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Federal Reserve -- Behind the Curtain

The following analysis concludes the Federal Reserve is a false flag operation. The pretext for its creation is to stabilize the national economy and provide a fluid monetary system. The analysis suggests it has embezzled $34 Trillion from the United States citizens over the past 100 years and used the funds for globalism. THE FEDERAL RESERVE BEHIND THE CURTAIN Lewis Carroll gave the public a walk with Alice down the Yellow Brick Road of economics 150 years ago and exposed the wizard distorting his image. Today, the Federal Reserve has, for a century, operated a smokescreen of the government borrowing money. It is a Ponzi scheme---THAT CAN NEVER BE PAID OFF--- destined for exponential bankruptcy with immense hidden profit for the instigators. The fiat principal of a 'loan' is created by issuing a deficit spending Treasury security, but the 'interest' to pay it off does not exist. The interest to pay off prior debt is created as principle of new debt. Congress gets to spend the book-entry fiat credit that accompanies the theft. Let us walk down that yellow brick road once more. Our walk, to expose covert profit, begins with the U.S. Treasury sending Treasury securities, as authorized by Congress for Deficit Spending [DS], to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York [Bank]. The Bank, operating as a fiscal agent for the government, credits a government ledger with fiat book-created value, in the amount of the security. The Treasury disperses value for bills from the account and merchants deposit the checks in commercial banks. Voila !! The market value has just increased and inflation has occurred. But what has happened to the DS securities at the Bank ? The Bank would like to sell them, but how ? The Bank walks them down the hall to the department that is preparing securities for auctions to redeem the securities that have matured over prior years. The average life of a security is about two years and is perpetually rolled over by the Bank. Ref. 31 CFR §375.3. The DS security is divided into components and added to redeeming securities for auctions. TreasuryDirect Institutional tabulations, supplied by the Bank, have listed Redeeming while the DS value is listed as 'New Cash.' Redeeming, in large part, involves Primary Dealers who are TBTF New York City banks. The auction funds, which currently amount to >$15 trillion annually, are handled exclusively by the Bank and have never been audited. [They are client accounts --- not operational accounts.] What happens to the New Cash ? Repeated inquiries to TreasuryDirect have not been helpful. There is no documentation as to their destination. They certainly do not appear as received on any government account. If they disappeared by buying securities, it would eliminate any increase in the National Debt and would also negate any inflation. If they do not go to the government then they must go to a private entity---such as shareholders of a closely held FR Board of Governors, Inc.? Are these potential recipients of $34 Trillion in New Cash the same bankers who conspired on Jekyll Island for a week to create the Fed ? With $34 Trillion, I think I could laundry funds and purchase control of all Fortune 500 firms including MSM [via BlackRock, Vanguard, and CFR]; to dominate countless nations using the IMF, CIA, US military and sanctions; to establish the UN and WHO for globalist control, to create international chaos with global pandemics; to overthrow a Constitutional Republic with a Southern invasion; to fund a Soros corrupted political structure; to promote a global Great Reset; among other items. The supreme nefarious act is to get the taxpayers responsible for the book-entry credit that has been floated by the Bank and spent by Treasury. Using spurious legislation, the credit has been labeled as a legal tender; i.e., the taxpayers are responsible for the fraud that has been perpetuated and can never be paid off. The principal of credit is created by DS but the interest to service the credit is never created. When the Ponzi scheme implodes, the Fed is wanting the deplorables to be liable for the value. This appears to be the method Benjamin Ginsberg describes historic Rothschild banks used to collapsed and bankrupt European nations in his FATAL EMBRACE book. The GAO has standing authority to audit any handling of government funds upon congressional direction without additional legislation.   FOIA is also valid for any official record of any FR bank record.  Ref. Bloomberg v Fed, aff'd, 601 F.3d 143 (2d Cir. 2010).

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