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Letters to the Editor • Philosophy: Conservatism

Conservatives SUCK

First they call themselves conservatives and they think it’s a good thing, when it’s an adjective and not a noun that has a specific definition.  Most Conservatives have different political agendas and philosophies, so nobody really knows what they really believe in, as we found out just how fiscally conservative they were during the G.W. Bush Administration.  Some are really fascists and others are socialists that don’t really want to own up to their true political identity.  They think that government is bad at doing everything yet embrace it when it comes to things like law enforcement and national defense which should be much smaller with much more privatization. Most of them don’t even know what a well regulated militia is yet call themselves defenders of freedom and the Constitution. They’ll tax us to death for undeclared wars against so called terrorism that is due specifically because of U.S. foreign policy of sticking our noses, money and military in other countries affairs. They promote Democracy around the world when they don’t practice it in their own backyard. When was the last time We The People voted on going to war. Of course, they do tell us they believe in less government and generally if they are going to choose to cut guns or butter, they will cut the butter.  See many conservatives have their hands in the military industrial complex and other programs via the government cookie jar known as the treasury. They don’t want to lower government military spending because they are getting monthly checks from it so if they do have to cut spending, they’d rather cut spending to nursing homes of the poor elderly.

Then there’s the Religious Right that also call themselves Conservatives with their overly self righteous moral views that wish to put everyone in jail or deny them equal rights because they are morally opposed to the various vice that the Citizens of the world embrace in their endeavors to obtain happiness.  A gay sinner is a heathen, yet how many so called conservatives have been caught with their pants down in some form or fashion. Oh that’s right there hypocrites also.

The majority of conservatives are Fascist, as the embrace various levels of taxation and regulations to effect/enforce the behavior of their fellow man/women.  Based on the Republicans plurality voting records of the last three decades they should, by definition, be called the American Fascist Party.  

While I’m at it, let’s bring up the Progressives and their multitude of ignorant and inconsistence policies.  If you understand political theories and principles they’re flat out communists. They actually believe that Taxation and Regulation are really going to benefit the majority. They actually believe all the Communist rhetoric that has been utilized by the oligarchs to control the Means of Production.  They generally have very little knowledge of socio-economics and the various schemes that go on in the political system, even though all the information is out there. What are the means of Production???? The rank and file Democrat doesn’t even know that he is being hood winked by their own Party even though they keep getting hosed over and over again. It’s pure ignorance that education could cure if we had a good education system. We have a 33% truancy and drop rate here in Palm Beach Country, FL, home of the Hanging Chads, as evidence of it quality.  Progressive appear to have this disgust for big business that is actually pretty well deserved in this country. The problem is that they don’t understand that it is the collusion with Government that gives Big Business their advantages.  I don’t want to get into all the issues like corporate welfare, because it is so evident. The Democratic Party should really be called the American Communist Party and all one would have to do to substantiate this is to see just how many planks of Communism are embraced by the rank and file Democrats.  

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