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James Corbett (Corbett Report) comes on the show to focus on the solutions for this new year, Lockdowns, Currencies, The Great Reopening, etc...Begins at 7 pm EST Wednesday January 27th, 2021; MP4 will be posted after the podcast.

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Comment by Andy Lamdin
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Great podcast! I think I heard James make reverence to the parasitical elites. Just as the term 'face diaper' is more accurate description of a face mask, a more accurate description of 'piratical elites' is parasitical humanoids. 1) they are not elite. 2) because they are sociopaths devoid of conscience and empathy they are humanoids. Atop the pyramid are humanoids that effort toward dehumanizing the populace to be like themselves... that is, those 10% whom they don't plan to exterminate will be like them.

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