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Biden Regime to Retaliate Against China Over Nothing

Written by Subject: Biden-Harris Deep Fake Administration

Biden Regime to Retaliate Against China Over Nothing

by Stephen Lendman

Already being beaten badly by militarily superior Russia in Ukraine, dominant Biden regime hardliners seem hellbent on having China embarrass them in similar fashion.

Despite no balloon or other security threat from nonbelligerent, nonthreatening China, an unnamed Biden regime official said the following on Thursday:

The empire of lies and forever wars is considering punitive actions against China besides having unlawfully downed its balloon most likely aloft for weather-gathering purposes.

Whatever surveillance China wishes to engage in is handled by satellites from space much more effectively than by balloon at a lower altitude.

Despite no credible information proving it, the Pentagon dubiously claimed that China's downed balloon carried sensitive equipment for monitoring signals.

Seeking more hostile actions against China than already, the Biden regime falsely accused Beijing of "pos(ing) a threat to our national security, and to our allies and partners (sic)," dubiously adding:

"We know (sic) that balloons are part of a PRC fleet of balloons developed to conduct surveillance operations (sic)."

And this from State Department Chinaphobes, dubiously claiming:

Chinese balloons "have overflown US (and) other airspace" before (sic).

They followed "similar flight patterns as balloons we have been discussing this week (sic)."

China denied having used balloons for military purposes.

The Biden regime's war department first detected the balloon in question after it allegedly passed over or near the Aleutian Islands, then Alaska and central Canada earlier.

On Monday, Biden regime deputy secretary of State, Wendy Sherman, said she briefed officials from scores of embassies about much ado over nothing.

Interventionist Blinken cancelled a scheduled visit to China over the non-incident -- falsely calling it "an irresponsible act and a clear violation of US sovereignty and international law (sic)."

Left unexplained is that the empire of lies and forever wars uses virtually every dirty trick imaginable against invented enemies -- from spying to war-making by hot and other means.

Also left unexplained is that nations with satellites for military purposes have no formal agreement to define where earth atmosphere ends and space begins.

For most nations, space is about 60 miles above the earth.

At this time, China, Russia and hegemon USA tolerate satellites overflying their territory from space for intelligence-gathering purposes without threatening to down them.

Why would they rely on balloons for surveillance when satellites do it better?

Why were Biden regime officials indignant over a nonthreatening Chinese balloon, while saying little or nothing about its intelligence-gathering satellites?

If Chinaphobes infesting the Biden regime act more aggressively against China beyond having unlawfully downed its balloon, Beijing may retaliate in self-defense as permitted under international law.

Already losing badly at war on Russia in support of Nazi-infested Ukraine, will Biden regime hardliners challenge China in similar fashion -- to be humiliated twice in similar fashion.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT said the following:

Chinaphobes infesting the White House and Congress are "weighing (whether) to restrict Beijing's access to advanced technologies that could be used in war" by a nation that prioritizes peace and stability, according to the rule of law, adding:

"For months, (dominant Biden regime hardliners) ha(ve) been preparing curbs on investments that US firms can make in China, particularly in areas like advanced computing."

"Those measures are now largely complete and could be issued within two months."

China's nonthreatening balloon allegedly "set off fears about national security threats posed by the Chinese government" -- that don't exist so the Biden regime invented them.

Undemocratic Dem Rep. Maxine Waters said hegemon USA should make sure that "hedge funds, private equity firms and Wall Street are not investing in ways that hurt our economy or funding the adversarial actions of the Chinese government."

The Biden regime is planning to restrict US investments in the country by executive order.

Yet US firms resist greater restrictions than already in place, calling them harmful to their interests.

According to attorney from the Holland & Knight law firm, Antonia Tzinova:

"Industry is kind of united. We don't want this."

And this from US/China Business Council, vice president Rory Murphy:

"Getting the details right on outbound investment screening is easier said than done." 

"These are technical and complicated sectors, and the details are critical."

The US/CBC he represents offered to "help policymakers thread the needle of achieving their national security objectives while not going too broad and putting US companies at a competitive disadvantage."

US investment firms Blackstone, KKR, Sequoia, Carlyle Group, Bain Capital, Silver Lake, General Atlantic, Warburg Pincus and others have notable exposure to China through thousands of transactions annually, what they don't want undermined.

With bilateral relations becoming increasingly hostile, it's bad news for US firms with significant investments in China.

If the Biden regime crosses the line to belligerence against Beijing, US firms with significant investments in the country will likely suffer large-scale financial losses.

At time same time, waging war on two fronts against militarily superior Russia and China will hasten the decline and fall of hegemon USA more quickly than expected.

A Final Comment

On Thursday, China's Global Times said the following:

"US balloon hysteria shows it is not capable of serious diplomacy," adding:

"Will relations continue sliding toward rock bottom?"

"The political frenzy in Washington bodes ill."

"It demonstrates an unsteadiness and lack of judgment in the US political leadership."

"The Pentagon stated that the balloon did not pose a national security threat to the US, but (lunatics infesting the Biden regime) ordered it shot down" anyway.

"(D)own(ing) a meandering balloon unnecessarily as a grandiose media stunt does nothing to stabilize the greatly deteriorated US-China relationship."

"(T)he action reinforces the observation by some world leaders that the US is unreliable and not capable of serious diplomacy."

Under both wings of its war party, especially with undemocratic Dems empowered, the empire of lies and forever wars is an unparalleled menace to humanity on the world stage.