, and when they were actually (and accurately) dispatched. (Police often release tapes of citizens calling 9-1-1. They almost NEVER release recordings of what dispatchers tell their officers.)

So far as I know the vast weight of guilt and blame here still rests on the shooter. Whether or not the Mandalay Bay and parent MGM Resorts made some bad calls in their security arrangements (and they're likely to pay a big price for that, whether deserved or not), ask yourself whether you really want every hotel in America to X-ray your luggage, pat you down every time you come and go from your room, and spy on you while you're there . . . assuming that were possible, and further ignoring the fact it probably wouldn't work.

(Bad guys examine your expensive and cumbersome barn-doors-after-the-horse-is-gone measures, and promptly figure out something else.)

Nor should our concentration on the "after-the-fact" investigation -– especially as it sometimes evokes exasperation -– distract from the larger truth here, that hundreds of families have lost loved ones and wage-earners, and hundreds of those we might be tempted to blithely describe as "the lucky ones, since they were only wounded" may face lifetimes with disabling injuries and reduced earning capacity, through no fault of their own.


That said, your confusion may be somewhat reduced if you realize:

a) That the part of the official investigation into this mass shooting which touches on the actions of — and any possible negligence by -– MGM Resorts International is largely controlled today by . . . MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren and Chief Operating Officer Corey Sanders.

"Vin, are you nuts? They can't investigate THEMSELVES. The investigation is being run by the Las Vegas/Clark County Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI!"

b) Right. And the Clark County Sheriff and his Metropolitan Police Department basically work for Nevada's casinos, as do most of the local news media (evidence below.) Furthermore,

c) The local agent-in-charge of the FBI knows there's almost certainly a nice six-figure job in "corporate security" waiting to feather his nest with an extra million or so after he "retires" with a sweet federal pension at about age 55 . . . assuming he plays his cards right, which means at least showing reasonable deference to the sensibilities of those casino bosses — evidence below.

Incorruptible and apolitical? This is the same FBI that fielded deadly sniper Lon Horiuchi at both Ruby Ridge and Mount Carmel (Did he read them their "Miranda" rights before each head shot?), that pumped in flammable gas and fired incendiary "ferret" rounds into the church at Waco and then held the fire engines a mile away while the women and children burned to death.

This is the same FBI that had, yet for years sat on, evidence about the Clintons' "Foundation" bribe-taking while Hillary was OK'ing the Russian uranium deal, the same FBI whose director, James Comey, drafted his memo clearing Hillary of destroying emails which were under subpoena months BEFORE they interviewed her and concluded their "investigation." ( .)

And just for good measure, they also expected us to believe they had "no information" about the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch — but 30 pages just happened to turn up, this week? ( .)

d) To date, their casino stock dips have been relatively minor and transient (in the single digits, and basically all "on paper," despite headlines about how they've "lost millions.") But the eyes of the casino bosses at this point are fixed on convention bookings for 2019, and on anyone who might be tempted to get nervous and pull out of a 2018 commitment. Those who book those convention rooms may now have to be "sweetened" to stay on board, as well as provided with some kind of magic-dancing-lantern show about "enhanced security" . . . which could take months to roll out.

e) Meantime, the casinos' obvious problem is the soon-to-arrive civil liability lawsuits. Nevada judges are "elected," their campaigns funded by the casinos (whether directly or otherwise), as well as by attorneys who appear before them. Those cooperative local judges will probably agree to "bundle" all the negligence suits into one big package, well designed for a single, big "structured settlement."

Is it "fair" that a hotel chain that didn't really have any complicity should be on the hook for a billion dollars? No. But in the real world, trial lawyers will patiently explain, even to decent folk whose first instinct is to say "The hotel didn't cause this; I don't want to sue them," the following:

"Listen: There are GOING to be big negligence/liability lawsuits. Their corporate attorneys will tell those casino bosses 'Sure, we might get the judgments reduced on appeal. But in the meantime do you want your name dragged through the headline mud for months or years, characterized as the greedy bad guys who refuse to even help these folks with their medical costs and lost earnings? You want these ambulance chasers to parade shooting victims -– amputees on crutches, people with permanent nerve damage, crying children weeping for their mommies -– in front of jurors who will get all teary-eyed and decide to play Santa Claus . . . with MGM Resorts footing the bill? And do you know what your legal bills will look like even if you eventually WIN? Trust me: Settle.'

