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Letters to the Editor • Constitution

Right to Contract - Freedom Basis

Dear Mr. Editor,

Seems to me that the Constitution for (of) the United States is a self-nullifying document. Here's what I mean.

At the time, in the late 1700s, the writers of the Constitution realized that the Colonies needed a strong central Government to fight the British Empire of the day. But at the same time, these writers didn't want some Government that would control them. Not even the one that they created. So, how does a small group of people make something like THAT... a central Government that isn't a Government at all following the time... when it is no longer needed? Here's the answer.

They made the Constitution for the United States Government in 3 parts, parts that are not usually known or explained by constitutional experts. These parts are:
1. The out-in-the-open parts - the written words of the Constitution, the structure of the Government to be formed by the Constitution, the clearly written ideals expressed in the Constitution;
2. The somewhat obscure parts - all the different people that would become part of Government down through the ages, by taking their own personal and individual Oaths of Office to uphold the Constitution;
3. The almost entirely hidden parts - the fact that the Constitution, itself, states that it does NOT apply to anybody who doesn't want it applied to him/her.

There is a fourth part. It is the part of the judges. The judges down through the ages have faithfully executed their oaths of office by:
1. keeping the out-in-the-open parts out in the open;
2. keeping the somewhat obscure parts partially obscured;
3. keeping the hidden parts very hidden, while not really hiding them at all.

The Constitution writers needed to do it this way, because, if they had made the hidden parts to be out in the open, the newly formed Government would have dissolved the instant that it was formed. The people would have seen that nobody needed to follow the new Government. So, why follow something that nobody else had to follow? The Constitution and Government would have dissolved, almost faster than they had been formed, if the people knew that the Constitution and Government didn't have anything to do with them, and if they knew that the Constitution and Government essentially allowed any of them to individually nullify it all!

So, where is the place in the Constitution that allows anyone to nullify the whole Constitution and Government with regards to himself? It is in the right to contract (though there are other places, as well).

Do you want to get out from under Government and the Constitution? Here's how to do it. CONTRACT yourself out. Get together with some like-minded person, and make a contract with him/her that the Constitution and the Government are null and void with respect to you. And if you are attacked by Government law enforcement people, use your contract, along with theirs (the Constitution and their Oath of Office) to nullify the things that they are doing to you, no matter what those things might be.

It has taken well over 200 years, and a whole bunch of things like the media and the Internet to reveal the thing that has been there all along. The Constitution affects nobody who contracts himself out from under it. Do you want to see the greatest evidence that this is so? Just look at the media and the Internet media that show you how law enforcement has contracted themselves out from under the Constitution. How do you know that they have done this? Simply look at all the unConstitutional things that they do all the time, with impunity. And their impunity is apparent in how many times the POLICE UNION (contractual) makes the city obey THEM, rather than allowing the city to obtaining justice.

It's time for us to wake up and start using our freedoms and rights to contract, to overcome the evil that law enforcement is doing. It's time to contract our private police force among our little, local neighborhood into existence. We have done it already, somewhat, through our neighborhood watches. But now it is time to BE the law, and put some teeth into our neighborhood watches, by giving ourselves all the training and weaponry that the city police force has.

We have been allowed to do this all along. What has allowed us to do it? The laws of nature that give us the right to self-defense, defense of ourselves, our families, and our property. And the framers of the Constitution even allowed this right to remain when they upheld and maintained the right to contract, right in the words of the Constitution.

The Government is a complete fiction, and the Constitution is a complete nullity! Probably the framers of the Constitution would be rolling around in their graves laughing if they could, if they could see how well they pulled the wool over the eyes of modern-day people by the simple words of the Constitution that they penned.