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Paul Antinori – Constitutional Expert - Author of “A Modest Proposal to Amend the Constitution”

Paul Antinori – Constitutional Expert - Author of “A Modest Proposal to Amend the Constitution” -

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Guests: Paul Antinori
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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Morning July 29th 2010
Ernest reads Arizona's SB1070 on the air. Do you even know what it says and does?

Paul Antinori – Constitutional Expert - Author of “A Modest Proposal to Amend the Constitution” -

Paul Antinori releases his new book "A Modest Proposal to Amend the U.S. Constitution" in order to bring our government back into check and balance.

The purpose of the book is simple, to inspire Americans to petition their State Legislators to call a Constitutional Convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to amend specific clauses in the Constitution.

Antinori hopes that with this convention we can amend key clauses in the Constitution to restore the basic principle of federalism which is the balancing of power between the States and the national government

His new book is designed to educate his readers to understand what's going on and why a convention is so important to the survival and rights we have as Americans. Our freedoms and liberty are now in jeopardy as our federal government balloons into a giant power over all Americans, which is what our Constitution was designed to prevent.

Antinori explains the original meaning of the founders regarding the Commerce Clause, General Welfare Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause, and the Tenth Amendment, the tabernacle of Federalism.

With many topics that have surfaced over the last 4 years such as healthcare reform, cap and trade, bailouts and the stimulus package, unionism, and the Arizona immigration laws; many Americans feel this raises constitutional issues. Antinori's book goes into detail of how these topics play into our Constitution; and shows us how changing four key Clauses would severely impact these current federal programs and political policies.

In Article V of the Constitution "the founders gave us the powerful means to challenge the branches of government should they over step the limits of delegated power. It's time we act on that right. America is a government that serves the people, not a government that dominates them" says Antinori.

In order to mandate Congress to call a Constitutional Convention, 33 States must request a convention upon a petition by the people. Through educating the people of why this is vital to the survival of America as we know it and protecting our rights, Antinori feels this is something that can be accomplished. His book "A Modest Proposal to Amend the U.S. Constitution" is the textbook he provides to help us see the need for the convention.

Additionally Antinori posts essays and blogs about why a convention would be a very good thing for America and what amendments should be proposed at a constitutional convention -- on his website and facebook page to help keep you informed to changing events.

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