"So," Mr. "Trial Attorney" will continue to his prospective client: "I don't care what kind of Obama-surance you have, these medical bills are going to leave you penniless, AND your injuries could leave you unable to work full-time. Yet you're telling me you're going to let your family eat cold cereal and lose their house, just to be 'noble,' when all you have to do is put your name on the list for a share of that big settlement?"


But the price of that settlement could skyrocket if there's a finding that the casino chain -– despite having known for 16 years that Las Vegas is high on the list of potential "soft targets for terrorism" –- decided to cut costs by getting rid of their pre-2012 armed security force and instead hiring unarmed rent-a-cops who were totally unprepared to respond promptly and aggressively to this kind of incident . . . who couldn't even manage to promptly call the police and tell them they had a security guard shot on the 32nd floor.

And as of Oct. 11, that's exactly what the media were reporting:

From : "Mandalay Bay staffers didn't call cops after security guard was shot."

"Hotel staffers at the Mandalay Bay did not call Las Vegas police until after Stephen Paddock started his mass shooting spree, according to phone records," Chris Perez reported Oct. 11 for the New York Post -– a fairly reliable newspaper in its news columns, even if its gossip columnists just as reliably take it on themselves to pimp for Harvey Weinstein by ridiculing the women he molests ( .)

"An anonymous source who has reviewed the records told ABC's 'World News Tonight' that employees initially refused to alert authorities -— even after security guard Jesus Campos took a bullet in the leg," Perez reported. "Campos reportedly alerted his superiors and informed them about Paddock after being shot by him, but strangely, nobody called the cops, the source said.

"In addition, security staffers failed to notify police when Mandalay Bay maintenance engineer Stephen Schuck told them that he, too, was being fired at.

"'Call the police, someone is firing a gun up here. Someone is firing a rifle on the 32nd floor down the hallway,' Schuck can be heard saying on audio tapes released Wednesday by the hotel.

"The engineer reportedly radioed his employers, letting them know what happened and what room Paddock was in, after being asked by the hotel to do so. Yet nobody did anything.

"According to ABC's source, hotel staff didn't inform authorities about Paddock until after he began killing concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival," Perez of the Post continued.

"Police officials said Monday that Campos was shot roughly six minutes before the 64-year-old retiree opened fire. It's unclear how long after Paddock started shooting that security officials finally called the police.

"Many have questioned the timeline of the Las Vegas massacre in the days following the tragedy -– including MGM Resorts International, which owns the Mandalay Bay.

"The second-guessing began this week after police officials revealed that they had been wrong about the times they originally reported. Instead of being shot before the massacre, cops initially said Campos was targeted about 10 minutes into it."


Oh dear.

So Sheriff Lombardo had to race out and hold a "no questions" press conference last week, revising the "timeline" once again, denying that there was ever any "six-minute gap."

But that didn't stop Tom Conley (a former civilian police captain, senior-level commissioned officer in the United States Navy Reserve, and certified U.S. Department of Defense counter-terrorism instructor) from writing for the "Security" magazine Web site on Oct. 13:

"The Mandalay Bay security guard, who was unarmed and not authorized to carry a firearm by the State of Nevada, was identified as "Larry" Jesus Campos, an employee of Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) and not Mandalay Bay. CSC is a company whose staff wears yellow t-shirts and holds itself out as a company that is the 'leader in Crowd Management and Event Security,'" Conley writes.

(See ) . . . though I'm not sure Conley is entirely right about that.

While the Northridge, Calif.-based CSC was indeed hired to handle security at the outdoor concert that night (and saw one of its employees, Erick Silva, killed), I find indications elsewhere that Campos WAS a Mandalay Bay employee, but that his name has since been mysteriously "scrubbed" from their employee database, and that Mandalay Bay spokesmen will no longer confirm whether Campos is still employed there — an odd development if he was the "hero" praised by the likes of Ellen DeGeneres. (See .)

"Even in the very early stages of this news, I was confused how it was that the killer could have been allowed to keep shooting seemingly unhampered for 11 to 12 minutes (depending on which news report is accurate)," Conley continues. "My first thought was, 'Where the heck was hotel security while all this shooting was happening and while people were dying?'

