Selling War, Abhorring Peace

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Selling War, Abhorring Peace

by Stephen Lendman

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT masquerades as a 4th estate member.

On all things related to hegemon USA's domestic and geopolitical policies — notably its war on humanity at home and abroad — the Times operates as a virtual extension of the state and war departments.

Parroting their positions — including the White House when controlled by undemocratic Dems — the Times provides press agent services as an unofficial spokesman for the imperial state.

Its daily editions consistently feature state-approved managed news misinformation and disinformation — journalism as it should be long ago abandoned.

Supporting its crimes of war and against humanity — along with its ongoing mass-extermination and freedom-destroying agenda through kill shots — the Times shares guilt in its highest of high crimes.

It's militantly hostile toward nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nations free from US control — notably Russia since its 1917 revolution against tyrannical czarist rule.

Since Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin — a virtual US puppet — the Times escalated Russia bashing against a widely respected figure on the world stage, towering over his pigmy Western counterparts.

When Yeltsin died in April 2007, the Times reinvented him.

He was worlds apart from what the Times falsely called a "reformer…the country's democratic father…and later a towering figure of his time as the first freely elected leader of Russia, presiding over the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the demise of the Communist Party (sic)."

He presided over Russia's lost decade, impoverishing over half the population.

His adoption of US shock therapy  produced economic genocide. GDP plunged 50%. Life expectancy fell sharply.

Fundamental freedoms died. An oligarch class accumulated enormous wealth. 

Western interests profited at the expense of millions of exploited Russians.

Yeltsin let corruption and criminality flourish. One scandal followed others. Grand theft became sport. So did money laundering. 

Billions in stolen wealth were stashed in Western banks and offshore tax havens.

Putin is reviled for undoing much of his predecessor's damage, along with operating independently on the world stage.

Since the Obama/Biden regime replaced democratic rule in Ukraine with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny, the Times backed its illegitimately installed regimes, ignoring the worst of their criminality at home and cross-border.

Commenting last week on dismal Russian relations with the US-dominated West, Sergey Lavrov called their unacceptable hostility toward Russia "an unseemly approach" that breaches the UN Charter's letter and spirit, adding:

"No one can approach another country as good or bad or as deserving of ostracism." 

"International law says that all countries without exception must enjoy respect."

"Let's not turn a blind eye to the gross provocations that we observe daily on the part of (US-dominated) NATO and, increasingly often, on the part of the EU as it attempts to play up to Ukrainian militarists…" 

They "organize military training missions for Ukrainians, to prepare the Ukrainian army for actions which it constantly threatens to employ, claiming that it will take Donbass by force and is unwilling to fulfill the Minsk agreements, and to encroach on Russian Crimea." 

"Ukraine's bellicose rhetoric and military preparations" continue with US/Western backing.

"Rest assured that we will never allow our legitimate national interests to be infringed upon in any way." 

"We have everything we need to ensure this." 

"Regarding Russia's relations with the West going forward, we have the UN Charter and the OSCE, which state that everyone should strive to achieve a balance of interests rather than meekly agree with what the West is telling us to do."

Russia is open to dialogue in pursuit of cooperative relations, according to the rule of law — based on mutual respect, nothing less.

Continuing his steady drumbeat of Russophobic rhetoric on Saturday, interventionist Blinken's "concerns about Russia's unusual military activity on the border with Ukraine" don't exist.

Parroting the phony claim, the NYT falsely said that Moscow "has not yet decided what it intends to do with the troops it has amassed near Ukraine" that are not there, adding:

Biden regime "officials said the (nonexistent) buildup is being taken seriously…assuming it is (not) a bluff (sic)."

Biden and UK Boris Johnson regime officials  are increasingly convinced that "Putin is considering military action to take control of a larger swath of Ukraine, or to destabilize the country enough to usher in a more pro-Moscow government (sic)."

Fact check: The above Times rubbish doesn't even rise to the level of bad fiction.

Phony claims like the above give Russophobic and other propaganda a bad name.

More of the same followed.

The Times once again invented it own fabricated reality as part of its press agent services for Biden regime hardliners, saying:

Putin "annexed Ukraine's Crimean peninsula (sic) and engineered a separatist rebellion in eastern Ukraine (sic).

Reality is worlds apart from the above Big Lies — a Times specialty in daily editions on important issues.

Falsely claiming that Moscow is "manipulating energy supplies in Europe" is another whopper, falsely adding:

High energy prices — Moscow had nothing to do with — give "Russia more money to pay for military operations (sic)."

Separately, the Times falsely accused Putin of being "willing to take ever-greater risks to force the West to listen to (his) demands (sic)."

Biden regime hardliners and "its allies are sensing an unusually volatile moment (sic), one in which Putin is playing a role in multiple destabilizing crises at once (sic)."

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov debunked all of the above, including phony claims that allege plans by Russia to invade Ukraine as "empty and unsubstantiated fomenting of tensions," adding: 

Legitimate/nonbelligerent "movements of our armed forces on our soil shouldn't be of anyone's concern. Russia poses no threat to anyone."

Citing Russophobic US sources, the Times said hegemon USA will discuss unilateral actions against Russia, steps to include "economic and military measures."

Do Biden regime lunatics have global war in mind?

Do parroting Times correspondents support the madness?

Is there enough sanity remaining in Washington and other key Western capitals to step back from the brink from what historian Arnold Toynbee warned could happen if WW III erupts, saying:

Only pigmies in remote jungles, apes and ants might be left to carry on "the cultural traditions of mankind."

Issuing a similar warning, Bertrand Russell asked:

"Shall we put an end to the human race, or shall mankind renounce war."

Einstein didn't know what weapons would be used is WW III is waged, warning:

"World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" — by survivors if any remain.