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09-05-14 -- Jonathan Lockwood - Keith Liberty - Kathy Inman (MP3 & VIDEO LOADED)

Jonathan Lockwood (Professional Voice Talent) on moving to Mexico - Keith Liberty on Homesteading, mineral rights, adverse possession, and land issues in Arizona - Kathy Inman (Former AZ NORML Director) on her departure from the organization and what
Media Type: Audio • Time: 188 Minutes and 0 Secs

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 188 Minutes and 0 Secs
Hour 1 -- Jonathan Lockwood (Professional Voice Talent) on moving to Mexico
Hour 2 -- Keith Liberty on Homesteading, mineral rights, adverse possession, and land issues in Arizona
Hour 3 -- Kathy Inman (Former AZ NORML Director) on her departure from the organization and what is next for her

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September 5th, 2014
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Hour 1

2014-09-05 Hour 1 Jonathan Lockwood
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2014-09-05 Hour 1 Jonathan Lockwood from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Jonathan Lockwood
Professional Voice Talent
We met up with Jonathan at Libertopia 2013 - he has emigrated to Mexico and talks about the benefits and challenges of the move

Interview with Jonathan Lockwood: The right way to move to Mexico

The following was first published in the Dollar Vigilante August Dispatch.  If you would like to get more articles similar to this subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante


Jonathan Lockwood is a wonderful case study for those thinking of taking the plunge and picking up everything to go live and work in a new country. His story is one that is becoming all too common but rarely executed in such a smooth fashion. His use of a digital assistant, an online expat network, a concierge service, and other resources for the transition made for some interesting experiences that we can all learn from.

I met Jonathan a year ago at Jim Karger's compound in San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico. We had a great discussion about his decision to leave the US as well as the journey he was on to find his new home. He told me that his decision was a reluctant one but after his own awakening process he felt compelled to go beyond the borders of the United States to look for happiness. By doing this he could not only be able to live in a beautiful exotic location but lower his tax burden and live a freer life at the same time. I found his story to be so relevant to others in his situation that I did a video interview with him about it at that time.

After the interview he, like me, decided that San Miguel de Allende was the place that he would like to call home (at least for a little while). For the year leading up to his arrival we talked over the phone and with one visit he was able to find the new house he would be living in. He is now fully settled in and I thought it would be a good time to go over his trip and see what were some of the lessons that may be helpful to others thinking of doing the same.

James Guzman: Hi Jonathan, it's great to finally have you down here in San Miguel de Allende. Let's first get into why you chose to leave Phoenix in the first place.

Jonathan Lockwood: It started with a series of awakenings. At 38 I realized that the religious organization my family has been devoted to for four generations?and that I myself had been promoting?was, for lack of a better term, a cult. It was a bizarre experience most people can't fully relate to. While it was very difficult, since admitting it meant being fully shunned by my entire family and former community, it also turned out to be the best thing that's ever happened to me.

JG: Wow, that doesn't sound like a pleasant experience. How were you able to come to see it as such a positive thing?

JL: Realizing my life was built upon a completely false foundation of beliefs wasn't something I easily recovered from. I think life-quakes like this wake you up in a lot of ways. I began to see all sorts of areas in which I'd been deceiving myself, particularly in the area of authoritarianism. Libertarian messages began appealing to me. I read Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and they made a huge impression on me.

I came to see that, just as my belief in authoritarian religious leaders had been an illusion, so was my belief in authoritarian government leaders. That combined with an awareness of the utterly unsustainable economic trajectory the United States government was on brought me to the decision to expatriate. So I began fantasizing about an actual Galt's Gulch.


JG: If only one existed! So once you decided to leave how did you begin looking for your new homes?

Previous interview on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:


Hour 2

Guests: Keith Liberty
Hour 2

2014-09-05 Hour 2 Keith Liberty
(Video Archive):

2014-09-05 Hour 2 Keith Liberty from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Keith Liberty
Land Issues in Arizona
Keith will be the speaker at this month's Arizona Breakfast Club...

