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01-27-16 -- Paul Krishnamurty - Teresa Hancock - Clint Bolick (MP3s & Video Loaded)

Paul Krishnamurty (professional gambler and political analyst) on predicting races with political gambling instead of polls - Teresa Hancock Malheur Refuge situation - Clint Bolick libertarian just appointed to Az Supreme Court
Media Type: Audio • Time: 160 Minutes and 0 Secs
Media Type: Audio • Time: 52 Minutes and 55 Secs
Guests: Theresa Hancock
Media Type: Audio • Time: 49 Minutes and 54 Secs
Guests: Clint Bolick

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 160 Minutes and 0 Secs

Hour 1 -- Paul Krishnamurty (professional gambler, freelance journalist, and political analyst) on predicting races with political gambling instead of polls

Hour 2 -- Teresa Hancock (activist) on the recent Malheur Refuge situation

Hour 3 -- Clint Bolick on his recent appointment as a Justice at the Arizona Supreme Court

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January 27th, 2016

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Hour 1

Paul Krishnamurty

Paul Krishnamurty is a fresh perspective on Politics by predicting races with political gambling instead of polls.  Attached to this email is his press kit that contains a press release, bio, and sample interview questions.

Paul is a professional gambler, freelance journalist, and political analyst for over 13 years.  His work expands across a wide array of media from writing for publications, making political betting films, and regular appearances as a pundit on BBC Radio. 

Political gambling isn't like playing a slot machine; it's like the stock market.  Also, it is a research-driven enterprise in which you can buy and sell positions as the market changes. It works by correctly predicting and then selling off your position when ratings jump.  In recent elections, betting markets have proven to be the most accurate guide for results, outperforming conventional predictors such as opinion polls or TV pundits. 

Paul would be honored to share his predictions or his experience from the campaign trail.  He has moved to the United States for the entire year to predict outcomes on the campaign trail.  He can also discuss these topics:

·       Why Ted Cruz will win the Republican Nomination

·       Why Hillary Clinton is leading for President

·       Why people bet on American Politics




Also, go to

Click on Politics (left hand column) for the POTUS 2016 Race Odds...


Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 52 Minutes and 55 Secs
Guests: Theresa Hancock

Hour 2 -- Teresa Hancock (activist) on the recent Malheur Refuge situation


Hour 2

Teresa Hancock 

Activist who has been following the Malheur Refuge situation in Oregon. 

The situtation took a turn for the worst yesterday as there were arrests made after a traffic stop by the FBI, where a shoot out left several dead


BREAKING: Ammon Bundy Taken Into FBI Custody

BREAKING:  Ammon Bundy Taken Into FBI Custody

UPDATE:  Reports of a convoy headed from the Burns Municipal Airport out to the Malheur Refuge, video screenshots below.

Expect a cordon to be put into place.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.44.37 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.42.00 AM

This evening, the FBI made a felony stop on a vehicle carrying Ammon Bundy and several other individuals. After gun fire from the FBI, four individuals were reportedly taken into custody, including Ammon Bundy. Two individuals are reported to have been taken to the Burns hospital, which is currently on lock down.

FBI sources stated that those at the Refuge are currently free to leave unimpeded, implying that there might be action if they do not leave immediately.


1811L: Blaine Cooper has reportedly assumed leadership at the Refuge and has been told to leave immediately. During a phone call with Pete Santilli, Pete can be overheard saying, "Blaine, please don't do this." Blaine is reportedly wanting to make a stand. Women and children are still at the Refuge.

1821L: According to local government officials, Ryan Payne suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to the Burns hospital.

1827L: Awaiting a forthcoming statement from law enforcement regarding the shoot out and arrests.

1844L: KATU News is now reporting that eight occupiers have been taken into custody.

1850L: Pete Santilli and Joe Oshaugnessy have also been arrested.

1857L: Law Enforcement reporting the arrest of the following individuals:
Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox, Ryan Payne — and JJoe O'Shaghnessy in a separate arrest.

1900L: FBI reporting that one of the occupiers is now deceased.

1924L: LaVoy Finicum dead.


Here are some pertinent links to get live updates and live streams:


And also here's an interview Pete Santilli did with Jeff Rense this week...

Pete Santilli Live With Jeff Rense - 

Streamed live on Jan 25, 2016

In this Pete Santilli Live event with Jeff Rense - Pete talks with Jeff about what brought him to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon to witness what may well be the most bold takeover of a government facility in modern history:

Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 49 Minutes and 54 Secs
Guests: Clint Bolick

Hour 3 -- Clint Bolick on his recent appointment as a Justice at the Arizona Supreme Court


Hour 3

Clint Bolick

Clint Bolick was appointed earlier this month to service as one of the five justices of the Arizona Supreme Court by Doug Ducey.  Previously, he served as Vice President for Litigation at the Goldwater Institute, and was co-founder and litigation director at the Institute for Justice.  Bolick has litigated cases in the US Supreme Court and in state and federal courts across the nation.  His cases included successful defense of school choice programs and private property rights, as well as challenges to barriers to enterprise, corporate subsidies, and racial classifications.  His books include Immigration Wars:  Forging an American Solution (with former Gov. Jeb Bush) and David's Hammer:  The Case for an Activist Judiciary.



A Watchdog for Conservative Ideals

By DEC. 25, 2011

PHOENIX — Clint Bolick looks like any other high-powered lawyer, for the most part. But glance down at his index finger, which sports a scorpion tattoo, for first-hand evidence of his unconventional streak.

Mr. Bolick has fought for the right of Arizonans to have their toes nibbled. After successfully defending a tattoo artist, he celebrated by having himself inked. From his perch here at the Goldwater Institute, a high-powered libertarian think tank, Mr. Bolick has even picked a fight with an entire professional hockey team.

From a conservative point of view, there is no end to the government interference in individual liberties going on around the country. Some emanates from Washington, but much of it, in the opinion of Mr. Bolick, bubbles up from the bottom, whether from a small-town school board or the Arizona Board of Cosmetology, which Mr. Bolick has sued twice.

Continue reading the main story

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Times Topic: Arizona

The Goldwater Institute, which plays an outsize role in setting the agenda in this state and has helped set up similar litigation outfits in other parts of the country, sees itself as a watchdog for conservative ideals, one that happens to have at its disposal a frenetic staff of lawyers hungry for courtroom battle.


Clint Bolick, a lawyer at the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, is known for aggressive litigation to defend individual liberties. Credit David Kadlubowski for The New York Times

"There are lots of cozy deals in Arizona, just like everywhere else," Mr. Bolick said. "The last thing you want is for us to find out. It's like a skunk coming to a picnic. We ruin everything."

The institute was founded by conservative activists in 1988, with the blessing of its namesake, Barry M. Goldwater, the longtime Arizona senator and conservative icon. It was primarily a public policy shop that issued reports, until 2007, when it added a crack litigation outfit. The institute's aggressive lawyers strike fear in the hearts of the state's public officials.

"While the organization may have veered somewhat from Barry Goldwater's conscience of conservatism to that of libertarianism, there is little doubt they are a political and legal force in Arizona, perhaps becoming the most influential state think tank organization in America," said Jason Rose, a Scottsdale publicist active in conservative circles.

Mr. Rose has represented Joseph M. Arpaio, the Maricopa County sheriff who finds himself under fire by the Justice Department and an array of other critics. Among the sheriff's detractors has been the Goldwater Institute, which does not hesitate to go after Republicans. "Our view is that the role of the sheriff is to effectively enforce the law, and we've been sharply critical of his department fulfilling its most basic function," Mr. Bolick said.

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