Smashing Hegemon USA's Ukraine Project

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Smashing Hegemon USA's Ukraine Project

by Stephen Lendman

No matter how many more arms of every shape and kind are supplied to Ukrainian Nazis by hegemon USA and its Western vassals, Russia is smashing the monster they created. 

While desperation gets increasingly hard to conceal, the Biden announced another $2.5 billion weapons package for Kiev's military near collapse.

Strykers, Bradleys, UK Challenger tanks and other arms won't change the dynamic on the ground.

At most, it'll prolong conflict at the cost of many thousands more lost Ukrainian lives, the toll of no consequence to the empire of lies and its Western vassals.

And if US/Western regimes supply Ukrainian Nazis with heavy tanks, "the consequences for Kiev will only be negative, while it will not seriously impact Russia's military operation," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed on Friday. 

Biden regime under secretary of war for policy sounded delusional saying:

The regime needs more armor "to break through Russian defenses (sic)" — despite its inability to achieve this aim at any time since the liberating SMO began.

The latest package for Ukraine reportedly includes 59 more Bradleys, Himars rockets, eight Avenger air defense systems, 155-millimeter and 105-millimeter artillery rounds, and other combat vehicles according to a Pentagon statement.

All the above and more of the same wastes billions of dollars while achieving no battlefield aims.

Yet according to a so-called Tallinn Pledge by war ministers of Britain, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Slovakia:

"(W)e commit to collectively pursuing delivery of an unprecedented set of donations including main battle tanks, heavy artillery, air defense, ammunition, and infantry fighting vehicles to" aid aggression by Ukrainian Nazis.

Separately in another sign of Biden regime desperation, its propaganda coordinator, John Kirby, hyperventilated the following on Friday:

Its Treasury Department will be (falsely) designing the Wagner private military group "a significant transnational criminal organization (sic) under Executive Order 13581 as amended."

"In coordination with this designation, we will also impose additional sanctions next week against Wagner and its support network across multiple continents (sic)."

The Biden regime is frustrated by the ability of Wagner fighters to liberate strategically important Soledar from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Frustration heightened after its fighters liberated the settlement of Klescheevka.

Located 9 km south of strategically important Artyomovsk, its capture is key to the encirclement and liberation of the town, a major stronghold and logistics hub for Ukrainian Nazis.

The Biden regime and its Western vassals are desperate over their inability to halt relentless Russian advances — smashing the Nazi-infested Ukraine monster they spent years and well over $100 billion dollars supporting since installing it in 2014.

According to Lugansk Col. Vitaly Kiselev on Thursday:

"The enemy sent about 14 brigades (to defend) Artyomovsk and Soledar in an attempt to retain control of the localities." 

"One brigade consists of approximately four thousand men."

"These brigades lost about 60-70%" of their manpower while achieving no battlefield successes.

On January 12, Russian forces liberated Soledar entirely, Artyomovsk to follow.

Regime troops remaining in the town will be surrounded, their supply lines cut, leaving them one of 2 options — capitulation or death.

Separately on Friday, the Big Serge website reported the following:

Russia is "patiently attriting and denuding Ukraine's remaining combat capability." 

It's happening in Donbass, including use of its recently mobilized forces, while the regime is staggering from "unsustainable losses."

Most everything reported by US/Western MSM is worlds apart from reality on the ground, including NYT rubbish in its latest fake news edition.

It cited the UK Sunak regime's foreign secretary, Cleverly, defying reality by falsely claiming that Kiev's military near collapse can be "victor(ious)" this year — despite a zero prospect of this outcome.

And with liberation of Artyomovsk virtually certain by Russian forces ahead, US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents defied reality falsely claiming that the town is of no strategic importance (sic).

In defending it and Soledar, the regime lost tens of thousands of troops while achieving nothing on the ground.

Since last summer, Russian forces have been breaching regime defenses.

According to Big Serge, the regime's 2nd and 3rd "defensive belts…are now heavily bleeding."

No matter how many troops the regime sends to frontline positions, Russian forces are systematically annihilating them.

The regime keeps begging for more arms because Russia destroys most of what's supplied by the West.

And this reality check:

Kiev admitted that Russian artillery outguns it by a 9 to 1 factor along key frontline positions.

Russia is effectively destroying Ukrainian artillery, its other weapons and munitions.

US/Western regimes are depleting their arms stockpiles much faster than they can be replenished.

Russian weapons and munitions are superior to the best in the West.

Ukraine's made-in-the-USA war-making machine is greatly degraded and heading toward collapse.

There's no ambiguity about Russia's triumph ahead.

At most, additional Western arms and equipment can only delay what's inevitable — at the cost of a devastatingly high human toll.

Indifferent toward the lives and well-being of their own people, the collective West doesn't give a damn about how many Ukrainians perish.

And they don't reveal exponentially mounting numbers of killed and wounded cannon fodder troops — a devastating human toll for a lost cause.

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