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11-30-16 -- James Corbett - Tim Picciott -- (VIDEO & MP3s LOADED)

James Corbett (The Corbett Report) on 'Fake News' and Propaganda, Media Wars, 'Weather is Not Climate', Are the NWO Gatekeepers fearing for their lives? and more - Tim Picciott (The Libertarian Advisor) on using on various economic and liberty issues
Media Type: Audio • Time: 199 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: James Corbett
Media Type: Audio • Time: 140 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Tim Picciott
Guests: Tim Picciott
Topics: Fake News, Trump

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 199 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: James Corbett


Hour 1 --  James Corbett (The Corbett Report) on 'Fake News' and Propaganda, Media Wars, 'Weather is Not Climate', Are the NWO Gatekeepers fearing for their lives? and more

Hour 2&3 --   Tim Picciott (The Libertarian Advisor) on using on various economic and liberty issues

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November 30th, 2016

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

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Hour 1

2016-11-30 Hour 1 James Corbett from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

James Corbett

The Corbett Report

Webpage: CorbettReport.Com

James talks about the Central Banksters and Trump, Elections vs Reality, Soros, r3VOLution, India's Cash Crunch, and more

James's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:




The Media War Has Begun

Corbett • 11/29/2016 • 33 Comments

Gentlemen may cry, "Peace! Peace!" but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me freedom of the press or give me death!

Weather Is Not Climate!

Corbett • 11/29/2016 • 35 Comments

No, weather is NOT climate…even when it's warm outside. But in case there's a climate cultist in your life that insists otherwise, here are some facts about global warming climate change climate disruption global weirding and vaguely-defined "extreme" weather that you can use to talk some sense into them.

What I Learned From the "PropOrNot" Propaganda List

Corbett • 11/27/2016 • 69 Comments

Yes, has made this new, mysterious, anonymously-authored "propaganda list" of websites to watch out for in the era of #FakeNews and Russians under every rock. And yes, the list is as ridiculous as that sounds. Join me today as I look into the latest pathetic attempt by a flailing establishment to bolster their discredited mouthpiece media organs and counter the ascendant alternative media. (Spoiler: they're going to lose this battle as well.)

Unfollow the MSM to Stop Fake News – New World Next Week

Corbett • 11/26/2016

This week on New World Next Week: As the MSM screams "Fake News!" they fail to realize that 4 fingers are pointing back at themselves. Meanwhile, free humanity is getting ready to purge the real liars with #UnfollowFriday.




FT Admits NWO Gatekeepers Heading for "Marie Antoinette Moment"

 • 11/30/2016 • 5 Comments

nif_guillotineby James Corbett
November 29, 2016

In a surprising moment of self-awareness, Wolfgang Münchau just published an editorial in the Financial Times comparing the gatekeepers of the "global liberal order" (the FT included) to Marie Antoinette and the House of Bourbon, blindly "let them eat cake"ing there way toward their own guillotine.

Münchau knows of what he speaks; as associate editor of the Financial Times he is in the unenviable position of acting as the spokesman for the banksters ensconced in the City of London. And in case you haven't noticed, the banksters aren't exactly the most popular people in the world right now. But don't take my word for it, take his:

"Some revolutions could have been avoided if the old guard had only refrained from provocation. There is no proof of a 'let them eat cake' incident. But this is the kind of thing Marie Antoinette could have said. It rings true. The Bourbons were hard to beat as the quintessential out-of-touch establishment.

"They have competition now.

"Our global liberal democratic establishment is behaving in much the same way. At a time when Britain has voted to leave the EU, when Donald Trump has been elected US president, and Marine Le Pen is marching towards the Elysée Palace, we — the gatekeepers of the global liberal order — keep on doubling down."

MARIE ANTOINETTE BEING TAKEN TO HER EXECUTION, 1794Now I think we all understand what is happening here: A demoralized and disoriented would-be ruling class, reeling from the fact that they are no longer able to control the narrative that shapes public perception of the world, is looking to re-legitimize themselves by re-connecting with the public.

The trick is old but effective. Admit wrongdoings and missteps. Acknowledge the anger the public is feeling. Adjust rhetoric as needed to reconnect the public with the goal of constructing the "global liberal order." Rinse and repeat as necessary.

