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Comment by Jukit Babalu
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I think you forgot that the PRIMARY reason why they want to introduce GM reefer is cuz it will ruin or destroy ALL covert backyard reefer growing eventually. Why? GM seeds are duds or else defected rejects, so once the plant grows you would have to PURCHASE new seeds from ONLY THEM... Plus, exactly like monsanto`s GM corn is ruining Mexican farmer`s precious corn, GM male reefer pollen can travel far, being blown by the wind, and contaminate all neighboring female fertile backyard plants.

Play real mind-freeing music from the "beat generation" for a change and perform a bopperectomy ceremony and kill this mental/physical assassination program disguised as the NWO. Oh wait... scratch that, that would be too easy.

Remember, it took them 53 years to cripple real R & R without the people noticing what was going on. Next is real reefer.

They already killed LSD in 1965 by making it illegal for even doctor`s to prescribe, in the heart of the Great R & R Slave Rebellion era, because it was awakening the throngs of hippies rapidly. Dont ya know LSD is an evil drug and that`s the reason why its inventor, Albert Hoffman, lived to be 102? Only the good die young so keep taking those uppers/downers/beer/tobacco and designer`s drugs! We need more lead/fluoride in the fields to be taken in by vegies for the betterment of "good digestion" anyway. So reduce carbon, play "anti-music music" and do your fair share to help save the planet today!  

jukit babalu



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