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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Martial Law?! 


Looks like.

Comment by Anonymous
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After taking his property do the police now guarentee the personal safety of Mr. Girard?

Those who register, license, surrender, or allow to be taken, their weapons deserve what they get.  

Comment by JayAre
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While I am an avid supporter of the second amendment , in this case the polce did what they had to do.

Several issues are left out of this story either by design or by space limitation.

The man's wife is the one who came to the police station and reported what her husband had, that her husband began to talk about shooting people in the head, etc., she told police she was afraid to go home.

Police discovered a shooting range in the man's attic, (not a properly built one), the man lives in a duplex, would you want to live next door to someone who is shooting guns in the unit next to you?  In Massachusetts it is illegal to discharge a firearm withing 500' of a dwelling, with the exception of self defense or in a properly constructed and certified indoor shooting facility, without the permission of  your neighbors.

While I am a Police Sergeant, I am not with the Manchester by the Sea Police Department, however I do know Chief McKeil, because I worked under him in another agency.

Chief McKiel is also a supporter of the second amendment, but he also has to balance that out with protecting the community, once the man is charged with a violent felony (4 counts of possesing an infernal machine) the police may remove the firearms and ammunition for the safety of the wife and the neighborhood.

They are not stolen, they have been seized pending the outcome of his case.  For obvious reasons, the man may go on a rampage if he is bailed with those weapons against his neighbor and his wife.  The police department would have been negligent to leave all those weapons and ammunition at his disposal, especially in light of statements obtained by the wife and neighbors.

I really get tired of people trying to make these legal seizures firearms by police when violent crimes occur, as the police confiscating guns for no reason.

Comment by 4409
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Dear JayAre,


Sorry but you're a typical gun grabbing liberal and are in denial.


This man was arrested, his home invaded, and his property stolen all from a "STATEMENT"....again a "STATEMENT"


I guess the police are now in the business of pre-crime as seen in the movie minority report


In as much, I like how you claim he was charged with four "VIOLENT" felonies...nothing better than an over exaggeration you exaggerate that much in your reports :)  How does having infernal machines automatically make them “VIOLENT” felonies in your mind?


How are those weapons any different than what the government has...why do they maintain a monopoly on these so called "weapons"


You also claim the "Police discovered a shooting range in the man's attic, (not a properly built one)".....again you’re going off what police say which they commonly LIE. The report says nothing about the neighbors complaining of gunshots. JayAre you're not stupid If he was having a shooting range in his duplex and busting off rounds from a 9mm or SKS don't you think the neighbors would have called way before his wife came to the police with her so called "STATEMENT"?


You also claim "They are not stolen, they have been seized pending the outcome of his case. For obvious reasons, the man may go on a rampage if he is bailed with those weapons against his neighbor and his wife."


So let me get this straight….since the police stole…errr, I mean seized all his weapons there would be no way he could purchase more weapons out on bail and hurt his wife or neighbors? Another false sence of safety the police provide.


He could also cut off his wifes head with a knife too so should the police confiscate all his knives in the house....ohhh wait those don't have value :)


The problem here is that this non-violent, no criminal history computer geek in his condo is such a threat to the state they will stop at nothing including breaking every law, using the media to slander and ignoring the constitution to steal the mans property and put him behind bars....its pathetic and disgusting to watch brain dead fluoride drinkers like you cheer it on.


If he was truly such a danger to the community they would not allow him out on bail....unless the whole idea was to deliberately antagonize this man to send him over the edge……hmmmmmm :)


Comment by Patriot 2012
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Another reason why we must take back our Government because they must applauding this with laughter! This is a very good example for this to happen everywhere and then it would be just a regular thing? People will get use to it and say: so what! The police were doing someone elses bidding. I consider this Communist! Its going to continue til people start fighting back and I mean really doing so

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