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Comment by foundZero
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Currently circulating on whispernet is this unverified document:



Pedopheliac Teachers Union U.K.


Loyal Subjects Of The Crown;

Thank you ever so much for essentially endorsing out long tradition of romping amongst the little sheep as we please without hinder. Now back to your surveilance screens for tonight's performance should give you all quite a shock!

Tiddle Piff!


---this ends the transmission. Again, we state, this is unverified--

Comment by picard
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This is nonsense. Only a paranoid/schizophrenic state would bar parents from playing with their children in a playground, for fears that they may be pedophiles!

Only stupid fools will enact such laws, and I have only one thing to say to those fools:


It is parents that will protect their children from pedophiles.

Comment by Preston Page
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Is there anything the government won't do, with their ultimate goal of complete control over the populace?? 

I for one would tell them where to go!!!

Comment by Psychictaxi
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Can you blame the State!?!  They need to take proper care of THEIR PROPERTY... 

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