"The news that the Mandalay Bay had apparently contracted with CSC to provide them with security, if one can even legitimately call it security, was astonishing to me because an 'event staff' level of security is wholly inadequate for the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino," Conley writes.

"The problem was that the security force at the Mandalay Bay was simply unprepared for this event by having an incompetent security program. All their security personnel should all have been well-paid, well-trained and professionally-equipped. Had this occurred, the security guard who got shot in the leg would have been armed and would have been able to return fire right then.

"The remainder of the Mandalay Bay security force should have then followed a 'form up, go up and take action' strategy. This would have placed the Mandalay Bay security team on station within two the three minutes.

"After arriving and moving their injured security officer to a place of safety and rendering first aid to him, the armed security team leadership should have made contact with the shooter while communicating with police units that were inbound. . . ."


All this is pretty optimistic, of course. It all sounds so simple, on a bright and sunny Monday morning. Late on a Sunday night, with a loud concert going on outside, surely a certain amount of confusion and miscommunication could be expected. Though we're also told Metro police officers were already at the casino on an unrelated call. So why weren't they promptly re-deployed?

Funny no one has even bothered to ask whether (and how) Metro's radios were working. It was only five years ago that Metro had to dump a pricey, high-tech $42 million digital radio system that didn't work, at all. . . . ( .) What do they use, now?

"And, had the shooter opened fire on the crowd in spite of the presence of the armed security team, the armed security team then would have needed to conduct a tactical entry in to the shooter's room and neutralize the shooter," Security analyst Conley continues. "If the Mandalay Bay's security was unable or unwilling to do this, then the Mandalay Bay had the wrong security program or the wrong people employed as security officers. The simple truth is the Mandalay Bay's security failed miserably," Conley concludes.

"Instead of investing in a professional security force, the Mandalay Bay apparently decided to go cheap and try and outsource their internal risk to public safety. . . . The truth is, unless protective assets are in place before an incident occurs, the police cannot get to the scene in time to make a measurable difference in the outcome. This is why armed and professionally-competent security officers are and have to be the first responders. I just wonder how many people have to die before all organizations start taking their security for real. . . ."

Though it's easy to play Monday-morning quarterback — and though I still suspect the Mandalay Bay's unarmed "security" forces (level of training unknown) may have been hotel employees, Mr. Conley still has a point.

No one is saying every parking garage attendant at one of these Las Vegas Strip casinos needs to be a 6-foot-4 Green Beret, or that it takes a paramilitary unit with machine pistols to deal with every purse snatcher or slot machine cheat. But these casino outfits rake in hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and they've been on official notice for more than 15 years that Vegas is an attractive "soft target" in an era of international terrorism.

What would it cost for each Las Vegas Strip casino to hire a "core" security team of 30 or 40 physically fit former Navy SEALS (or equivalent), of whom seven or eight might be on duty at any time, available to form up as an armed "quick response" team?

Jesus Campos may be a perfectly nice young man, but this does not appear to describe Jesus Campos.







The Way Things Work in Vegas . . . Part Two

Written by Vin Suprynowicz Date: 10-19-2017 Subject: Mass Shootings

(Our first installment ended with a lengthy excerpt from Tom Conley, a former civilian police captain, senior-level commissioned officer in the United States Navy Reserve, and certified U.S. Department of Defense counter-terrorism instructor, posted at the "Security" magazine Web site on Oct. 13 ( .)



Mr. Conley's analysis can hardly have been music to the ears of casino executives still waiting for the process servers to start showing up with "negligence and liability" filings following the infamous October First massacre of concert-goers by a gunman firing from his 32nd-floor suite, there.

Those lawsuits are coming, whether they're justified or not.

But if there was nothing to hide, presumably concerns coulf have been calmed by making wounded security guard Jesus Campos promptly available to the press to "straighten everything out" about how long it took for police to be called. Instead, after having scheduled a number of media appearances, Mr. Campos . . . disappeared.

By Oct. 16, the headline at was: "Report — Mandalay Bay Security Guard at center of Las Vegas Attack Timeline Has Disappeared:

"Fox 5 reports that Jesus Campos missed a scheduled press conference on Thursday of last week, and Fox News reports that he is still nowhere to be found," AWR Hawkins wrote for Breitbart.

