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Comment by Sandy
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Having been a supporter of Dr. Paul for many years, I wonder if any of you can explain to me if he would be agreeable or opposed to Amendment the Constitution to ban abortions, same sex marriages, sterm cell research of death with dignity.

The prohibitions are being promoted by the religious right. Being an independent libertarian, I would be interested to see of Dr.Paul still wants our freedoms and choices left alone. I may have misunderstood him at a meeting in Atlanta in 2000.

If I thought Dr. Paul was still interested in individual freedoms I might even return to the GOP.


Comment by Philly Dave
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Dr. Paul holds pro-life views. He believes the unborn are in fact persons entitled to constitutional protection under the law. However being a strict constitutionalist, he also believes that the regulation of such matters should be handled by the states.

He opposes federal funding for abortion and federal funding for stem cell research. Obviously having pro-life views he does not endorse "harvesting" of fetal tissue but as I understand it he does not oppose actual stem cell research itself provided the fetus is not created or destroyed for the purpose of obtaining stem cells.

The simple answer is No federal funding and regulate at the state level not federal.

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