Booting Out the Wicked Witch of the West

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Booting Out the Wicked Witch of the West

by Stephen Lendman

A previous article called selected — not elected — Liz Truss the most abysmal UK prime minister in modern memory for good reason.

She combines utter contempt for ordinary Brits to serve privileged ones exclusively — at their expense — with profound incompetence, arrogance and unwillingness to acknowledge her too obvious to ignore shortcomings.

Last Sunday, the London Observer reported the following:

"Senior Tories…will meet this week (for) 'rescue mission' talks," what's likely to "see the swift removal of Liz Truss as leader."

They want "her to resign within days…others saying (she's) 'in office but not in control."

"Some…threaten to publicly" demand her resignation straightaway.

"(S)upport for Truss…evaporated inside the cabinet."

Her ministers demand her resignation, wanting her replaced as PM voluntarily or by booting her out.

Her remaining allies are few and far between.

On Tuesday, YouGov polling results showed "her net favorability (at) -70 among the public."

Most Brits and Tories want her out.

Surprisingly, more party members want ousted BoJo to replace her over other choices, based on the latest YouGov poll, its results showing:

BoJo's return as PM is favored by 32% of Tories — followed by 23% for Rishi Sunak, 10% for war minister Ben Wallace, 9% for Penny Mordaunt, and lesser support for other party members.

On Wednesday, the London Guardian reported that "her beleaguered (regime is) at risk of collapse" after her home secretary, Suella Braverman, resigned — by submitting a letter of no confidence in Truss, saying:

"I have concerns about the (Truss regime's) direction."

"Not only have we broken key pledges that were promised to our voters, but I have had serious concerns about this (regime's) commitment to honoring manifesto commitments."

Wishing her successor "good luck," whoever succeeds her will need plenty.

No amount will be enough as long as she remains PM.

At this time, dozens of Tory MPs submitted letters of no confidence in her dismal leadership.

On Wednesday, Tory backbencher, Charles Walker said the following:

"Let's not beat around the bush here."

"I expect (Truss) to resign very soon because she's not up to (the) job."

"I will shed no tears" over her departure.

"She needs to go. She shouldn't have been made prime minister."

He "hope(s)" that she'll be out on Thursday.

On the same day, the London Telegraph headlined:

"Truss has 'hours, not days' to save her job," citing the view of Tory and Labor PMs over her regime "engulfed by chaos."

According to new home secretary, Grant Shapps — before his appointment — Truss "needs to thread the eye of a needle with the lights off."

"It's that difficult" for her.

Almost straightaway in office since Sept. 6, she proved her critics right.

She as abysmal as they warned.

Her agenda prioritizes governance of, by and for privileged Brits exclusively at the expense of all others — along with being subservient to diabolical hegemon USA's interests.

On Tuesday, straight-talking scholar-physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman, minced no words about her, saying:

She "mugged millions of (UK) pensioners who will now live and die in abject poverty," adding:

"It is customary for pension advisors to recommend to those in their 50s or 60s that they put their nest egg into government gilts (bonds)."

During Truss' tenure, "many gilt funds dropped 30 - 50%."

Will they recover losses, Coleman asked?

"Probably not" during the remaining years of elderly pensioners.

Tory hardliners will aid UK "billionaires and (super)-wealthy royals."

"But they're doing nothing to help pensioners whose lives they've ruined."

Truss is either "the most stupid (or) wicked woman on the planet" — simply dumb, dumber and pure evil.

"How much longer (will betrayed Brits) put up with being (mis)treated" so wretchedly.

As bad as things are now, "everything is going to get much worse" ahead, Coleman warned.

And not just in Britain, throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

The Wall Street controlled Fed and other Western central banks aren't abating inflation.

It's deeply entrenched because of unprecedented money printing madness and sanctions war on Russia — deliberately reducing the supply of energy and food, along with disrupting normal distribution channels.

The vast majority of people throughout the US/West are getting poorer by design — their incomes not keeping pace with double-digit cost of living increases, with no end of it in prospect any time soon.

Analyst Nick Giambruno explained that "the Fed is the engine of inflation and is incentivized to create much more of it," adding:

"Putting the (Wall Street controlled) Fed in charge of getting inflation under control is like putting Marlboro in charge of getting lung cancer under control."

And as ill-served as most Brits are under Truss, the vast of Americans are being ruthlessly harmed by the most pure evil regime in US history — nominally led by a mumbling, bumbling, out-of-touch with reality buffoon imposter in the White House.

According to financial/precious metals analyst, Bill Holter, the "disastrous (US) economy" is in recession — because of longstanding irresponsible policymaking, especially under Dems.

There's no good ending to what's going on, things to get much worse than already.

Giambruno agrees, stressing:

Today's "situation is unprecedented and dangerous."

The US house of cards is at risk of collapsing ahead — Western and other economies to go down with it if occurs.

A Final Comment

On Thursday — after a tumultuous 45 days in office — Liz Truss resigned after ill-serving as Britain's shortest-ever PM in the nation's history, a dubious "distinction."

In remarks outside No. 10, she admitted her inability to serve.

So her choice was resigning voluntarily or be booted from office by majority Tories.

Reporting on her self-inflicted downfall, the London Guardian said the following:

"(S)he faces the ignominy of being the UK's shortest-serving prime minister by some degree."

She won't be missed by the vast majority of Brits.

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