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Premeditated Israeli Cold-Blooded Murder

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Premeditated Israeli Cold-Blooded Murder

by Stephen Lendman

Like hegemon USA and its Western vassals, apartheid Israel invents threats to terrorize defenseless Palestinians — because they're unwanted Arabs, not Jews.

Israeli regimes want them displaced and eliminated to make way for exclusive Jewish development.

Throughout Jewish state history, slow-motion genocide of Palestinians has been official policy.

Ongoing for three-fourths of a century, it continues with no prospect of change.

That's how the scourge of Zionist ruthlessness operates — with full US/Western support and encouragement.

Late Sunday evening, the Israeli Lapid regime halted three days of terror-bombing, mass murder and widespread destruction of targeted Gaza areas.

At least 44 Palestinians were killed in cold-blood, including 15 children, another 350 wounded, many seriously — victims of ruthless Israeli state terror.

Israeli terror-bombing began after the illegal August 1 arrest of Islamic Jihad (IJ) leader, Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi — followed by days of intimidating IDF warplane flights in Gaza airspace ahead of planned-in-advance aggression.

At the same time, the Lapid regime hardened its illegal Gaza blockade, closing all border crossings, preventing free movement of goods and people.

The Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement explained the following, saying:

"Since August 2, Israel blocked all movement and access through its crossings with Gaza, Erez and Kerem Shalom."

Blockage occurred in the run-up to the Lapid regime's terror-bombing of Gaza. 

Along with mass slaughter and destruction, "dozens of families (lost) their homes." 

Blockage of fuel to the Strip forced its sole power plant to shut down. 

Gazan medical facilities are hard-pressed to treat severely wounded victims of Israeli state terror. 

Two million Gazans are terrorized, children traumatized, fearing death or severe injury could happen any time.

Separately, Gisha said the following.

It "promotes rights guaranteed by international and Israeli law."

Illegal Jewish state occupation of stolen Palestinian land includes a draconian matrix of control — in flagrant breach of international humanitarian law.

Long-suffering Palestinians are denied "the fundamental right to freedom of movement."

"Additional basic rights are violated, including the right to life, the right to access medical care, the right to education, the right to livelihood, the right to family unity and the right to freedom of religion."

At this time, an uneasy truce exists — to be broken any time ahead at Israel's discretion for invented reasons.

Along with the premeditated cold-blooded murder of Islamic Jihad commanders, Taysir al-Jabari and Khaled Mansour, Israel illegally arrested another 19 IJ members in the West Bank.

According to Gaza resident, Nour Abu Sultan:

"We haven't slept for days (because of) heat, shelling, rockets, (and the constant) sound of aircraft hovering above us…is terrifying."

Threatened by no end to years of Israeli state terror under blockade, the Strip's two million-plus people are involuntarily confined to the world's largest open-air prison.

Israel's so-called Operation Breaking Dawn was its 5th war on the Strip since its 2008-09 Cast Lead aggression.

The shortest duration one so far since then could boil over any time ahead for any invented reasons and continue for days or weeks longer at the regime's discretion.

It's virtually guaranteed because that's how the scourge of Israeli-style ruthlessness operates.

And with few exceptions, it's because the world community of nations fails to demand and enforce accountability for Israeli aggression, its occupation viciousness and contempt for the rule of law.

And while the US-dominated West supports Israeli apartheid — supplying its ruling regimes with weapons for preemptive wars and state terror — they condemn Russia's legitimate right to defend its security against Western-armed and backed Ukrainian Nazis.

And while IDF terror-bombing massacred Gazans, large numbers of Israeli extremists stormed the Al-Aksa Mosque in Occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday — Islam's 3rd holiest site.

Heavily protected by Lapid regime security forces, they remained where they didn't belong for hours — their provocation organized by hate-mongering supporters of Al-Aksa's destruction.

Outside the Mosque on Sunday, Israeli extremists clashed with Palestinians.

Inside, Israeli security forces assaulted Muslim worshipers.

All of the above and much more of the same reflect what long-suffering Palestinians have endured from the run-up to Israel's establishment to the present day — with no end of it in prospect.