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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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ARRRRRH! My good friend Robert just purchased 6 large panels that doubled his current surface area for half what he paid for the others 8 years ago. And got "Edison Batteries" that were invented over 100 years ago that last so long that they are willed to the next generation (Nickel Iron batteries that almost never wear out and now can only be purchased from China... the technology was bought by a large battery company long ago so that they could keep selling their disposable Lead Acid Batteries)

30% !!!!! tariff _added_ to the ability to be taken off of the grid.

Robert is now totally off of even having to buy fuel for his backup generator to run his A/C in the hottest hours of the summer.

The Utilities often charge $20,000 - $30,000 to even hookup to electrical lines when building in a rural area (even if the electrical lines are near by... 'cause they can) and for that much money you can make sure that you never have to pay an electrical bill again and live very well.

By building smart, using energy saving appliances and LED lighting you can finance an entire system WITH the battery storage and have a lower payment for the electrical independence system than the electrical bill and be totally independent when the system is paid off ($250 - $300 a month even with $15,000 to $20,000 is added in just interest over 10 years) THIS is what is freaking out the utilities. It's getting cheaper to get off grid so the tarriffs had to be increased to over 30%

There's you "Green" government for you.


Are we there yet?


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