Feature Article  ?  Global Edition
Events: Arizona
AZ Breakfast Club Saturday Sept 6th, 2014, 8-10 a.m. @ Coco's (Paradise Valley Mall location)
Donna Hancock
   Keith Liberty will be the speaker to discuss Homesteading (Arizona), mineral rights, adverse possession, and land issues in Arizona




In the fresh Pine air at the recent memorable Jackalope Festival, speaker Larken Rose recently stated that: "Government is nothing but another religion".  How True.
Then let's all help wake up Mankind as to the Biggest Selfish Cult.
Larken also noted that Slavery has never disappeared from the earth; that we just call it by new, different, polite, and lubricated names.  Our national and phony celebrations of the grand disappearance of slavery, are a gross-fraud upon all of mankind.
Please note that the #1 underlining goal of The New World Order is for you to have "NO REST".  At all times!
Work Work Work until your seemingly-wonderful grave!  The grave you hated as a child, yet begin to welcome as an old person.  Work Work Work!  With endless consumerism, endless interest, endless taxes, endless insurances, endless yet unnecessary real estate outlays, and endless medical bills!  Glory!  - "Work will make you Free!"
By herding you into a perpetual state of "NO REST", the New World Order elites retain their dirty, perverse Power.  Their covert, yet primary #1 goal of all their goals ? is to "not leave others alone" ? ever!  These sociopaths claim to be "more-evolved" than the rest of us to wield Power.
Obey and believe!   Through this Cult you might receive!
Through NO REST, the NWO maintains you in soft and 'smartly'-lubricated slavery.  So you can produce for it endless hollow luxuries and goods; as well as the finances and young, stupid able-bodies necessary for the Thousand-year War!

