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Comment by PureTrust
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Most of the laws enacted by Congress take away little pieces of rights of the people. Sometimes the pieces aren't so little.

If Congress wanted, they could get together and:
1. Overrule almost anything that Obama or any President wanted to do;
2. Shut down the Federal Reserve and take back the control of money; this would:
2a. Get rid of income taxes (you figure it out);
2b. Bring back jobs to the USA;
2c. Almost entirely eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and anything else foreign;
2d; Bring back dignity and power to our people:
3. Keep any Judicial judgements from adversely affecting our freedom.

Since Congress ignores treaties anytime they want anyway, they could dissolve all those treaties with the world - the ones that encroach on the freedoms of the American people - because the Congresses that put them in place actually did so without authority.

Actually, it is congress that is intentionally keeping the freedoms from us. Usually it is about job security, and an extensive pension.

No wonder they aren't popular.

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