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Karen Kwiatkowski - Reason-able? / Paul Loeb - British Austerity and Riots

Karen Kwiatkowski - Running for Congress 2012 VA 6th - Reason-able? / Paul Loeb - author of "Soul of a Citizen" - British Austerity and Riots

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Guests: Paul Loeb
Paul Loeb - author of Soul of a Citizen - British Austerity and Riots
Loeb has spent over thirty years researching and writing about citizen
responsibility and empowerment. His books on citizen activism, "Soul of a
Citizen: Living With Conviction in Challenging Times
" and "The Impossible
Will Take a Little While: Hope in a Time of Fear
," have over 200,000 copies
in print. He said today: "As we saw in the late 60s, rioting creates fear
and backlash and innocent people get hurt. But those participating in the
UK riots are responding to the real situation of being made economically
and politically expendable, and having police shoot or abuse their friends
and neighbors.

"The question is whether other movements working for a more just UK -- like
UK Uncut, and various union efforts -- will be able to connect to the young
and disaffected members of these communities and help them find more
constructive ways to continue their protests against Cameron's destructive
policies, ways that involve finding powerful nonviolent ways to tell their
stories, working to build every possible coalition, and most of all
learning to persist."

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