War exists to remind our border-adjacent slaves of their slavery; to pay their newest "fair share"; to obey their unbeknownst new yet finally 'real' masters; and to refresh them in their "god-given" burdens"; perpetuating the New World Order, we all misname "Society".
If government is just a religion, abet a very bad one; then I ask you: Just WHO owns a portion of all those millions of acres of real estate our Creator created for each of us.  Is it "them" or each of you, fellow-mankind?  Did not your kind Creator pre-create for you a restful pretty green spot to land upon and produce your garden, when you dropped from the mother's womb?!
Hear Keith discuss the following REAL ESTATE and advanced REST topics at this Saturday's Arizona Breakfast Club, at Coco's at Paradise Valley Mall at 8:00am.  Out of Area?
You should work 10 years for your real estate home, not 30.  (From age 18 to 28).  Everything after that is real retirement savings secured in gold and cash-rentals.How you unwittingly and constantly create your own endless NO REST, with the patterns and structures of "society's" (Madison Avenue's) hollow expectations.How the original 1864 Homestead Act built a free, independent and upward society, even more than the Industrial Age.  There were stronger happier families with the Homestead Act.  Much less divorces and lost directionless children on tax-welfare.If all the open vacant land is our Creator's, rather than the Cult's, then one shouldn't wait for a governmental-permission Homestead Act to be revived - while we lobby for its 'recognition' anyway, to reduce public brainwashed-resistance to our land-freedom.As a new libertarian fad, the public's desire for legitimate free open land could rightly and quickly become stronger than welfare is right now - which needlessly bleeds from the pockets of slave-"taxpayers".  In fact, replace all welfare redistribution with open 'free' land.  Get to work.  Produce your own food and housing, without theft.  The land is free, the building you build on it, is not.20-acre Mining Patents.  "It's the Law".How our newer brainwashed and inane modern concepts of king "real estate", has subtly yet grossly changed America into a perpetual slave state.  Get to work children? "for the children"!How the phony monopolistic "Forest Service/Department of Agriculture" is secretly and purposely shutting down 92% of all our open lands, campgrounds, and roads under phony environmentalism over these last 2 years; to herd people into the cities, for their coming civil-unrest and "sharing" redistribution.Why "Agenda 21" was primarily designed, so you never discover your portion of your Creator's free land; and to keep you working in windowless-factories paying endless "rents" within a "No-Rest" state.  Enjoy!Exactly how the recent phony mortgage crisis was purposely designed and criminally covered up, for considerable more NO REST for you, year after year.How the government is secretly backing their hidden-bankrupt "Public Pension" future thefts with the entire mortgage crisis's forbidden fruits (your home).  Covering their own asses and unearned 'retirements' on your family's sufferings.How the slavery private-prison industry benefited hugely from Arizona mortgage crisis cover-up and across United States.  ? 70 million dollars here alone!How the public schools started to promote a new interpretation of 'real estate' (and property tax) in the 1950's, to perpetuate and finance their windowless buildings, never-ending brainwashing slavery, and their personal-pension needs.Do something this month within your extended family about these wormwood "public schools'.  Get off your fannies together.  Experienced-freedom is not philosophy, it's action!  Buy, read, and gift-out several copies of the "Teenage Liberation Handbook" on this week.A primary real and growing dichotomy in this nation is between the "Producers" and the "Never-Producers".  "You owe me".  Get ready for its potential ugly violence.Over these last 8+ years, The Federal Reserve created unlimited counterfeiting, "backed" with 1,000 trillion dollars of phony mortgage derivatives/bonds, created out of thin-air.  Then with these counterfeited electronic dollars, The Federal Reserve Octopuses craftily "purchased" (lien-based) title to everything you know and pay rent to nowadays ? and for the next 1000 years, for you and your grandchildren!  Your nonsensically-overpriced home, favorite motel, and future taxes are the "collateral".If you're willing to work harder and outside your known comfort zone; you can escape lots of this.Quit aiding and abetting your and my enemy!  If you make me unfree with your cultural obsession with phony "conveniences" and phony societal-acceptance needs; in a roundabout way, you do it back around to yourself.  FYI - Note the revealing word "Cult" in the word "Cultural".All this self-slavery is why we are all drowning; more than by the forces of the Phony Religion.  First, carrots for slaves, rather than the hidden whips.America must get rid of ALL Banking and land monopolies, if America wants to revive as a quasi-free people ? as in the 1800's.We'll be discussing various imaginative backup housing plans in civil-unrest and survival scenarios.  A B C D.Also seriously reconsidering safe-locations to reside in over the next several years.Why refinancing over and over for consumerist nonsense, left seniors with debt misery that purposely lasts longer than their crappy Obamacare, and them.Learn special real estate "Rest" opportunities for seniors in the upcoming economic mayhem.  Work diligently this year for a good-deal now, and get out of that mortgage payment; and buy physical gold with the monthly difference to leave your children as an inheritance instead.  It's not easy, but a must.Discuss children working with their elderly parents for "Rest" housing for both, including the newly-homeschooled grandchildren.For everyone attending this Breakfast Club from age 13 to 93; take hard and active control of your real estate housing situation this upcoming and important fiscal year, before the obvious coming unrest.  Homeschool yourself!  The Non-producers wish to eat us Producers for lunch.  "Just say No!"  "Get a job bums".
Our goal this Saturday is for you to irreversibly look at Real Estate; and its part in your endless "No-Rest", differently than you ever have before.  Drop the illusions!  Q & A afterwards.
See you this Arizona Breakfast Club!
Viva Liberty!

Hour 3

Hour 3

2014-09-05 Hour 3 Kathy Inman
(Video Archive):

2014-09-05 Hour 3 Kathy Inman from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Kathy Inman
Former State Director of NORML for Arizona, Kathy is now the Executive Director of MomForce AZ
Webpage: Facebook.Com/MomForceAZ

My mission is to educate Arizonans about the benefits of medical marijuana (cannabis), with a long-term goal of breaking the cycle of addiction in our state. With responsible education, we can begin to turn the tide of chemical dependency and reverse damage caused to our society by toxic pharmaceutical medications. We can improve, extend, and save lives with the truth. MomForceAZ operates to propel the truth and check the facts.

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