Article Image „Dear fellow libertarians and freedom fighters!“


„Dear fellow libertarians and freedom fighters!"

Written by Subject: Philosophy: Libertarianism

We from

(„free german society")

are a digital cooperative of libertarian patriots, ancaps, freedom lovers and voluntaryists striving

to build a state- and rulerfree market and private law society within the German speaking D-A-CH-Li-region.

Our current key project

is the development of a self sufficient, private, digital emergency radio network

for our members,

that is able to integrate

and connect all radio

standards like CB, PMR446, Freenet, LoRa169/868, Wifi

into one unified encrypted meshnet of gateways, outdoor-routers

and enduser-devices.                                                         

The technological basis

for this revolutionary innovative project

(„Freies Deutsches Notfunknetz " FDN)

is the Reticulum Meshnet Protocol

by Mark Qvist of,

who is our partner. 

Another partner is the founder of the

And soon probably

A radio electronics company and maybe Briar.

Apart from all radio technologies the FDN emergency radio meshnetwork is also connectable via TC/IP and I2P over classic internet. And of course all radio frequencies for other territories work as well. You are welcome to establish your own meshnet!

Since we love to live free we want to inform YOU and all likeminded individuals, that we are building our revolutionary innovative meshnetwork, and we salute and appreciate any skilled individual who can and has contributed and is willing to help the FDN project, or the many parts of it. We would like to invite you into a fruitful cooperation for shared benefits.

If you are interested in joining forces there are many ways, we look forward to see your input to a partnership or reading from you in any way you like.

We also use this

Open Source Software:

Both I2P Versions and


Direwolf or


our Homepage

The Man behind the Reticulum Protocol, Sideband and Nomadnetwork is Mark Qvist

Reticulum is also on The Piratebox/Piratestick OS from Thomas Freedman

Another Server/App NEXUS using Reticulum is a (proof of concept) was made by our Member HarlekinSimplex

Also we have this from another Member Greygoo



FDN Project Chatroom


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