"Early reports said Campos was shot by the Las Vegas attacker after the attack on concertgoers began. But on October 10, Breitbart News reported that the timeline changed and that Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Campos was actually shot by the attacker six minutes before shots rang out during Jason Aldean's music set.

"On October 12, Breitbart News reported that a second Mandalay Bay employee also took fire from the attacker before guns were turned on concertgoers.

"CBS News reports that the second employee — maintenance man Stephen Schuck — witnessed the shooting of Campos and radioed 'hotel dispatchers to call police.' He told the dispatcher, 'a gunman had opened fire with a rifle inside' the hotel. Schuck said he was checking a 'jammed door' when a wounded Campos approached and warned him to find cover.

"Schuck said, 'As soon as I started to go to a door to my left the rounds started coming down the hallway. I could feel them pass right behind my head.'

"Campos allegedly agreed to speak amid the tensions raised over the changing time frame. He was going to tell his story in his own words on the very day that he disappeared."


Campos and Schuck finally turned up Wednesday, Oct. 18 on the Ellen DeGeneres daytime talk show, where they faced no tough questions – probably by prior agreement — about the timeline, about how long it took for anyone else to respond to the 32nd floor – about who actually employs Mr. Campos, what "security" training he has . . . or (God forbid) about his immigration status.

For by this time, of course, was pointing out: "If Jesus 'Jose' Campos is . . . an illegal alien almost all of the challenging and conflicting reports from law enforcement, Mandalay Bay and the FBI begin to reconcile. . . .

"Think about how dramatically the national conversation could shift if the FBI and Department of Homeland Security had to admit the security of thousands of people in Las Vegas was compromised by non-secure hiring practices.

"This would also explain why Campos was unarmed; he would not pass a state or federal background check to carry a firearm. Was Jose Campos in fear of his status being discovered? Did this delay or impede his action on Sunday night October 1st? . . .

"The larger hotel and hospitality industry is fraught with illegal aliens," the folks at the Conservative Treehouse continued. "Imagine if this event forced major corporate hotel chains to check or re-verify employment eligibility of their employees. It would be chaos in that industry; they would lose thousands of employees. . . . Additionally, Las Vegas would not want visitors to know their security was contingent upon illegal alien 'security' workers; and the liability for the Mandalay Bay Massacre increases accordingly."

It's interesting that Ellen Degeneres -– speaking virtually as Mr. Campos' agent, asserting on his behalf that he was not going to speak to anyone else about this incident after showing up for her single, safe, "no tough questions" interview -– raised none of these issues.

I have no idea what Mr. Campos' immigration status may be. But the hotel-casinos of Las Vegas do indeed employ thousands and thousands of illegal alien maids, bus boys, kitchen help -– whose main union, the Culinary, even bragged last Fall about busing their non-English-speaking members to early-voting locations before election day, so they could vote against Donald Trump: . . . (see .)

There are obviously quite a few things the big Vegas casinos would just as soon not see brought up in the public debate,


Did I say the Las Vegas Metro police Department effectively works for the big casinos?

If you doubt this, Check out a local Las Vegas attorney named Bob Nersesian, author of the book "Beat The Players," talking at about his work representing "advantage players" in Las Vegas.

"Advantage players" are not cheats. Cheating — marking cards, substituting weighted dice, stuff like that — is illegal in Nevada. But Nevada courts and state gaming (Nevada's euphemism for "gambling") regulators have ruled on multiple occasions that "advantage" play -– card-counting in blackjack, for example — is perfectly legal. If you can keep track of the ratio of face cards versus low-number cards that have been dealt out of a deck or "shoe," thus improving your betting odds as the game goes along, that's legal.

Since the casinos are private enterprises, if casino employees don't "like the way you're playing" (that is to say, in a legal manner that improves your chances of winning) they are free to tap you on the shoulder and ask you to leave.

What it is NOT legal for them to do is to have a swarm of half-a-dozen security personnel tackle you to the floor as you make for the exit, and then drag you into a back room to be photographed, roughed up, threatened, and detained against your will.

But they do. My friend Mr. Nersesian has shown me the surveillance videos. In color.

