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Zak Carter, Rock the Revolution Tour - Adam Kokesh

Zak Carter discusses the upcoming "Rock the Revolution" Tour - Adam Kokesh of "Adam Vs. The Man"

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Guests: Zak Carter
Zak Carter, a US Army veteran of Kosovo and Iraq, chose to support the Ron Paul 2008 campaign in a way that saw him kicked out of the service for the making of this video:

He hopes to make a much bigger splash in 2012 with his Rock The r3volution Tour, a concert tour that's all grassroots and all about freedom and Ron Paul.

Rock The r3volution Tour on Facebook

KRS-ONE to perform at Rock the R3volution Tour!

Before we get this show on the road though we need FIVE things to happen:

1. - DONE! -

2. We still need a few more local musicians to come forward who can perform when the tour is in their town. Musicians with their own networks of fans is one of the keys to making this a success. We already have had artists get in touch with us who will be contributing to the tour this way, thank you! We just need to find more of you!

3. We have hopes this becomes self sustaining and even generates money on it's own to help fund other projects in support of Ron Paul, but to get this started we’re going to need donations. We’re going to be able to do things for less than others would pay, we’ve already had a venue manager come forward and give us a rock bottom deal, and again, I’d be surprised if we don’t have more patriots coming forward to help like that. We’re even saving money thanks to John Dennis’s Freedom and Prosperity PAC letting us take donations securely through the PAC rather than relying on Chipin , which has steep fees. We’re more than just a little thankful for all of this help, but there are still going to be expenses that we can’t cover on our own just yet. Your generous donation to the ROCK THE R3VOJUTION TOUR will guarantee we get this show on the road!

4. A bus, yes the tour is already outgrowing the vans, and we need a bus or an RV to borrow! One that we can throw up some great r3volution graphics up on! We'll be very nice to it!

5. Businesses that are willing to sponsor the tour in their city or region, or the entire country - we'll let you throw up banners, and let a representative from your company speak to the audience in between a set if that's something you wish to do, as long as it fits with the message of freedom.

Hour 2

Guests: Adam Kokesh
Adam Kokesh is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran of the Iraq War and former US Congressional candidate from New Mexico. Adam has testified before Congress and has been interviewed on CNN, Fox, and ABC. As a Marine, Adam was sent to Fallujah in 2004 and received the Combat Action Ribbon and Navy Commendation medal as a sergeant. Kokesh attended graduate studies in political management at George Washington University and holds a B.A. degree in psychology from Claremont McKenna College.

Adam Vs. The Man
ADAM VS THE MAN gives the millennial generation a new voice and a new sense of empowerment. By challenging authority, host Adam Kokesh reveals the reality of a government based not on protecting the freedoms of the American people, but exploiting them for the sake of the real power brokers and banksters who work behind the scenes. But it’s not just about politics, it’s about living like a free, dignified human being, living like government doesn’t exist, and loving it. Adam’s experience as a United States Marine and Republican Congressional candidate make him uniquely qualified to take down the man behind the curtain.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Call For Totalitarian Government, Re-Election Of Obama


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