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People's Republic of Arizona

Robert Anglen, an "investigative reporter" at the Republic, sat on his keyboard and crapped out the following propaganda in reference to the NH man who showed up to the Obama appearance with a gun: "The man who brought a gun to President Barack Obama's town hall meeting on Tuesday is a former Arizona resident with ties to an extreme right-wing group that calls for "resistance...against unconstitutional or illegal behavior by government officials." William Kostric, 36, formerly of Scottsdale, stood outside the New Hampshire meeting on healthcare with a gun holstered at his thigh and holding a sign proclaiming that "it is time to water the tree of liberty." The quote, often referenced by militia members and those in separatist movements, refers to Thomas Jefferson's famous call for vigilance: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots." Records show that Kostric is a "tea

Reported By Camera FRAUD

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