And if a perfectly legal card-counter is subjected to that kind of treatment, and he calls Metro Police to ask to have his "casino security" kidnappers arrested, what do you suppose Las Vegas Metro Police do, every time? They threaten to arrest . . . the card player who's been kidnapped, on charges of "disturbing the peace."

They NEVER arrest the law-violating casino employees. In fact, on at least one occasion where attorney Nersesian got to the scene quickly enough to intervene, Metro police arrested . . . the kidnap victim's attorney, Bob Nersesian.

The casinos wield huge power in Las Vegas, comprising the tax base that provides a huge chunk of the Metropolitan Police Department budget. Is it any wonder one phone call can get a nervous and flustered Sheriff Lombardo to call a "No questions" press conference to "change the timeline" and explain away an inconvenient "six-minute gap"?

(What's that? But the police wouldn't actually conceal evidence? Funny how, when two Metro officers gunned down Erik Scott in broad daylight just outside a local Costco store, the ONLY surveillance camera that turned out "not to be working" that day was the one that might have shown that shoot-down — .) You might also want to look up the deaths at the hands of Metropolitan police of Charles Bush, Henry Rowe, John Perrin, Orlando Barlow and Stanley Gibson — all unarmed.

No charges. And Metro has been telling us for years they "can't afford" body cameras that might show us what all these killings really looked like. (Heck, they couldn't even "get around to" the forensic tests on the clothing of homeless guy Henry Rowe and his stalker, Metro Officer George "Gregg" Pease, which they initially promised would confirm or refute the officer's bizarre account of why he had to slit Rowe's throat after stalking him to his isolated campsite.)

As for the independence of the FBI's Special-agent-in charge in Las Vegas:

"MGM Mirage Inc. has hired the former deputy director of the FBI to oversee security at its hotel-casinos as the gambling giant expands its operations into the Far East and possibly other countries," the Las Vegas Sun reported on Jan. 25, 2005.

"Bruce J. Gebhardt, 56, who also was special agent in charge of FBI offices in San Francisco and Phoenix, was named senior vice president of global security in November, MGM Mirage executives confirmed. . . ."

While C. David Shepherd, a former FBI special agent, spent seven years as "executive director of security" for Sheldon Adelson's Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino.

See, if you "play your cards" right. . . .

(Adelson, by the way, now wholly owns the only big daily left in Las Vegas, the Review-Journal, which promptly got rid of its most popular human-interest columnist, John L. Smith, by telling him he could no longer write about either Adelson OR Mirage magnate Steve Wynn as soon as the casino mogul took over. ( .) That would be the Review-Journal that's running headlines this week ridiculing "hoaxsters" who imagine they see "conspiracies" in the investigation of the October First shooting.


Of which -– thanks in large part to all this weird dodging and weaving — there are now plenty. See, for example, "Survivor who insisted there was more than one shooter dies suddenly: . . . (

Do I believe there was a second shooter — when reports of a second set of shots could easily be explained by echoes off the slab sides of the nearby Luxor and Excalibur hotels? And that the young lady who wanted to look into that was "snuffed" by the same people who got rid of Seth Rich and Vince Foster?

Do I believe shooter Paddock (even though he did work six years for the IRS, which would certainly show an inclination toward criminal behavior) was some kind of money-laundering CIA agent, or patsy?

These things remain unlikely, though I can't quite say "impossible."

Hour 3

Guests: Vin Suprynowicz

Hour 3 - Vin Suprinowicz (Libertarian Author) (Cont'd) on what's the real story about what happened in Las Vegas? Ernest and Vin go over the unfolding accounts that have seeped thru the cracks of the controlled media to get to what really happened that night. The 'what' we can piece together. The 'why' may be harder to discern. One thing for sure is that they are definitely trying to control the narrative...

Hour 3

Vin Suprynowicz (Cont'd)


Some other articles and opinions on the Las Vegas Massacre...


COMMENTARY: Guards paint an eye-opening picture of MGM security policies

Joel Angel Juarez Las Vegas Review-Journal @jajuarezphoto

Joel Angel Juarez Las Vegas Review-Journal @jajuarezphoto

by Wayne Allyn Root Review-Journal

October 18, 2017 - 9:00 pm


Since the Strip shooting, I have had many MGM employees come out of the woodwork to talk to me. Days ago, I met in-person with members of MGM's security personnel. They called me and requested a meeting.

