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Reinventing Reality on All Things Russia and Ukraine

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Reinventing Reality on All Things Russia and Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman

Russia's liberating SMO in Ukraine was made-in-the-USA, not Moscow.

Directly or indirectly, hegemon USA has been responsible for the vast majority of conflicts worldwide throughout the post-WW II period.

Central Europe war begun in April 2014 by the empire of lies — in support of Nazified Ukraine, not by Russia six months ago against the scourge it represents — MSM, extremist think tanks and likeminded organizations back what demands condemnation.

Instead of setting the record straight, they've consistently reinvented reality on the ground on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Run by neocon war-mongering extremists, Atlantic Council (AC) members never met a nation free from US control it didn't want raped and destroyed.

Last month, the AC reinvented how things may end in Ukraine — pretending that its battered and demoralized military can turn defeat into victory ahead, saying:

"With better equipment, higher troop morale (sic), and superior leadership and tactics (sic), Ukraine (can launch) powerful offensives to expel Russian forces" from its territory (sic)."

After liberating thousands of square kilometers of Nazified Ukrainian territory — freeing its people from the scourge of its tyranny — the prospect of things going the other way is virtually zero.

Since Russia's SMO began, they've been no "advances" by Ukrainian troops.

The only likely "agreement" ahead is unconditional surrender by Kiev.

AC pretense otherwise is fantasy thinking.

The same goes for falsely claiming that triumphant Russian forces have been "battered."

Another reinvented AC outcome is "quagmire…a frozen conflict, with neither side able to achieve victory (sic)."

The made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster was already defeated, its obituary remaining to be published.

A third AC scenario is "a new iron curtain (sic)."

At this time, hegemon USA created a sharp East/West divide — dragging its Western vassals along to weaken them economically and politically.

At the same time, US-led proxy hot and unparalleled sanctions war on 

Russia threatens unthinkable direct confrontation — the growing risk of catastrophic nuclear war.

And not just against Russia, against China as well over Taiwan, wanting to give Beijing its own Ukraine.

AC's fourth scenario is US-dominated NATO war on Russia.

Calling the possibility "remote," it's clearly possible if dominant Biden regime hardliners and their NATO counterparts push things too far.

There's virtually no chance of first-strike war by Russia on the West, just the other way around.

And this AC nonsense, saying:

"(C)hastened by his military performance (sic), (Vladimir Putin) may provoke a war with NATO (sic)."

More AC nonsense, saying:

Ukrainian troops, "with substantial and growing Western military support, are determined and capable of not only stopping but also counterattacking the Russian military (sic)."

Not a shred of credible evidence suggests that what hasn't happened anywhere the along front lines to date will occur ahead.

Chances otherwise are virtually zero.

Separately, WaPo presented its own fantasy version of things, defying reality as follows, saying:

1. Hegemon USA determined that "Vladimir Putin (was) preparing for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine" before Russia's SMO was launched (sic).

WaPo conveniently ignored 8 years of good faith Russian diplomacy to end cross-border aggression by Kiev on Donbass after the Obama/Biden regime's 2014 coup.

2. "(A)rming Ukraine was predicated on not giving Russia a reason to attack the US and NATO (sic)."

The absurdity of the above malarkey needs no elaboration.

3. The fake "Biden dispatched his top intelligence official to confront Putin with evidence of Russia's war planning (sic)."

Prioritizing peace and stability over the other way around, Russia launched its defensive SMO after 8 years of good faith diplomacy to end Kiev's aggression on Donbass proved futile — because hegemon USA rejected resolving things.

4. "Kiev complained (that) US" regimes didn't share intelligence on Russia.

Maybe so.

Undemocratic Dems want no end to perpetual war along Russia's borders, wanting the Kremlin dragged into the conflict directly.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners are playing with fire — with Russia over Ukraine and with China over Taiwan.

Their recklessness made possible WW III more ominously possible than any previous time since the last global conflict ended.

Instead of setting the record straight, Western MSM, extremist think tanks and likeminded organizations consistently blame victims of US war on humanity for crimes committed against them.