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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AwarenessAct.com Launches Social Network for Patriots In Defense of United St

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AwarenessAct.com Launches Social Network for Patriots In Defense of United States Constitution

Lovers of Liberty meet on Facebook, fed up with Government intrusion, launch alternative social media site with a purpose

September 1, 2012:  Outraged over government abuses of citizens for Constitutionally protected actions, a group of collaborators met and decided to undertake an endeavor to raise AWARENESS and ACT about the erosion of Constitutionality in the United States, the corrupt influences in government, and the disinformation in the Corporate Media.

·        AwarenessAct.com (http://www.awarenessact.com) is a privately controlled social network free from government intrusion without nefarious use of user data.

·        AwarenessAct.com is a nonpartisan venue for networking with other Liberty Lovers

·        High quality site content includes education on topics such as preparedness, the impending financial crisis, and effective community outreach to support one another through troubling times

·        Users can create polls, pages, and blogs with greater privacy control and enhanced features not available on mainstream social media sites

·        Members are encouraged to take ACTion to preserve their rights, with planned activities to reach into local communities

·        We advocate for the rights of all of those abused by the police state

·        Members include active duty military and Veterans wars of all modern wars including World War II; current and former law enforcement; OathKeepers; citizen patriots; and overseas supporters