Worst States to be a Gun Owner (2024 Updated)

Written by Sam Jacobs Subject: Gun Rights

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Does your state support your 2nd Amendment rights or make it exceedingly difficult to keep and bear arms? We've ranked the worst states to be a gun owner below. How? By analyzing each state's current laws, upcoming laws, concealed carry guidelines, self-defense statutes, and 2A-centric taxes in order to identify the worst states for gun owners in 2024.

Report Highlights

Hawaii is the #1 worst state for gun owners due to strict purchasing and carry laws, as well as defying the Supreme Court on the individual's right to carry.

California is the #2 worst state for gun owners due to its permit-to-purchase and reciprocity laws.

New York, Illinois, and New Jersey take the #3, #4, and #5 spot in our list of worst states for gun ownership due to strict purchasing and carrying requirements.

North Carolina, Maine, and Ohio fall into spots #25, #24, and #23 due to new restrictive legislation with some relaxed carry laws.

Some states rank lower than others due to excessive infringements, additional taxes, and the current Governor's 2A statements.

State and local laws defining Stand Your Ground vs. Duty to Retreat vary and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Read the full report on the worst states to be a gun owner in 2024 at Ammo.com.

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Vulgar language may indeed be an ignorant attempt at being dynamic. However the most disgusting are administrative actions infringing upon unalienable rights and powers that inherently belong to the posterity that formed a more perfect Union and the several states therein. Public officials conspiring contrary to uphold and support the Constitution should be branded high crime and treason.

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