To give credit to Münchau, he is quite good at this trick and some of the one-liners from his editorial should be branded on the foreheads of all the slimy politicians and their bankster overlords. "Because of a tendency to exaggerate, macroeconomists are no longer considered experts on the macroeconomy." You don't say?

Still, the editorial comes embedded with the booby traps we would expect from a born-and-bred bankster mouthpiece. The problem, we are told, is "uncontrolled flows of people and capital" and "unequal income distribution." Gee, I wonder how the ruling oligarchs propose to fix this problem? When your only tool is the hammer of government regulation and intervention, every problem looks like a nail with a little too much freedom. Just another thing for the loving-but-misguided politicians to regulate back into proper order, I suppose.

But keep in mind, the "global liberal order" will not collapse quietly, and for every "good cop" like Münchau wearing the velvet glove of fuzzy feel-good populist rhetoric there is a "bad cop" that is just waiting to expose the iron fist.

atlanticcouncilLike The Atlantic Council. They have just taken the cake in the unbelievable race-to-the-bottom of the neocon-led Cold War 2.0 push against "Russian propaganda" (aka anyone and everyone, including The Corbett Report, that doesn't parrot the official global liberal order propaganda chapter and verse). Their contribution is a cartoonishly over-the-top piece of pants-wetting hysteria entitled "The Kremlin's Trojan Horses." This remarkable piece of neo-McCarthyist claptrap identifies every populist political movement in Europe is a secret agent of Russian influence on the continent, working in the interest of evil-arch-overlord-of-everything, Adolf Beelzebub Putin. The pamphlet not only points the finger of accusation at the usual suspects in the traditional far-right spaces (Le Pen's National Front, PEGIDA, etc.) but also at Jeremy Corbyn's Labor party and, bizarrely, former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

Combined with the recent attempt to demonize any and all alternative media on the internet as "fake news" and/or "Russian propaganda," there can be no doubt that the very out-of-touch political elite that Münchau is writing about are not just stumbling toward their Marie Antoinette moment, but pole-vaulting toward it. Evidently they believe that heavy-handed censorship and another attempt to re-direct people back to the very establishment mouthpiece media that has recently set records for distrust among the public is going to get everyone back on their side again. They couldn't be more wrong.

Yes, the global liberal order as envisioned by the banksters and their puppet politicians is collapsing. And yes, it is going to be messy, chaotic and violent. But you have to admit it will be entertaining to watch. Perhaps the people will have their cake and eat it too, after all.

Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 140 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Tim Picciott

Hour 2 --   Tim Picciott (The Libertarian Advisor) on using on various economic and liberty issues


Hour 2

2016-11-30 Hour 2 Tim Picciott from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Tim Picciott 

The Libertarian Advisor


The Libertarian Advisor is a: Wealth Advisor with his CFP®, Entrepreneur,  IRONMAN® Triathlete, Recognized Hero and Libertarian who wants to make America a better place for his daughters.

Why I started The Libertarian Advisor:


The Libertarian Advisor's Latest Articles...


I'm sure most of you have seen the Fake News Site list that has been going around social media the past few days.  The media is incensed that the supposed 'alt' right was able to break through the dying mainstream media's Berlin wall of lies to expose their demi-God.

One Ultra liberal professor, Melisssa Zimdars, caught wind of the hysteria and took it upon herself to create her own "non-biased" list o fake websites.

Here are the criteria to be deemed a fake site according to Zimdars as well as the list of actual "Fake" Sites.

 CATEGORY 1: Below is a list of fake, false, or regularly misleading websites that are shared on Facebook and social media. Some of these websites may rely on "outrage" by using distorted headlines and decontextualized or dubious information in order to generate likes, shares, and profits. These websites are categorized with the number 1 next to them.


CATEGORY 2: Some websites on this list may circulate misleading and/or potentially unreliable information, and they are marked with a 2.


CATEGORY 3: Other websites on this list sometimes use clickbait-y headlines and social media descriptions, and they are marked with a 3.


