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Miller Farm raided AGAIN (1-4-2024)

Written by Subject: Police State

Under the watchful eye of Pennsylvania State Troopers, and the backing of a search warrant, agents of the state entered Amos' property, spent hours inside his buildings, and then hauled off some of his products. The remaining products they are forbidding Amos from selling, effectively ending his business until further notice. As Amos fights this injustice, he needs to keep paying his employees and the supporting the small farms that rely on Amos to sell their natural products.

Also, if you live in Pennsylvania, please contact your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to pressure Dept. of Ag Secretary Russell Redding to rescind the food detainment order. If you are outside Pennsylvania, please consider contacting Redding directly (

If you would like to help keep Amos in business, consider a donation.


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