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Wireless power transmission across a long distance = SUCCESS!!!!

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Wireless power transmission across a long distance
 = SUCCESS!!!!

Government experiment video attached.

Wireless power is more efficient than using a wire across the same distance .. up to 80% efficient!

The way it works:

Electricity DC power goes into the radio transmitter RADAR..

The electricity is converted to radio waves and then the AC radio waves (of the same power) come out the transmitter antenna.

The dish points the beam of radio waves in a certain direction.

At the other end... small antennas like in your mobile phone built into an array called a "RECTENNA" array.  

The rectennas "rectify" the AC radio waves back into DC electricity.

Each rectenna receiver antenna (a few inches long or less) is attached to a "gallium arsenide diode" which converts the AC radio waves picked up back into DC power.

100% sent out , 80% received over a mile away for instance.


In this government experiments case they used only 10% of the total RADAR power!!!  Then sent out 50,000 watts out of the 500,000 watts available.

Normal NEXRAD RADAR runs at 750,000 watts every day of the week across all 50 states for instance.

They sent out only 50,000 watts RADAR from the RADAR station (about the = to a modern cell phone tower), and 1 mile away (where they pointed it).. they picked up over 35,000watts !  

About 80% of what they sent out was received!

The radio waves hit the receiver rectifying antennas ( rectenna ) which rectifies the AC back into DC to immediately use or to store in a battery.

The experiment didn't use any batteries, instead the array directly converted the radio waves into DC power which was ran to large lights which corresponded to each portion of the antenna array.

Simply put, the lights were tied directly to the tower and when the beam hits the tower , the lights light up immediately with no other power source!

Summed up:

Wireless power indeed exists, and works.


addendum notes:

Here is just one .pdf of many referring to the 1975 experiment:

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