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Column by Ernest Hancock: #OccupyTheLand

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#OccupyTheLand by Ernest Hancock

Liberty activists most often have an origination story that starts with an injustice brought on by a broken promise with a government sworn to protect their rights. My experience as a journalist and street activist for over 35 years have produced some important revelations I hope readers will appreciate.

In a short article such as this I hope you understand the truth of my observations and save years of wasted time. I've discovered that General Public Opinion is more powerful than law makers, law enforcers and law breakers. Therefore, to control populations it is essential that obedience to government authority be instilled at the youngest of ages to as many young minds as possible. But there has always been a significant minority that insist on simply being left alone to pursue their own individual happiness.

The motivation for 'LeaveMeAlonists' to delegate limited powers as a group to those 'contracted' to enforce their interests is understandable. But my decades of observation has been that whenever you create an Organization in support of a cause, movement or philosophy of governance, sooner or later you'll experience that it is the interests of the created organization that is paramount.

The American Experiment of self governance requires a moral and educated people that are eternally vigilant, so that is where the attack on our prosperity has been targeted. However, I am encouraged that it has taken trillions of dollars and generations of government education to advance tyranny as far as it has in the USA,… but look how much damage has been accomplished.

My wife Donna and I left Arizona in early 2020 ( to travel the country in opposition to Vaccine Mandates and to confirm our bias that the American people in the rural parts of the country had not succumbed to the indoctrination of fear and collectivism.

The more families that were self sufficient, worked their own land, had livestock, participated in their children's education, practiced their religious values and cared for their neighbors and community, the less likely the craziness of 2020-2022 impacted their lives. I witnessed health and happiness directly proportional to population density, as well as how much time was spent on Social Media. Some states and other jurisdictions were better than others of course, but the demonstration of happiness was clearly on display in the smaller towns surrounded by farms and ranches. And yes, they were growing at a rapid rate for these very reasons.

The goal that we accept our Shipping Container sized home next to a Mass Transit Station with insect derived semi-nutrient Gruel from the city plumbing is more real than many wish to contemplate. Here's an example of what to expect. NEOM | What is THE LINE?

My experience behind the wheel of a bus traveling the country during the daylight hours with very large windows had me mesmerized by all of the food production and the postcard beauty of America and its wide open spaces. My liberty activist skills and contacts are now focused on what 'They/Them/Those' (that will not leave us alone) oppose more than anything… our self-sufficiency.

At every stop of the LoveBus, (freedom festivals, speaking events and activism opportunities we attended) the primary discussion was about leaving the cities, intentional communities, home-schooling, growing and preserving food, homesteading, barter, trade and taking control of your own health, safety and prosperity for yourself and your family.

And because we understood that there had to be quality shelter options at a low price, we worked all the summer of 2022 prototyping monolithic dome construction near the Canadian border in eastern Washington State.

So, Arizona… we're baaack, we're here to stay and we are now set to inspire the re-population of Rural America with high and low tech solutions that will free us from debt slavery while we raise Generation Next with clean bodies and clean minds that are filled with competence and confidence.

We're just getting started - #OccupyTheLand with Attainable Housing.


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