Article Image Resources about vaccine value on

Resources about vaccine value on

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Hi there,

I'm Leslie, and I'm a high school teacher. I was wondering how to convince my students and their parents to realize the vaccine value, so I searched for any information on that. That's how I found your page (

First of all, thanks a lot for that starting point in my preparation for a speech with students and parents. Your page was informative, and I checked your resources to find the page with arguments I wanted to use in conversation. I expected to read a consistent and compelling story about the importance of the vaccine. Too bad, there was nothing like that.
But I didn't give up, and here's what I discovered later: (This page helped me a lot!)

Would you like to add it as an additional resource?

I believe that sharing this page is a great chance to save someone's life. And thanks a lot for your work, I know many readers appreciate it too!



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