They told me a story of a company that is filled with disgruntled employees, faulty equipment and guards who have no training for a crisis. They say nobody still has any idea what to do in case of emergency.

Here are a few highlights of our conversation:

MGM security personnel are "undermanned, underpaid, under-trained." That's a quote direct from security supervisors.

My sources say because MGM is heavily in debt and trying to save money, and because executives see security as a department that "produces no profit," MGM made decisions to savage the security budget.

Most members of MGM security are disarmed. Only supervisors have weapons — and they are in their offices or the control room. If there's trouble, the guns are far away. That leaves unarmed guards unable to defend guests or themselves for long periods of time. Guards feel helpless.

There is a petition at this very moment from MGM employees demanding guards be armed because employees do not feel safe at work.

Security guards are so upset they are planning to try to unionize at MGM properties.

Media critics have asked why security guard Jesus Campos was sent alone to the 32nd floor at Mandalay Bay. Because of budget cuts and severe understaffing, MGM guards are almost always sent alone on calls.

At its properties, MGM has lots of guards on the casino floor but often has only three guards on duty for thousands of guest rooms. Unarmed guards.

Many critics have wondered why police were not quickly called after Campos was shot. My sources say calls to police are always a last resort at any MGM property. They never want police involved. They want no public record of incidents at MGM properties.

Secondly, they report MGM security has cheap, faulty equipment. Their radios are the worst problem. They often don't work or suffer "dead zones" all over the hotels. Campos may have been unable to reach his supervisors for crucial minutes. He may have been forced to use his personal cellphone.

Contrary to public perception, there are no cameras in hallways. And none in the stairwells, either — meaning a shooter could quickly escape to the street without video images.

High rollers such as Stephen Paddock are treated as untouchables. Security personnel cannot question them for fear of being instantly fired.

My sources say the shooter likely studied Mandalay Bay. He knew the shift-change times. There is a shift change at 9:59 p.m. The shooting took place around 10 p.m. It's a time of mass confusion.

Incredibly, members of MGM security have never been trained for mass shootings or terror attack scenarios. No one had any idea what to do. My sources say they still don't.

MGM has no TAC team (a SWAT tactical team for emergencies). Wynn has a TAC team. Wynn has been training for a mass casualty scenario since 2015. MGM is just starting that training now.

The timeline for the shooting is not easy to establish. Yes, traffic on MGM radios (when they work) is recorded. But it's very hard to retrieve and piece together accurate timelines.

MGM's own security supervisors and employees painted this picture for me. It's an eye-opener.

Contact Wayne Allyn Root at Hear and watch the nationally syndicated "WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show" from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now and at 5 p.m. on Newsmax TV.

COMMENTARY: Mandalay Bay security guard being kept out of the spotlight

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo. Erik Verduzco/Las Vegas Review-Journal

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo. Erik Verduzco/Las Vegas Review-Journal

By Wayne Allyn Root Review-Journal

October 21, 2017 - 9:00 pm  

Doesn't anyone ever learn the lesson of Richard Nixon (aka "Tricky Dicky")? It's not the original incident that gets you in the most trouble. It's the cover-up — or what looks like a cover-up.

Perhaps MGM has been honest and upfront and is merely the victim of a terrible event perpetrated by a madman. None of that matters now. Because of things like the changing timeline, everyone is asking questions. The way MGM is handling this case looks and smells bad.

The questions and suspicions exploded when MGM security guard Jesus Campos "disappeared" minutes before interviews with Sean Hannity and other serious media (professionals bound to ask serious questions). But it turns out he didn't "disappear" at all. Apparently, MGM just didn't want Campos being asked tough questions.

After what observers might assume were days of intense coaching, scripting and planning, MGM and its crisis management team finally "freed" Campos. They decided the best and only place Campos would ever speak to the media would be on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Yes, the only witness to the worst mass shooting in America's history would do only one media interview — and comedian Ellen Degeneres was the chosen interviewer. Ellen isn't just a comedian. She is a comedian who has her own line of slot machines at MGM casinos. Yes, Ellen will make plenty of money based on her business dealings with MGM.

