MSM Big Lies and Mass Deception Never Quit

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MSM Big Lies and Mass Deception Never Quit

by Stephen Lendman

All things flu/covid is Exhibit A. 

Virtually everything vital for everyone to know is suppressed by MSM in cahoots with dominant US/Western hardliners and Pharma profiteers.

On Sunday, NYT fake news defied reality — again — by falsely claiming that curbing flu/covid outbreaks depends increased mass-jabbing.

Reality is the other way around. Jabs increase outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths — what's falsely attributed to the unjabbed by the Times and other MSM.

The self-styled newspaper of record also falsely claimed that mixing and matching jabs produces a stronger antibody response (sic).

Mixing toxins from one branded jab with another more greatly harms health.

Jabs aren't designed to protect. Taking them is high-risk with no rewards.

They assure near-or-longer-term adverse events and sooner than expected deaths.

That's what the long ago planned made-in-the-USA scheme is all about.

Phony claims otherwise are officially declared, MSM-proliferated fake news mass deception.

One jab assures harm, greater harm with doubled or tripled with forever-jabbing in mind.

Mixing one brand of toxins with a separate recipe assures greater harm than by sticking to the original one alone.

The Times falsely claimed otherwise, based on fabricated state-approved talking points.

Separately, WaPo continued to deceive readers about known safe and effective ivermectin for treating and curing flu/covid.

Falsely calling it a "deworming drug…for parasites (alone), WaPo defied reality by claiming "a lack of conclusive evidence that it helps people with the virus (sic)."

Indisputable peer-reviewed evidence debunked its bald-faced Big Lie with supporting mass-extermination and social control tyranny in mind.

Citing lawsuits on behalf of hospitalized patients for access to the drug denied them for fabricated reasons, WaPo quoted New York Supreme Court Judge Ralph Porzio's refusal to order its availability, falsely saying:

"This (draconian) court will not require any doctor to be placed in a potentially unethical position (sic) wherein they could be committing medical malpractice (sic) by administering a medication for an unapproved (sic), alleged off-label purpose (sic)."

In response to his contempt for the rights of patients, attorney James Beck — who specializes in handling cases involving drug and medical device liability — said the following:

"I've never seen anything like this before."

At times when ivermectin is ordered by a physician for a hospitalized patient, it's reversed — in cahoots with US dark forces.

Phony claims about potential harm to flu/covid patients are willful and malicious bald-faced Big Lies.

There's nothing remotely dangerous about administering ivermectin to patients ill from flu/covid.

Just the opposite is true. What hospitals and many doctors know is overruled by the US/Western/MSM supported mass-extermination plot.

Health-destroying jabs are the approved for this purpose, along with ruling out use of known safe and effective protocols.

Lawsuits seeking judicial help for access to ivermectin and other drugs that work in similar fashion are up against state-sponsored opposition to all known safe and effective protocols for treating flu/covid.

Deeply corrupted courts support what no just societies would tolerate, including the US Supremes.

Ignored is that toxic jabs are killing hundreds of thousands of people, not the viral illness.

The vast majority of unjabbed people contracting it fully recover.

The good news is that resistance against what no one should tolerate is growing.

Increasingly hard-pressed to conceal, MSM try by misinterpreting what's going on.

Millions of US workers are being sacked, suspended, or at risk of one or the other for opposing toxic jabs and draconian/police state health passports.

Their ranks include healthcare professionals and staff, police and others involved in law enforcement, airline pilots, Transportation Security Admin workers, other federal staff, US military service members, and employees of firms requiring them to be jabbed.

At a time universal deceit with the most diabolical aims of all-time pursued — by US/Western dark forces and allied regimes — all-out resistance is the only viable option.

Nothing else can work. The stakes couldn't be higher — whether to live free, be eliminated by mass-extermination, or enslaved under ruler/serf rules for survivors.

A Final Comment

In his June 16, 1956 commencement address at my esteemed university for graduates like myself and guests, then junior Senator from Massachusetts JFK, said the following:

"We need both the technical judgment and the disinterested viewpoint of the scholar to prevent us from becoming imprisoned by our own slogans" and ill-conceived policies, 

"Therefore, it's regrettable that the gap between the intellectual and the politician seems to be growing."

Kennedy reminded the audience that early US leaders were "intellect(s), including Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Franklin, and John Adams among others."

"The link between the American scholar and American politician" lasted over a century, he explained. 

In his address, Kennedy quoted Milton, Bismark, Goethe and others, his erudition on display.

He reminded that audience that corrupting the legislature, parliament, or assembly hall "has historically been followed or preceded by a lock on the door of the university, the library, and/or the print shop."

Where freedom is endangered, politicians and intellectuals "should be natural allies, working more closely together for the common cause against the common enemy." 

Both must decide whether to be "an anvil or a hammer…whether to give to the world in which (they were) reared and educated the broadest possible benefits of (their) learning" for society's benefit, or do it solely for themselves and ones they support. 

"As one who is familiar with the political world, I can testify" to the challenge we face, Kennedy stressed.

His address ended by quoting what an English mother told the Provost of Harrow, saying: 

"Don't teach my boy poetry. He is going to stand for parliament."

"Well, perhaps she was right," said JFK, adding: 

"But if more politicians knew poetry and more poets knew politics, I am convinced the world would be a little better place in which to live on this commencement day of 1956."

Kennedy was assassinated by CIA dark forces for opposing an array of policies just societies abhor and don't tolerate.

If president today, he'd likely meet the same fate for refusal to go along with unparalleled depopulation and transformation of the US to full-blown ruler/serf tyranny.

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