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The City of Phoenix Police Department is close to receiving a Consent Decree from the crooked DOJ.

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The Danger of Consent Decrees

For 30 years, we have watched cities agree to allow federal oversight to destroy their police department and safe communities.

Crazy crime stats following a consent decree (3 yr average):
 • New Orleans: Violent crime up 29%/property crime up 15%
 • Albuquerque: Violent crime up 34%/property crime up 23%
 • Seattle: Violent crime up 7%/property crime up 13%
 • Cleveland: Violent crime up 9%/property crime down 21%

Other facts?
 • A consent decree is estimated to cost Phoenix $250 million over 10 years!!!
 • Only the DOJ/federal judge can END the consent decree.
 • Phx Police Department will be HANDCUFFED and no longer make promotion, staffing, training, etc decision. These will be made by a "high-paid monitor" who won't have the department's and staff's best interests in mind.
 • 42% of Phx Police Officers said they would definitely or strongly consider leaving the department if a consent decree exists.
 • 98% of Phx Police Officers said the city should NOT accept the consent decree.

Phoenix is up next, and as the investigation winds down, the City of Phoenix needs to hold the DOJ accountable to the findings rather than say yes to hundreds of millions of dollars over the next decade.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Seems like, practically speaking, police departments are the closest thing we have to local militia groups - 2nd Amendment. They should be organizing and training neighborhood watch groups. Since they don't do this very much, the people will need to step up and do it when the need arises.