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All of the 'Secret Handshake' People/Groups are to Blame.

Written by Subject: Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

Publisher: A Telegram Post that I made at the beginning of March 2022 that keeps getting referenced so I share it here.

Government, the use of governments and the abuse of peoples via 'Shiny Badges' (NGOs - Groups - Forums and International Corporations along with all of the 'Secret Handshake' people/groups are to blame.

Putin and friends have and are benefiting from their cooperation with the Covid Scam - War Scams - Trade Scams - Currency Scams - Jurisdiction Scams etc etc etc.

Sooner or later we'll see that Putin and Biden and Trudeau and Johnson and Xi and and and all have common interests in taking seemingly irrational and unexpected actions... But, in the end every action repaves over an old road to worldwide consolidation of power under the rule of a selected few... fewer and finally one if allowed.

Who/What benefits from an 'almost' invasion of Ukraine? We will see within a few short months, if not days, the justification of massive spending by the majority of the most economically powerful countries on the planet in the name of as many causes as they can name. This happens every time we have such a threat of War. "You can have your Military Industrial Complex money as long as we get our money for this long list of causes we have been teeing up for the masses to be placated while we spend their grandchildren into slavery."

And what's worse,... we all know it and are some how diverted by confusion as to what's really going on. We are being conditioned for whatever T3 (They, Them, Those) has planned for THEM. The solution is always the same...

Be more self-sufficient, create local communities via trade and barter of essentials, educate your children, eat better, grow at least some of your own healthy food, Spend more time with your family, GET OUT OF THE BIG CITIES, learn new skills, learn about preparedness, produce your own power, collect rain or have your own water supply. By making any progress on almost any of these few categories you will gain the confidence to take on a little more. Be an inspiration to others and help them 'Feel the Power'.

Every news headline is crafted and designed (even those listed on FreedomsPhoenix) to produce an emotion and a reaction/opinion. My goal as Publisher is to lay out many opinions of others along with a guiding philosophy of what is it that governments should and should not be doing while we work to make them obsolete no matter their promises.

Donna and I decided AGAIN to take a day this weekend between G'Kid soccer games and visiting to go to Sam's club and start stocking up again on some storable supplies (more beans 50lbs - case of SPAM - Tuna - Rice - Peanut Butter and Jams - Flour etc.) and some other 'stuff' and $300 later I felt better. We have done this over the decades every time T3 pissed us off. In May of 2020 when we started the LoveBusLibertyTour (next week we have to finish the Eastern side of Arizona from Holbrook to Tucson to finish Newspaper distribution)... in May '20 we gave most of our stores to our 4 children and 12 grandchildren so now it's time to restock. Rice, Beans & SPAM is a good start to give you time to plant a garden and get some chickens (oh, get your seeds now).

Mostly, this is for my own mental health for now and later so I can expect to think on a full belly.

And I Think... that whatever is happening, is going to happen and what T3 wants me to fear may happen is best confronted with decentralization down to the individual. Then the real government will assert itself... the family. This is why the family must be attacked so as to leave Big Bubba as your favorite family member.

Soooo, for me the actions are always the same over the decades. Prepare to take care of yourself and your loved ones, be a good friend and neighbor, inspire others by your calm and industriousness, don't aggress, demonstrate love and compassion. The advocacy of our Live and Let Live example while being generous with our success demonstrates our ability to govern ourselves. All of these "systems" are not created for our liberation, but for our enslavement.

Ernest Hancock