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Letters to the Editor • Crime

Murder in Yavapai County

Date line 5-14-2024

           Murder in Yavapai county: History: On or about November 28, 2022 [ according to the confession of Mr. Moses Pozza] Mr. Pozza called Keith McKinney and asked him to come pick him up near the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Camp Verde Arizona, Mr. Pozza wanted to "talk" with Keith in private and wanted to go for a ride down salt mine road.

 Fast forward to December 26th, 2022.    Mr. Pozza walks into the police department in Camp Verde and wants to confess to killing Keith McKinney. [ apox. 30 days latter]

 January 4 20023.   A grand jury handed down an indictment charging Moses A Pozza with premeditated first-degree murder, felony theft of means of transportation, felony minor with a firearm, felony criminal damage, and felony theft. The Yavapai County Attorney Dennis M. McGrane was in charge.

 On March 26, 2024,   A plea agreement of Negligent homicide and theft of means of transportation were offered to the court by Kristen Sharifi [ Deputy county att.] and David G. Bednar [att. for the defendant]

At this point the plot got really thick……

        How did a person walk into a police station, confess to a crime that up to that point had not yet been discovered, take the officers to the body, to the stolen truck, to multiple stolen guns get such a sweetheart deal? Is the defendant related to influential and prominent people in the community? Were Campaign contributions involved? Are people working for high office family members / relatives?

        Let's look at the case a bit. The body was found to have 5 gunshot wounds, from 2 different guns. Several guns were turned into the police except for 3. Two of the guns were sent to the land fill, and the third was misplaced [according to the defendant] their real location is unknown. The truck was moved from the crime scene by the defendant [according to him] and was found with the windshield smashed. The defense attorney was heard to say that the victim was a sleaze, and they [defense and prosecutor] didn't want to go to trial because that would all have to come out. This reporter learned that there were innuendos of the victim having a attraction to younger ladies. I also learned this was based on several things, one Keith was married [approx. 30 years prior] to a lady that was about 11 years younger than himself. That lasted approx. 3 years. Two assertions made by the defendant, and number three accusations of a couple police officers that" found, love letters" in a locked shed a couple of years ago during an illegal breaking and entry by the police of a building in another town. No warrant was used to obtain these papers, their authenticity is unknown, were never used in any court proceedings and indeed their existence is questionable at best. When did we start putting the victim on trial? Is that standard in rape cases? If there is / was any validity to these accusations, why not call the cops? Let's just say for the moment the victim was attracted to the sister, does that change the facts of the case? Fact: Keith McKinney is dead with 5 gunshots from 2 different guns. Fact: the guns used were both stolen. Fact: one of the guns was a 4 shot single action revolver, meaning it had to be cocked every single shot and all 4 were used meaning he had to deliberately cock aim fire, cock aim fire, cock aim fire, cock aim and fire again. Fact: the defendant then took the other gun from Keith's hand as Keith was too weak to resist and was now completely defenseless, deliberately shot Keith again point blank in the chest. Fact: Keith never at any time pointed his own gun at Mr. Pozza [ all this information from the defendant's own lips.] Fact: having shot the victim, the defendant sat down and watched the life leaving his body. Fact: Mr. Pozza never at any point offers aid to Keith. Fact: Mr. Pozza left Keiths body in the desert to be consumed by the wildlife for a month before admitting his crime. Fact: this crime might never have been discovered, much less adjudicated if the defendant hadn't been forced to turn himself in. Fact: we have a confession and a grand jury indictment. Fact: the county attorney is seemingly willing to let a confessed killer walk among the rest of society. Fact: the county attorney is an elected official, and as such has to appease the people around the county and probably accepts campaign contributions. With all these known facts, why won't a jury ever hear any of this/ why the cover up? Was there another person at the crime scene as yet unknown? The officer asked how blood got on the computer, the defendant claims to have not gotten any on himself and no knowledge of how it got there. Could there have been a 2nd killer that is being protected? If so, why hide their identity? Were there unknown fingerprints in that blood? The day previous, the defendant's sister was seen in the same truck with the victim and the defendant, could she be that person? The same sister that was allegedly the reason for this killing. At this point while we have a lot of facts and a few innuendos we are still left with a bucket of questions. Could it be that more than a few high-level people in the courthouse be related to Mr. Pozza?  Could it be that a person that wasn't a prominent or influential member of the community that indeed lived part time out of his truck, his life is not important enough? Does that mean there is an open season on the homeless? What does this save about Yavapai county, its Justus [ or just-us] system, the community at large? Is Camp Verde safe for people not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? At this time, the court is changing to a new Judge as the previous one didn't approve of the plea agreement. The prosecution wants to try a different judge in hopes of avoiding trial or giving a somewhat harsher sentence than time severed of 16+ month in juvenal detention and 3 years of probation. One has to wonder what is going on? There are far too many questions and not nearly enough answers.   Perhaps if you are wondering the same things I am or more, exercise your rights, and call the court and ask ………. or not. Last I heard this is the land of the free and the home of the brave.        

Frank Mosses, action news reporter