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EVENT: Author, activist Tom Jenney Hosting Book Release: American Futures Story Collection

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EVENT: Author and activist Tom Jenney is hosting a book release for his American Futures story collection on Thursday evening, May 11, at the McClelland Library in Phoenix. 

To RSVP, write to him at

Jenney has rented the Library for the event (6:30-8:30 pm), and is arranging bar service.  There's no set program for the event.  You can drop by anytime that works for you.  Jenney will be in the Castle Keep room on the third floor, signing books and palm cards, taking selfies, and catching up with old friends.  You can also wander the Library and dig the exhibits. 

The Library is at the Irish Cultural Center at 1106 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004. 

Parking can be a bit of a problem, depending on what the scene is like in downtown Phoenix that night.  There are twenty spots in the parking lot on the west side of the campus.  If this event is a total dud, you can park there.  Otherwise, you can park in the FoundRe Hotel lot across the driveway, on Portland (one block south), or 100 yards north across Hance Park in the lot on Culver Street.  (FTR, Jenney would never tell anyone to ride light rail – but there is a stop a block away at Portland.)

As for the book and the book signing:  It's best if folks buy the book(s) ahead of time and bring it/them to the Library on May 11.  Jenney will also have palm cards of the three cover illustrations that he will sign, for those who buy the eBook on Kindle.  (It's priced at $6.50 on Kindle, and you get all three volumes in one eBook.  It's a much better deal, unless you want to support the timber/pulp industry.  He gets the same royalties, either way.)

To order the book, go to the Lilburne Literary site's AF page, where there are links to the Amazon Kindle eBook version and to the three volumes of the paperback version:

If you do buy the three paperback volumes, Jenney will sign all three of them.  

Jenney may have a few copies available at the Library, but he'll be auctioning them off to the highest bidders who have cash in hand…

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