CATEGORY 4: Other sources on this list are purposefully fake with the intent of satire/comedy, which can offer important critical commentary on politics and society, but have the potential to be shared as actual/literal news. I'm including them here, for now, because 1.) they have the potential to perpetuate misinformation based on different audience (mis)interpretations and 2.) to make sure anyone who reads a story by The Onion, for example, understands its purpose. If you think this is unnecessary, please see Literally Unbelievable.

Fake News

Fake News

Some of my favorites include: Lew Rockwell; Project Veritas, Infowars / Prisonplanet,, Natural News, Conservative Outfitters, Ending the Fed, The Free Thought Project, Breitbart, Coast to Coast AM,  Red State, and last but not least Zerohedge.

Funny how almost no ultra liberal sites are on the list.


Watch as SNL mocks NYC Hillary supporters

Then there is this hilarious stand-up routine from the one and only Dave Chappelle.   Don't agree with his pro Obama comments but still pretty funny.


The Libertarian Advisor Podcast Episode 1.
In this episode we talk about the historic Trump victory and cover the left's reaction as well as things the FED could do to derail Trump and much more.


Does love really Trump hate?   Whether it's Trump supporters getting: beat up, pushed around or even cities being burned… one thing is abundantly clear… it's the democratic provocateurs who are the ones pushing hate.

Our readers should already know this if they've seen project veritas but please send this to your "liberal" friends to destroy the MSM narrative that Trump is the one behind the hate.


After enduring a lifetime of seeing America's future being pissed down the drain its time to Make America Great Again.  Below are some of the best pictures and video's of liberals and tears.

Liberals in Tears Following Devastating Hillary Defeat




Special snowflakes and social justice warriors who supported Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton literally cried when they learned of Republican President elect Donald Trump's triumphant victory.


Following a massive loss to Trump, Hillary Clinton refused to give a concession speech, instead sending out campaign manager John Podesta to tell supporters eagerly waiting her to go home.

Credit Zerohedge:

It was supposed to be a night of joy, celebrations and breaking "glass ceilings." It is now nothing short of tragedy.

despite a palpable buzz in the air at the start of the evening, the crowd grew quiet as the swing states of North Carolina and Florida went to the Republican presidential nominee. Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin all look as though they could swing for Trump, as well. Pardon, president Trump.

"I feel nauseous," one top campaign official for Clinton told People before slipping behind a black curtain beyond which reporters were barred.



Edward Snowden's favorite encrypted chat app is now on Android

Encrypted chat and call app Signal is coming to Android six months after it was first released on iOS. Developer Open Whisper Systems is rolling together two of its existing apps — TextSecure and RedPhone — over the coming days, combining the former's text chat capabilities with the latter's calling functions in one new app. As with the iOS version, any text, video, or image coming from the Android version of Signal is encrypted before it leaves your phone, meaning that Open Whisper can't see what you're sending.

RedPhone users will be prompted to download the new Signal app, while TextSecure users will simply need to install an update that keeps the same private chat capabilities as the previous app, also adding RedPhone's ability to make and receive secure calls. Users can communicate using their existing phone number and address book, rather than needing to set up a separate login, and the Open Whisper team promises all conversations and messages sent between devices running the app are end-to-end encrypted.

I use Signal every day. #notesforFBI (Spoiler: they already know)

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) November 2, 2015

The new app means that Android and iOS users will be able to send encrypted messages back and forth to each other across the OS divide using Signal, although a promised desktop app has yet to materialize. Open Whisper's code has been adopted by software as huge as WhatsApp, but if you're still not convinced the app is secure, then you're free to dig around in its code to find security holes — the whole project is open-source. You can probably trust it anyway, as the Android version of Signal has already got the seal of approval from the poster child of encrypted communication, Edward Snowden.

Hour 3

Guests: Tim Picciott
Topics: Fake News, Trump

Hour 3 --   Tim Picciott (The Libertarian Advisor) on using on various economic and liberty issues (Cont'd)


Hour 3

2016-11-30 Hour 3 Tim Picciott from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Tim Picciott - Cont'd

The Libertarian Advisor


The Libertarian Advisor is a: Wealth Advisor with his CFP®, Entrepreneur,  IRONMAN® Triathlete, Recognized Hero and Libertarian who wants to make America a better place for his daughters.

Why I started The Libertarian Advisor:


The Libertarian Advisor's Latest Articles...

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