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Comment by Psychictaxi
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 I'm with you Jim!

I'm doing my best for you and Ben in attempting to stop the violations to our Natural Inherent Rights.  I talk about you and John Stuart anytime I get the chance to work it into the conversation.

GREAT JOB GUYS!  I LOVED the video and it almost made me cry.  Ok, it's 3:30 a.m. and I'm tired.


Subcommittee on the second Amendment, Militias, and Firearms (like you couldn't guess!).

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Great article on a shitty situation Powell!  You sir, KICK ASS!

Comment by Fuck You
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  You're a loser.  You should consider getting a life.  You suck as a parent.  You suck as a person.  You suck as a citizen.  The reason our country runs the way it does and gives you "rights" is because of these little things called laws.  If it were up to you, our country would be an anarchy.  Great way to raise a kid.   Good luck with everything.

Comment by Jim Kaiser
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Hey FY - Thanks for your comment

 Please feel free to post this to my blog at and I'd be happy to respond.


Comment by jim johm
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 Hey fy,your nothing more than a conformist sheep,Jim is right, this made up psychiatric Illness is bullshit,  have you ever seen a kid on these drugs, it's like there in a dream like state of mind unaware of whats going on around them. fy, FY your just a dumbass!!!

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