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Agorist Cross Promotions Flier and Back Market Fridays

Written by Subject: Economics: Agorism

The Agorist Cross promotions flier was first printed in 2012 with a small group of Agorist merchants who all shipped a product and who all wanted to work together to help grow the counter economy. With the news that the web site Agorist.Market is now listing over 200 Agorist merchants we have brought the flier back and have some new ideas on how to expand the distribution of the flier and grow a network of people working together to cross promote each other's products and services. If you ship a product or table at a public event DM me to find out how to get some fliers and I'll even tip you in crypto to help get them out. We are also planning a larger print listing as many agorist merchants as possible to be ready in time for Black Friday in November.