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The Desperation of Anti-White Racism

Written by Subject: Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Anti-white racism is the order of the day in officialdom. The anti-whiteness that long infected "educated" and elite classes has breached its previous limits and has been shoved into a billion faces at once. G**gle, as you may know, is portraying George Washington, Albert Einstein and many others in blackface. At the same time, the largest entertainment corporations are portraying Viking warriors as black women and so on. Most recently, a gaggle of court intellectuals have taken center stage, decrying the threat to democracy (hallowed be its name) posed by "white rural rage."

After a moment of disbelief and revulsion upon seeing this, my first instinct was to defend white people, just as I defended black people back when they were targets of racism. White culture, after all (actually Christian culture), has blessed the world like no other. But there's more to see than just that: There's a desperation involved in this sick episode, and I think we should examine it.

The Positions of The Racists

I think it's telling to consider the positions of the anti-white racists. More or less all of them are creatures of institutions. That is, very few of them have spent any significant amount of time in productive work. These are not carpenters, farmers, repairmen, nurses, drivers and factory workers.

In other words, the anti-white racists are people who are paid by institutions. They are insulated from the direct processes that support human life… the building, growing, repairing and delivering things that actually matter.

Politicians and millions of government employees are of this type. Not all of these people are racists, but nearly all remain silent in the face of it. Huge swaths of the academic and entertainment classes are also of this type, again with those who aren't personally racist saying very little.

The most obvious political examples of anti-white racists are the Blues who've held complete power over the big cities of America for half a century, promising that their pristine intentions will provide salvation. That salvation hasn't come, of course, and those cities are as bad as ever. Someone must therefore be blamed, and it can't be them. Moreover, official "victim" status has expanded, and aside from whites (and perhaps East Asians), who's left to stand as the villains?

The permanent government in Washington makes another good example: It's forever hungry for money and far too glorious to have its budgets cut. They cannot allow an enemy like Donald Trump to return to power, and white people are his primary voting block. Hence whiteness must be destroyed.

The odd group in this are the big corporations, who do things like paying for training on "how to be less white," as if it were a disease. By doing these things and by supporting a barbaric cancel culture, these corporations have cast their lot with the racists.

And, of course, there are people directly enriching themselves with this, as well as surplus intellectuals who'd like to get in on the game. Groups dedicated to "fighting racism" (anti-black racism) have had to push a lot harder post-Obama. Convincing Americans that theirs was a racist country wasn't so easy after it elected a black man as president, not once but twice.

What They're Telling Us

Let us now consider the desperation of people attacking those from whom they draw their sustenance.

Without the compliance of white people, nearly all of the white-haters would be unemployed. What if, for example, white people stopped paying taxes and stopped doing as they were told? What if they turned off their political feeds and began laughing at official podiums? Millions of government jobs would soon enough cease.

What if white people dropped their complete dependence upon the securities markets (who go right along with the racists) and started withdrawing their money? A collapse would begin within weeks.

And what if Judaism and Christianity broke their idolatrous ties to politics? The resulting collapse would be slower, but it would also be irreversible.

If any one of these things happened, the anti-white racists would be through, and their systems with them. If two or more happened, they'd be done in a hurry.

So, why would such people risk such self-destruction? Part of the answer involves their masked hate and its inertia, but coupled to them is this:

They fear their positions will vanish unless they push forward into overt racism.

This is precisely what their actions are telling us.

Those actions also tell us that they've given no consideration to the possibility of white people shrugging them off. They believe that whites are inherently gullible and will forever suffer in silence.

Who We Are

Our "white culture" isn't really white anymore, even though it began in a nearly all-white Europe. It's a Judeo-Christian culture, open to whomsoever wills and forever open to improvement. Easily a billion darker-skinned people have adopted it, making it equally theirs. 

This culture has certain distinct attributes. First of all, our culture prioritizes the golden rule, and with it cooperation, reliability, hard work, punctuality, good manners, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and personal virtue. It champions productivity and rejects plunder.

Our culture further stigmatizes insult, hate, envy, rudeness, unfairness, imbalance, breaking one's agreements and so on.

The Comparison

Judeo-Christian culture has produced so much more than those who hate it that comparisons are ludicrous. The anti-white racists have majored on the manipulation of human instincts, while we've produced an abundance of food, doctors, nurses, cars, airplanes, telephones, computers, and so on at great length.

But still more than that, ours is the culture of Jesus, Isaiah, Abraham and the entire pantheon of Judeo-Christian heroes. It's the culture of Bacon, Newton, Leibniz, Galileo, Kepler, Maxwell, Einstein and more or less the entire scientific pantheon… of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Hayden and more or less all the musical pantheon… of Aquinas, Locke, Jefferson, Schweitzer, Spinoza and nearly all the philosophical pantheon.

But what of the haters of our Western civilization?

Their is the culture of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao; of Woke inquisitors, race-hustlers and collusion-capitalists; the culture of deconstruction, critical theory and mobs; a culture of professional complainers swinging a bludgeon of guilt. Theirs is censorship and rage. Theirs is the domination of the many by the few, the regimentation of human action, and the punishment of all who fail to comply.


So, this is where we find ourselves. Racism is pouring out of the status quo establishment. Those of us who carry Western civilization inside ourselves are, as I see it, fools to support such barbarity. It's not okay and it's not ours; we owe it nothing.

Our job is to improve ourselves, our families and the world in general, and we are in no way obligated to do it through systems that hate us and abuse us. Endless gullibility is a vice, and it doesn't look good on us.


Paul Rosenberg