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Corona-Warn-App: Vaccination status will be recognizable by color

Written by Subject: Vaccines and Vaccinations

Karl Lauterbach - German Minister of Health announced that from September everyone who has not been vaccinated with 4 doses will be required to wear masks.  

And also the application for tracking covid status will be highlighted in different colors depending on the vaccination status.

And, of course, the color of the application will determine the rights of the person.

Does anyone else think that China, with its social rating system, is a separate world that has nothing to do with "democratic and free" Europe?

Does this already look like a system of digital slavery, when a person no longer owns fundamental rights if he does not agree to 4 injections of experimental poison?

Or is it still "different"?

All these "sanitary measures" look doubly grotesque against the backdrop of the news that Lauterbach himself recently had "covid" after 4 doses

We continue to believe in a state that cares about our health?  Or are we starting to turn on the brains?

We recently discussed the extreme obedience of the Chinese (standing in line all night for a test to go to work with a green quartercode during the day).  They basically agreed that this is largely due to their mentality.

Now let's look at the mentality of the inhabitants of Germany.

But, something tells me that they are not as far from China as I would like to think.