According to MGM's pal and business partner, Ellen Degeneres, none of us will ever hear from Campos again. One can assume he's off to a wealthy retirement at an MGM penthouse somewhere in the world far away from Las Vegas, where no one in the media will ever have access to him again.

No reason to ask any further questions. Nothing to see here!

Anyone with a brain can figure out this is all about the timeline. Billions of dollars in lawsuits and legal liability are on the line.

So far, there have been three timelines. Two of the three are devastating to MGM regarding potential liability. And it's just too convenient that after many changes in the story, and much bickering with (and pressure on) Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, suddenly everyone has come to an agreement on the one scenario that is the most advantageous to MGM. (In the interest of full disclosure, I supported the sheriff's election and lent my name to a Lombardo fundraiser.)

Scenario one is problematic. If Campos arrived at Stephen Paddock's room after 10 minutes of shooting, then MGM could face questions that would affect its liability. Where was their security for 10 long minutes? Why didn't they know a madman was murdering and wounding more than 500 people for 10 long minutes from one of their rooms? That would look terrible in a courtroom.

Scenario two is also problematic. If Campos got to Paddock's room six minutes before the shooting started and faced a barrage of gunfire, then MGM's liability is again an issue. What took MGM so long to notify Metro police? Why didn't MGM have a TAC team up to the 32nd floor within those six minutes? Why didn't Metro police or SWAT get up to that room in those six long minutes or during the 10 minutes of carnage that followed? This scenario would look terrible in a courtroom.

But scenario three is the best one for MGM. Campos arrived simultaneously with the beginning of the shooting. That's perfect timing and would lessen MGM's potential legal liability, saving the company a significant amount of money.

Suddenly, after multiple changing stories, everyone (including MGM's lawyers and crisis management team) have remarkably settled on this third timeline. We have one big happy family.

And no one in the media will ever talk to Jesus Campos ever again.

Contact Wayne Allyn Root at Hear or watch the nationally syndicated "WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show" from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now and at 5 p.m. on Newsmax TV.

Wayne Allyn Root Says Las Vegas Shooter Was Laundering Money For 'Some Major Crime Syndicate,' Possibly ISIS Or Antifa

Kyle MantylaBy Kyle Mantyla | October 20, 2017 3:41 pm

As we noted last week, right-wing radio hostcommentatorconspiracy theorist and Donald Trumpobsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root has insisted, from the moment that news broke of a mass shooting in Las Vegas earlier this month, that the massacre was a "clearly coordinated Muslim terror attack." While Root hasn't managed to find any evidence to support his claim, that has not stopped him from endlessly promoting any piece of information that he believes supports his theory.

Root's willingness to spread unsubstantiated information was noted by various media outlets, which did not sit well with him. During an appearance on "The Financial Survival Network" with Kerry Lutz earlier this week, Root lashed out at those who have dared to report on his promotion of baseless claims.

"I ask real questions and good questions," Root insisted. "I have never had a crazy conspiracy theory in my life. As a matter of fact, every theory I've ever had and every question I've ever asked has turned out to be correct. So I'm not a crazy conspiracy theorist, I'm the only honest person in the media asking real questions."

At one point, Root insisted that the official narrative of the Las Vegas attack makes no sense, citing the fact that Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who first encountered the shooter, had not made any media appearances.

"You're a hero," Root said. "Instead of being a security guard who makes eight dollars an hour, suddenly you have a chance to be on the cover of People magazine and Us magazine and on the major talk shows in America. You should be on—name the talk show—'Ellen.' He should be on Ellen DeGeneres' show. He is hidden from the media."

The day after Root made this statement, Campos did in fact appear on "Ellen" but Root predictablydismissed it as part of the cover-up.

Insisting that he is not a spreading conspiracy theories but simply asking questions, Root asserted that the shooter had been laundering money for "some major crime syndicate."

"There are so many parts of this story that stink," Root said. "All my law enforcement friends believe the reason this guy was such a huge gambler, millions of dollars risked, is because he was laundering money for some major crime syndicate. Whether that be ISIS, whether it be al Qaeda, whether it be Antifa, whether it be the mafia, whether it be the CIA, I don't know who it was but this guy was laundering somebody's money."

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