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Death in a cage...

Written by Subject: Prisons & Incarceration in America

Today marks my son Ross's 10th year in prison. Like many twenty-somethings he was idealistic and reckless. Now, without a commutation from the president, he will pay for that with his life.

Ten years was the mandatory minimum first set by the government, signaling that a decade was enough. With that, Ross would be free today. It was replaced by 20 years when they added the "kingpin charge."

Yet the judge gave him double life + 40 years with no parole. For all non-violent charges, with no plea deal ever offered and no victim named at trial.

Death in a cage.

When your loved one is in prison, you're doing time too. We miss Ross every day and will never give up hope that he will come home where he belongs. That he will not die in there.

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