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The Great Taking is real. Meet the one who exposed it. This fellow's name is David Webb

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The Great Taking is real. 
Meet the one who exposed it


Attend or livestream -- Rapid City. SD. June 15-16


over thirty years to change the Uniform Commercial Code, which all nations have adopted into law. That change is finally completed and waiting to be used for the first time


The pent-up power of that change is almost beyond belief, but it's very real, and it's potential destructive force is like Mt. Vesuvius preparing to erupt. 


The Uniform Commercial Code sets definitions and rules for all economic activities and ownership of assets. So, now we come back to the nature of that long-term change. What was changed is the rule about who really owns the assets if or when politicians declare a national emergency. 


At the Expo, David will explain in detail what will happen at that point, but I can tell you that every asset you posses that was ever held as collateral against a loan, even if you have since paid for it in full, will become the property of the financial institutions that, at some point in the past, issued the loan for the original debt on those assets. You will be called the Beneficial Owner holding a paper certificate while the bank will hold and control the asset itself. You will never get it back.


That's why David called his book The Great Taking, and that's the story he will tell in full at the Expo.


He also will be reporting on the powerful movement that is now growing in response to this reality. You will be encouraged to know that this just might be the "last-straw" issue to unify all the people of the world against the unholy cabal that has been planning this. 


Click here to view David's message, That will take you to the Expo homepage. Then scroll to the "Upcoming Expo" section and click on his photo.

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