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Warped history and thought

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As ever, thank you for the sometimes great and exciting news you convey each day. There was a great Missouri item to match an unrelated great Missouri that came in from another source yesterday.

The article on "gay marriage", however, is simply insane. Here you go from Libertarian to wacko liberal in seconds flat -- God knows, it's a thin line to begin with. To compare past changes in the status of marriage with the garbage liberals are pushing today for purely political purposes is unthinkable. Marriage is something between a man and a woman -- it has to be or the rest of the premises barely holding society together are doomed. Are you ready to have clergymen bless "zoophilia" -- "marriage" between a human and a horse -- the next logical step? Then comes "marriage" between the living and the dead, the adult and the prepubescent, the works. With full "spousal benefits" -- you know, "equality"!

Please just stick to what is tried and true, like paleo-conservative -- er, I guess I meant to say Constitutional -- common sense. That, by the way, means definite borders demographics and old-fashioned pre-1960s means of maintaining them. The mere fact that you as capital-ell Libertarians have a Party and something of a "movement" doesn't give you a place to hide from reality, any more than being a Democrap or Republicon would.